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  1. Old style loot (Version 1.1.1 - Hard Loot) * Change typo in loot.xml which is throwing a parsing error. Thanks to Nexus user Lyss. *Update Nexus and GitHub version of mod.
  2. Hi, it's very useful, but it's blurry. mb you can give link to original size? or load in multiple pictures?
  3. Add new mod "BVMaL - Broken Vending Machines are Lootable"
  4. I do not know if this question is still relevant, but I will comment I have 2 versions of the mod for loot close to 18A. Common - a fixed chance from 1 to 999999 level for each category (works well at 75-80%) and a more difficult version in which the loot depends on the level (like FAWK Loot All).
  5. Yes and no) I saw this mod, but started developing mine on my own after the stable version came out. I have 2 versions available. Common - a fixed chance from 1 to 999999 level for each category (works well at 75-80%) and a more difficult version in which the loot depends on the level (like FAWK Loot All).
  6. Hi, a think i got what you need. my mods have preinstaled mods on guns and tools.
  7. Hello Okami on the air!😸 I am glad to present to your attention some of my mods, which are included in one big modification that I have been developing (and editing) since 17A - "The Fall of Babylon". I decided that it would be right to divide the mod into the categories it touches. "Traders", "Food", "Decorations", etc. As new mechanics and parts of the mod that do not require bundles with the "FOB core" are being finalized, I think I will post it here. TRADERS GROUP. - Guns and Tools sold with mods Nexus Mods GitHub -Armor and Cloth sells sold with mods Nexus Mods GitHub LOOT GROUP. - Old style loot (Simple mode || Hard mode) Nexus Mods GitHub - (SM) || GitHub - (HM) WORLD GROUP. - Broken Vending Machines are Lootable Nexus Mods GitHub I look forward to your comments, suggestions and bug reports here or on the Nexus. Best regards, Okami!😼 Permissions and Сredits
  8. @Ragsy 2145 Hi sir! I play with this AWESOME mod just two days, and could say, it's brilliant work! But there is one liitle thing , for some reasons motorcycle carcass (from mod) dosn't have collider. ive found some of them on parkings, and found when i salvage it.
  9. Hi, Xynt! I want ask a question. Do you think about adding some scripts to Flag mod? I was thinking about it, and how about adding map mark when placing Flag?
  10. Man, I love you) I was just thinking about shooting from the car and your answer to me. And this morning (for me) ... what am I seeing?) SHOOTING MOTORCYCLE MOT **** KER !!! You the BEST!
  11. I want try to make transport for my mod,and have few questions: 1)Posible to install gun on car or bike? If it is posible, can i control it? 2)If i have car with inventory from begining (like PICK-UP), can i add more space by installing some extra storage space (like basket on top of car)? 3)What min/max size of vehicle (mb in cm,or block's). What happens if i load in game too large car?
  12. Just one question. Can the "Beast" take damage, from any source? Just like wreck brick wall on full speed, and take some damage from it? If no, can it be done via XML?
  13. Import custom NPC models with animation Hi, could you say, or make tutorial how import custom model of NPC, with animations(like in Starvation)? Or how change vanilla skins of zombies, etc. Thanks.)
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