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  1. Well done, you solved my physical problems, they are very rich, this is a perfect survival world, give you praise
  2. I believe it is a problem with Steamworks.NET, because this situation also occurred on my server. They were generated when the server was loaded above 10G. All players were kicked out. The final cause was Steamworks.NET.
  3. This may just be my vision, they may not be realized! I found in the server that they started some unnecessary programs, such as the loading of the unity model. As the server, these files should not be loaded to occupy the performance of the server. They can be completely empty, smaller models to replace or not start, because the server and the client are two concepts, the client is based on the PC display requirements to start the unity model to drive the perspective, while the server only needs one Quick storage and judgment function is enough. I can hardly imagine the role of those models if the server starts. The current server is equivalent to a client that starts a multiplayer connection. They perform server-side functions in a non-professional nature, so do I think it is reasonable? I will clean up unnecessary unity models in the near future, let smaller empty models start them instead, and then see the effect! This is a way of discussion, if there is a better way, please leave a message below
  4. Great, it works very well, I just need to change the casinoBlock model to the dealer
  5. I’m pretty sure that multiplayer connections and servers belong to everyone over time, but your development team doesn’t pay attention to server optimization. I actually hope to see you treat the server differently, which will help sales
  6. Yes, the current optimization is a bit unsatisfactory. Generally speaking, it does not have very good scalability. All data is read in the memory to make it bloated. I hope that it can be accessed at any time by reading the switch like more games. Use it instead of loading it all into the computer memory! In this way, even the expansion of 10G or more models will not cause the game to have higher requirements for computer operation. Players like to join in the fun. Once a game has more people, no matter whether it is your favorite type or not, it will swarm, based on 7daystodie Features, I think as long as someone can contact and play is addictive, we still look forward to infinite maps, even the layered world is very good, you can use the principle of layering to make some more interesting levels, than the current native POI building levels are much better
  7. I also hope that it can have its own engine to develop better control and physical control. For now, its world is too small. We can only experience things within 8K back and forth, infinite maps, infinite possibilities , It’s very good to support hundreds of players to develop their own Utopia base online at the same time.
  8. I can finally register, now I will start observing you.hahahaha
  9. I installed it in A19.1 (B8) and it didn’t work. Do I want to use DMT for a compilation?
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