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Trying out roleplay in 7 Days


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I've decided to give a bit of light roleplaying a shot.


1) In the first image you can see a white sedan, with a campsite up ahead. The story here is a couple were attempting to make their way to a cabin up North (marked on their map) but were caught out in the late evening after their vehicle broke down. With no other choice, they pitched tent a little bit ahead to weather out the approaching night.


In this car I've spawned myself in a little bit of clothing - worn boots, a shirt, and some denim jeans. Nothing too egregious.


2) In the second image you can see the tent to the right and a small campsite to the right. Unfortunately the two survivors did not see it through to the next morning - at least one zombie shambled upon them, and the forest was filled with their agonizing screams that night.


In the campfire my survivor will find a can of chili and some bottled water. In the tent, alongside the two corpses, is a duffle bag containing a flashlight, a healing bandage, and a note where I pretend it's their map and coordinates are marked on it.


3) In the third image you can see the cabin, located approx. 500 meters North of the campsite. The place is a dump, with rotting wood, a collapsed roof, trash everywhere, and evidence of a struggle.


I built this place in creative mode to give my survivor a little bit of framework. A lot of it will have to be ripped out anyway, so it evens out.


4) My survivor will enter the cabin and discover the true extent of the wreckage. The door has been busted down, and the back window is smashed (possibly from the survivor attempting to break out).


In the wooden desk to the right I spawned in a quality level 1 pistol and fired as many rounds as it needed to degrade it to 0 durability. I'll roleplay my survivor picking it up, assessing that it's useless, and I'll toss it onto the floor to despawn.


5) A devoured corpse is towards the back wall of the interior. Someone who attempted to hold out here got unlucky. It's likely a horde busted through their front door in the night, and this was the result.


6) In the other shots you can see other sides of the cabin. My permanent base will be about 200 meters North in an open forested location, with flat ground.


There are no rules or stipulations in this playthrough, although I will try to keep myself unnoticed in this stretch of woods as much as possible, only going into towns to loot when I desperately need to. This will mean a lot of mining, base work, and chilling out will take place in this playthrough. When I acquire a motorcycle I might even go on regular patrols, simulating actual survivors being in the game that may want to invade my homeland. (One day bandits will make it in folks!)

















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