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  1. Thats not at all what I said. But show me one other game where the devs have redone features this many times over. Not even Minecraft redid their world gen this many times. At some point you gotta decide "this is good, lets move on" and get to more of the stuff on your roadmap. Instead every new update, half the content is like "yeah, lets do all this stuff again once more". But if the concept of a development roadmap (which is usually a very central element in game development) is so absurd to you, I guess I can't help you. I didnt say they're not adding any good stuff, but like half the
  2. I am against keeping to redo the whole generator. At some point they'll have to settle on one that they'll just keep improving. Over the last 6 or so years there were a whole number of great Random Gens out there in the game but they always go back in to "improve it" and sometimes its hit but more often its miss. A16 was great and I think if one took that one, got bridges in so roads don't just cut through a large lake on an embankment, got caves in and a bunch of the other new features, that one would absolutely slay. It had different districts for cities with fluid shapes instead of the
  3. Thus far in most regards, A20 seems like a bit of a downgrade from A19. New unity version that slightly improves performance and removes some bugs but as always likely introduces new ones. Removal of yet another biome. Change of the custom character system that takes away from just how much can be done with it. Change of clothing system to some pre-determined outfits and removal of clothing slots to simplify it. (What feels like) the 20th rework of the zombie models and loot progression. Even lower tier firearms that will probably be even more useless than the Blunderbuss is. Idk I feel like 7
  4. Hey folks. Back in 2013 / 2014 I posted a forum thread to the Pimp Dreams section and it doesn't appear to be there anymore or at least I don't know how to find it. I don't know what it was called, I just know this account I am using now was the author of it back then already. I wanted to check back in with that old forum thread today to see just how many of my suggestions made it into the game over the years (I was a very early 7dtd player from a time when the devs still regularly checked that forum section) - I know that the AK47 has been implemented since, as well as sleeper zombies - and I
  5. Because that iteration of the UMA system was a mess. And the game is in Alpha, so I wouldn't worry about performance too much just yet.
  6. @madmole Hey, I wanted to bring up something that I have been thinking about for a long time and probably suggested once before. Seeing as people keep asking if more basic zombies will be added, its safe to say players want more variety in terms of zombies. Have you considered adding a clothing / hair color system for zombies? Basically all zombie models would be with only basic clothing and individual zombies spawn with different clothing items on, similar to how Minecraft zombies can spawn with different armor items on different slots. This way a horde of zombies of the same type would still
  7. Any chance for a A17 Modlet that fixes the armor problems with feral zombie soldiers? Right now they're invincible.
  8. Could you like... make it fit into the terrain maybe?
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