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  1. I think I still have a Razer Copperhead or something. It has a two-tone green/gold body. It's on my old, old P4 gaming rig from 2003 or 2004. Solid mouse also.
  2. Meganoth, I did as you suggested a while ago and all that it changed was me spending an hour re-wiring everything. After that the errors are back. In other words, if you use electric fences, you get the error, period. At least in my case.
  3. Oh God, Jug, NO! Logicrap takes another! I loved them back in the days of DOS when they made quality stuff. Now it's all cheap Chinese mess. Hate their software too. My father still likes their stuff, despite needing to replace it yearly (seriously, he has a literal PILE of dead mice and keyboards), but I suppose anything you can buy at Walmart will hit the masses. I got mad with them back around the time they started selling in Walmart and I went through multiple gaming mice in two years. I'm just bitter to them. They refused to warrant any of them. I DO own a Logitech serial mouse which still works. Now, where did my serial ports go? Oh, and do you think the TSR DOS app that made it work will run in 10? BFT, if your clicker has failed it is easy enough to solder a new one on, but yeah, that's some time and effort and it may not save you much cash.
  4. Mine are nowhere near bedrock and they ignore them. Would love to get a QA guy (or gal) or dev on my server and manually start a bloodmoon to demonstrate it.
  5. You can NOT go wrong with Razer. With that said, you have the infra-red 3.5G? It works fine here. Works on my 10 test system also. You sure the little clicker box beneath the button is not dirty? I have had to clean mine in the past to prevent multiple clicks. *EDIT* I still have a working Boomslang.
  6. I never thought I did either. Read about it here and Sylen or somebody explained it. I went into my server and picked up my jeep and another appeared near it. Picked up motorcycle, another appeared. We had duplicate vehicles everywhere.
  7. Vehicles duplicate. Always pick them up when done playing, before you exit. I would dump the duplicates and keep the originals in your inventory, exit the game, and delete "vehicles.dat" from your save folder. When you restart the duplicates will be gone.
  8. I am looking to make a tool which repairs all blocks in a radius. The reason is that after a horde night we spend days looking for damaged blocks to repair. We need a way to repair things in say, an 11x11x11 cube around the player. Costs should be the same as repairing individually, but you don't have to spend hours looking. Is there a way to make a tool do this?
  9. In Linux you can do it from the shell. I assume since OSX is just BSD (with the security ripped out) which is fairly close to Linux you can do it there. taskset -c 0-3 /whatever/7daystodie.dmg Something along those lines. If you want to set it AFTER 7 Days is running, use the PID. taskset -cp 0-3 12345 Where 12345 is the PID for the executable.
  10. Overclocking can hurt your performance in many modern engines, unless you go to the extreme. Have you tried going back to stock (save your OC settings first) and seeing how it plays?
  11. The current setup is an i5-2400, 16GB DDR3, and a single 500GB SATA disk. Had four on just now. Two of us together, the other two on their own separately. I averaged 37fps server-side. The two Ark servers are Dual Xeon 12-core/24-thread systems with 128GB ECC DDR4 each. They each have 4TB of RAID10 storage. I believe it is ZFS, but no hardware controller. Using PV mode should greatly increase your throughput.
  12. Sylen, check out XCP-ng. Barely any difference unless you get into a state where you had a single storage setup (say RAID10, 4 disks) and suddenly all VMs need to write to disk. However, professional setups use SANs and don't have that issue. I have ten Ark servers on two identical Xeon setups, and they never choke out.
  13. This was at night. I was armed with a desert vulture, mp5, and an m60. Hollow-points for all. Was a blast.
  14. Wasteland is fun. One day I gained well over a dozen levels by the Shotgun Messiah factory because every time I turned around a new zombie bear, sometimes two, would have popped in. I just kept murdering them. It was awesome-sauce. I go there to level now.
  15. You might like Ark if you like 7 Days. Just skip the official servers and find an unofficial one (I host ten unofficial servers now) that has rules and good players. A vast majority of the lame stuff in Ark happens on official servers. Private ones are far better.
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