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  1. My method is to stay stealthed as long as possible. I sneak up tot he POI and find a way in. 99% of the time there is a way. The other 1% I may need to break down a door. I destroy every single piece of litter on the ground so I can not accidentally hit it. This results in lots of resources also. When I hit a roadblock in a building, I look for the way around. It always exists. I even have to leave POIs at times, load my truck, and return. No problems. Now on bloodmoon nights? That's when we break out the boom-sticks!
  2. I appreciate the occasional surprise also. I am a stealth player but if I was so good I could do whatever I wanted it would get boring. Besides, if you keep your eyes open you can tell in advance which rooms have surprises waiting for you.
  3. As a 5yr Ark server admin the save system is far from perfect. The way it works is this. The current save is saved once every 15min. Then, once every 2hrs 10min it renames the save and starts a new one five min later. This means that, should your save get corrupted, you can lose two hours of work. Better than everything, but still not the best. Currently there is no way to change this setup. Due to this I wrote a small C++ app which monitors the Ark save directory and when a file is modified (player profile, tribe profile, or the save itself) the modified file is instantly backed u
  4. I use it on the SMG, pistol, and the older sniper rifle. Need to find a new one. I use it on the SMG so it looks like my MP5, whether it works or not. Oh, and from real-world use, you do not run standard ammo in a suppressed weapon. You can, but you are supposed to run ammo designed for being quiet. This is known as subsonic ammo. Using regular (supersonic) ammo will ruin a suppressor. Now let's add a whole bunch of new subsonic ammo into the game! Kidding, seriously.
  5. Note that in 7 Days on a dedicated server time will "freeze" when no players are connected, unlike most games. I want this feature in Ark!
  6. I literally meant real suppressors in that first line. An MP5/A5 without a suppressor is blasphemy! In the game though I have found the silencer blueprint in the bookstores.
  7. Silencer? What's that? I have a ton of suppressors for my weapons, but no silencers. Sorry, just some humour. If you were a firearms owner you'd get it. On the subject of suppressors, they do exist. I have found multiple blueprints for them and built them. Keep checking those bookstores, especially the ones in the actual cities if you are on Navezgane.
  8. At least through A18 the infected survivor ALWAYS appeared as a big black dude to me.
  9. I custom-build my main rigs. CPU: Core i7-6950X (3.0GHz ~ 3.5GHz) RAM: 128GB DDR4 PC-3200 (25,600) Motherboard: ASRock X99 Extreme 4 Video: RTX 2080 Ti 11GB Audio: Creative Ae5 OS HDD: SATA 6Gbps WD Blue 1TB multi-platter RAID: 4 x 1TB Black single-platter disks in RAID10 via BTRFS filesystem Newest Games Disk: M.2 NVME 2280 1TB SSD (tests around 3,400~3,500 MB/s) Monitor: Dell S2417DG 24" 2K (2560x1440@144Hz) G-Sync monitor (I play all games in 2560x1440) OS: Windows 7 Pro 64bit I have everything maxed except motion blur sin
  10. I do not have a screenshot of the MP5 right now but look at the scope on the M4. Very reflective all over and the sight-glass is either reflecting the world behind me OR showing me what it is looking at through the other end. *EDIT* Looks like the forum scaled my image down. It was 2560x1440, but it is nowhere near that now. May need to use imgur or something.
  11. I have not had this happen before. How do I reproduce it? I have played for about four hours at once max. Is it tied to a graphics setting?
  12. Anybody? Is it not possible to import a prefab even with cheats, debug mode, and creative mode to test it?
  13. They changed something. I'd swaer they enabled ray-tracing on the guns. The MP5 reflects the world around it on the stock now.
  14. CPU matters in this game. The world is voxel-based. Each block must be calculated as connected or not connected to one next to it, how it is connected, it's shape, etc and then all of that data goes to the GPU for rendering. You can easily choke on a weak CPU even if you have a massive video card. You may also have other apps accessing your disk while you play, which can KILL framerate because chunks are taking longer to load in, process, and render. Each system is unique and presents its own issues and advantages. 7 Days requires a lot of CPU and GPU, unlike most games, which only require a g
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