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  1. Perhaps at this point they should think about including an actual first aid kit, one that has approximately 1 slot for each type of treatment. Like a backpack inside of the backpack. Maybe the first aid kit would need to actually be deployed; set it on the ground to open it up for adding or removing items yeah, the more I think about it the more I like the idea of a deployable first aid kit
  2. or even height based fog, like early morning fog on the lake areas at sunrise would be a nice effect (and perhaps a bane to those thinking a nice lakeside cabin might be an environmentally safer location to camp in)
  3. I think that a sound cue could go a long way to indicate the effectiveness of the various ammo. The current hit indicator sounds could reflect whether the ammo is being used effectively or merely bouncing off the intended target
  4. I've been wondering about that too. No weather in multiplayer, but there is when I play alone.
  5. It seems to be reporting that you can craft 1 more than is actually possible, so it will not let you start crafting. I find that if I lower the number of items to craft by 1 it will then allow crafting the remaining batch
  6. I like this. Fits well with existing system, makes logical sense and sounds balanced. Give up one resource to gain another at half the yield; yeah I think that would be a fun and useful choice to be faced with
  7. ah, that helps to explain yesterdays oddity of returning to my base and finding a yellow loot bag just sitting there waiting for me.
  8. You can plant if you want to You can leave your hoe behind 'Cause your hoe don't plant, and if it don't plant, well, it's no hoe of mine Anyhow.. looking forward to trying the new planting system. If I experience any issues with it I'll let you know. [is there an achievement for reading through the posts of the last 2 days? ]
  9. True, that's where an entirely different game/ system could maintain the relative power relationship between player and enemy, but instead work with the environment or situation of the narrative of the game to mark progress. Building a story. Watching hours of zombie conflict on the show The Walking Dead doesn't depict a continuous progression of combat superiority over the Z's, but rather the ups and downs in strength within a changing situational environment. They achieve definite goals which unlock new features for them, but they don't individually become more powerful over the Z's. I wonder how that could work in a sandbox style game. 7Days generates some good narrative moments, but it's not infinite.
  10. Exactly. An endless treadmill of progression, just to basically end up where you started is ultimately disappointing. True progression where hard work unlocks previously insurmountable obstacles to reveal more content and more choice is the ultimate goal. It sounds like A18 goes much farther in driving progression than in previous builds, resulting in a longer lasting game. Yet, as you describe, for a sense of real accomplishment in late game there should be tougher enemies revealed and areas that previously could not be overcome. I personally would like to see towns become more dangerous with increased size, but currently there seems to be a limit to the number of different zombie types we can have in the game.
  11. You seem to be confused or not reading correctly. Oblivion is a single player game and therefore didn't use this solution to solve a problem it didn't have. Right now, everyone knows that Darlene is easy and glowy Darlene is not for playing around with. Why are you suggesting to scale the enemies so that a level 1 character can shoot glowies just like level100? That makes absolutely no sense and has nothing to do with my idea. I'm talking about scaling enemies so that the regularly encountered Darlene doesn't suddenly jump to level 100 for a level 1 player just because level 100 player is nearby. Also, scaling doesn't mean all or nothing like you seem to be implying. Perhaps there aren't as many numbers in the alphabet you're trying to use? Why are you so against a solution that solves one common scenario, but has zero impact on any other aspect of the game at any other time? Zero impact whatsoever. The numbers here would basically be "situationally aware" and provide a properly tailored experience for each player, not some ridiculous nerfed system that you are implying. But as Madmole said, the game currently doesn't have this problem, so I hand this solution off to the modders and who ever brought it up in the first place.
  12. No, you're doing your math wrong. First of all, horde spawned by you would be targeting you. If you can manage to get them to target lvl 1 guy, then they might nerf down to level 50, so not a one-shot for you, and not level 100 exp for you either. But otherwise yeah, baiting the Z's could be a fun thing to try, but don't forget that every player spawns their own horde; you would still be hunted down by level 100 Z's.
  13. Enemy combat in Borderlands works just fine with players of different levels. I think enemies there spawn at the average level of all the players in the party. 7D2D multiplayer is a different situation, that's why shifting an enemy's stats toward the level of the player they are targeting would solve this. Math can achieve great things for those brave enough to use it.
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