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  1. Has anyone had any success getting this to sync between players? We both have the Assembly installed for client and I edited the dedicated server assembly as well, but not only do the lights not sync between us, they reset to default once leaving the chunk. Anyone know what needs to be done in order for this to happen?
  2. After playing A18 for a few hours (Nitrogen + combopack is great, at least), it has taken a few steps back in the right direction. But then I start reading the forums again and see some of the comments from madmole as far as thoughts on things like deformable terrain and what they want the game to be, and I just don't see it becoming the game I was expecting it to be. I'll probably check it out again if it ever makes it to beta/release, but so far I just can't get into it like I was before. As for the skill system, the friend who originally introduced me to this game and who I primarily pla
  3. Ah. Sorry I disappeared so abruptly. I kind of got fed up with not being able to do some of the things I wanted to with this mod and the general direction the game was going. Just out of nowhere lost interest and dropped the game one day. Saw A18 came out and was curious about the current state of the game. After playing for a couple hours I still can't say I'm too happy with the direction... If the mod were more popular I may consider working on it more but glad to hear it only needs a couple tweaks to continue working in A18. If someone else wants to take over this mod, feel free. Frankly
  4. Hmm, I may be able to make an "upgrade" version. The CVars should be stored on the server (or the player's local saves for that server) and should be fine. I set the base XP needed for each skill's lvl 1 on a fresh player by checking for all XP = 0. The issue comes in with adding new skills, since the players XP won't all = 0 it won't properly set the new skill's CVars to base values. But I can make second download to upgrade from this version. Edit: Actuallly, I don't know why I just thought of this now. I can just make it so each skill's base XP is set by individually checking for that sk
  5. Got a little delayed, but should have an update very soon. Have been working on an Unarmed perk to go along with the Unarmed action skill a few people asked for, introduces a couple simple quick combos you can do and upon completing a combo gives you a brief speed boost to dodge. Quite fun to play with.
  6. Ah. Well the reason for multiple effect_groups is so that I don't need to nest requirements inside each triggered_effect, it's just cleaner and easier this way. The first effect_group of the perk is just for setting level bonuses, increased damage etc. These all have the same requirement, "HoldingItemHasTags" tags="perkMotherLode", so I just put them all into one effect_group with that one requirement. Same for effect_group 2, they all need the same 2 requirements so it's easier to just make a new effect_group and have the reqs apply to entire group. They are all active at all times essentiall
  7. Not fully sure of the question. Basically the effect_groups are all triggered not as a group but individually on the triggered_effect's "trigger=", it's just that they all have the same trigger. In the case of Mining Tools, all are triggered on "onSelfHarvestBlock" - every single time you hit a block that you gain materials from, it runs the trigger, but ONLY if it meets the requirements. The main requirement being, AS_MiningTools_XP being Greater than or Equal to the current AS_MiningTools_LvlNextTotal value. Technically this wasn't implemented properly because non-mining tools eg. bare hands
  8. Just wanted to post a progress update. I have only had one issue where the XP CVars got reset after the most recent update. I had figured the CVars were stored within the player data of the individual world save so I don't know why an update would wipe those, unless the update changed how/where CVars are saved. There isn't too much more to do with this to be honest beyond a bit of balancing which I have slowly been tweaking as I play. Due to the CVar reset and their frequent back and forth with progression atm, I may wait until stable to release what I'd consider a "full release" of this. -
  9. I wish there were an easy way to get multiple items out of scrapping an item. Apparently that used to be a thing. The only issues that remain so far are: - Don't think it's possible through XML to make mods degrade. Not a big deal, may be better having the simplicity of just repairing the base weapon. I miss the 1-600 quality system and how you lost quality on each repair, made continuing to find new parts after a while necessary. - I can get guns to spawn with 1-4 part mods pre-installed, but no matter what I do I can't get the loot quality templates to apply to the mods it spawns with.
  10. Ah I see you're working on re-adding weapon parts too? Haha. I originally had them as recipe ingredients but wanted a way to get them back out of the gun, so I re-purposed them as mods for mod slots and increased mod slots on the gun. Base pistol has 0 magazine count, a magazine part adds the ammo back. Base pistol has 1,1 degradation, pistol_parts adds the durability back 249,499. Etc. It was the best way I could think of being able to move parts on/off a gun and making them necessary for the gun to function properly. So many works-in-progress atm...
  11. FYI another way to do recipe unlocks if you didn't already know. From buffs.xml: "<passive_effect name="RecipeTagUnlocked" tags="ammo44MagnumBulletAP,ammoShotgunSlug"/>, or set a cvar named "ammo44MagnumBulletAP"" So I just did this: <append xpath="/items/item[@name='schematicMaster']"> <property class="Action0"> <property name="Class" value="Eat"/> <property name="Consume" value="true"/> <property name="Delay" value="1.0"/> <property name="Use_time" value="..."/> <property name="ActionExpBonusMultiplier" value="0"/> <property
  12. In A16 personally I never used my skill points for action skills. I guess it's a nice option to supplement but, given that I went with the magazines-give-points, I think that's a little bit more exciting to find them for one and allowing you to spend points on top of that may be too much. I like the idea of - you get better by doing or by acquiring knowledge. Putting points in eg. construction from killing zombies seems very disconnected. Nice. Yea I still want to add construction, salvage, and a few others. I kinda wanted to increase crafted speed BY crafting, but if I move crafting o
  13. So I'm wondering what people's thoughts are on the direction the mod goes in. 1. Make it more like A16. Let you spend 1 skill point to get 1 level of an Action Skill, but increase the amount of skill points you receive per player level up and also increase the amount of points needed per perk. More points needed for higher levels. 2. Make Action Skills ONLY level on-use or by reading magazines, keep the rest of the perks at 1 skill point per level as they are. I am also considering changing the requirements from attribute/player level based to tied with an associated action skill, or
  14. Ah I see. IMO weapon leveling was too darn slow in A16. I only managed to get Archery to 20-25ish in the ~50 hours I played A16. Granted there are a lot more zombies in A17, but it needed a bit of a boost. There may still be an exploit I didn't think if where you could level by shooting someone in your party. May be the difference between using onSelfAttackedOther and onSelfDamagedOther. Will have to test that. I tried using target_tags to ensure you were shooting an enemy but that was giving me NREs for some reason. I don't think I'm a fan of how the target system works. target="other"
  15. I looked at A16 to try to get an idea of where to start. I saw melee weapons had ActionExp values but didn't know where the XP values were for guns. Someone told me weapons gave XP according to damage done, which might have been better. I could set up CVar calculations and plug in the base damage values + multipliers for each weapon then give xp based on the resulting value, I did something like this for another mod I may release eventually. Actually, I suppose it would still work even if another mod changes weapon damages - it could still increase XP according to perception/strength level, mo
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