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  1. Sounds like a man who's always wrong, lol.
  2. Lol. Ad Hominem is always the cornerstone of a strong argument. I thought you left the job of making an ass out of oneself to Roland
  3. Hmm, I got that backwards. All the responses were moved here. Splitting discussions is confusing.
  4. I have quite a few take aways from the stream, but this is bar-none my biggest one. You guys clearly want to have some kind of class system. Why not just stop beating around the @%$#ing bush and implement one and leave the gear out of it. You would have so much more freedom with it and much less stupid "LeT mE pUt On My CoRn PiCkInG hAt." ETA: Also, 10 (I think that's the right number) equipment slots down to 4 is a travesty. What a loss. I used to argue with the guys in the older alphas who said that removing complexity was becoming a problem. I was wrong.
  5. I agree with Madmole. Heavy Armor gets so good when perked (+ a college jacket) that Light Armor is just suboptimal by comparison.
  6. The Good I didn't think I'd like Traders in towns, but this turned out to be a positive change in my opinion. Melee hit detection is much better. I've been playing MP and I feel the issues with my sledge ignoring the zeds for those sweet sweet blocks behind them are basically gone. The lighting changes are A+. The new zed models are very good. I liked the blunderbuss before. I'm really enjoying being encouraged to use it. The Bad I called the combat music getting old lightning fast in the dev streams. In a game with this much combat, they really need a large breadth of combat music or it will be the reason everyone turns dynamic music off. My character should be rolling from POI to POI for as much food as he needs to eat. I think this is largely an issue with the disparity between canned food and cooked food. I eat more than 10 cans of food a day and still feel pressured for more. On my rig I seem to get a hard stutter occasionally, I haven't been able to isolate why yet. Schematics don't appear to be game stage gated and they probably should be at this point. At day 4 I had both the M60 and Auto Shotty schematics. I can't make them yet, steel and all, but that's a short term limiter with steel available at traders. Lucky Looter needs a look. Being percentage based only now, means it does literally nothing before gamestage 20. Maybe give a static +2 per rank alongside the percentage? The Ugly RWG Biomes. Yikes.
  7. Hey Jeff, Just filing a bug report. When you're installing mod launcher and change the install location for mods, it looks for some .cs files on **YOUR** machine (aka not my machine). This of course results in some null reference exceptions because I don't have a user on my machine named "Jeff" nor do I have your project files at C:\Users\Jeff\Documents\GitHub\7D2DModLauncher\7D2DLauncher\7D2DLauncher\ Thanks for the work you do. ETA: This is the installer file located at https://github.com/7D2DModLauncher/ThickInstaller/blob/master/SetupInstaller.msi?raw=true linked from the mod launcher site. Second Edit: Your installer linked above does the exact same thing (https://github.com/7D2DModLauncher/ThickInstaller/raw/master/Beta-SetupInstaller.msi).
  8. This looks amazing. You just might save this game.
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