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  1. I don't see how anything in this mod would cause that. It barely even touches the config .xmls. Are you sure it isn't another mod? Try uninstalling all mods then load in with your friend and see if it still happens. If not, install only the hunting rifle then try again. Unless this is the only mod you have, I'm more willing to bet you have another mod causing it and you'll have to go through by process of elimination to figure out which one it is.
  2. - Remove crosshair while ADS/Scoped - Change melee crosshair to a simple small dot - Custom scope reticles I made, different ones for different weapons - Faster vehicles because default is way too slow and I like exploring - More zombie spawns - Some type of electricity mod that gives me more light options, lets me change colors, and lets me mess with POI lights. Current version I'm loving the "Electricity MOAR POI User Lights" mod. - Lockable inventory slots - Add solar panels/cells to max rank advanced engineering Yea I usually replace the melee crosshair texture with a simple dot but I can't do that atm, UABE doesn't seem to work for this version
  3. I like them for the most part and it seems like they have someone who is better at animating weapons now. But yea the iron sights annoy me too. If the game were finished I would probably go through all of them and shrink the front sights and align them with the rear sights as they should be, but given how much this game is in a state of flux I think it would be a waste of time to do it now. And I'd actually have to modify and repack all the meshes too, which could be a bit of a pain as sometimes when you re-import prefabs the models would have to be re-rigged to the bones.
  4. I got everything figured out. Just want to compile a bunch of random info related to getting models in-game that was either scattered around outside of this thread or I couldn't find myself. Extracting and Re-Importing prefabs: - When you extract prefabs with AssetStudio I found it better to go to Options > Export options and set Group exported assets by "container path". This keeps things organized in the same hierarchy as the bundles. - As mentioned in KhaineGB's video linked below, when you export prefabs with AssetStudio (weapon prefabs, at least), after you bring them into Unity and drag them into the hierarchy, you need to set the root prefab's X, Y, and Z scale to 100 to bring them back to their proper size. Alternatively, before exporting, you could go to Export options in AssetStudio and change the ScaleFactor to 100. - When you import say a weapon prefab .fbx and you want to repackage it, after you've got it pulled into the hierarchy to create a new prefab, I found it good to break out the assets packed into the original imported prefab. Click on the arrow next to original prefab in Projects area, click on say a mesh or material, then press Ctrl+D. This will extract it out of the prefab. Then change all the references to meshs, materials etc. in the new prefab you made in the hierarchy to the separated out assets. Once you're done you can drag the new prefab back into the Projects area and Export that. This way when you rebundle it, it rebundles only the assets you need and you don't have duplicate prefabs taking up file space. - Certain extracted prefabs imported into Unity don't have parts of the mesh rigged properly to the transform nodes, which means broken animations. It's very inconsistent, some models import with everything assigned correctly while others don't. Not sure why or how to fix this yet. Materials & Textures: - When you reimport a prefab .fbx into Unity, the materials default to standard Shader and the materials only assign the albedo and normal. You want to change Shader to Autodesk Interactive, this will give you a slot for the roughness map. Then you can assign your material's metallic map (_m), roughness map (_r), occlusion map (_ao/_o) etc. Some of the new A20 prefabs use a new system for this where all 3 + emissivity are combined into one texture (_fmom?). I suppose you could split out the color channels into separate textures until we have a proper shader to handle these? - Along with making sure Unity is set to use linear lighting (you can google this quickly), be sure also in the texture settings (not the material, the textures themselves) you disable sRGB (Color Texture) on everything except the Albedo, to align with the linear lighting. This fixed my issue where my weapon was abnormally shiny. - Old style normal maps (purple-ish) seem to work fine set to Texture Type: Normal Map as Unity bugs you to. But for the newer pinkish normal maps with alpha channels, I found ignoring Unity warnings and keeping them set to Default with sRGB disabled and Alpha Source: Input Texture Alpha seemed to produce an outcome that looks most like the default weapons. Animations: - Imported prefabs don't include animator settings, but the animations are in there if you expand the arrow. Once you pull the prefab into the hierarchy, you can then drag the animation you need onto the hierarchy prefab. You want it on the root prefab, not the 2nd level, or the animation references will be one level off and show in yellow. KhaineGB's video goes over this: https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/10338-adding-new-guns-to-7-days-to-die-a17/ - The "Sdx Ranged Weapon advanced Tutorial" on page 1 of this thread goes over setting up animator triggers. But being an older video it doesn't mention that you also need to add a parameter so the game scales your reload speeds according to reload speed modifiers on your character. You need to add a float parameter named "ReloadSpeed" set to 1, then on your reload animator state set the speed multiplier to this parameter.
  5. Brings back the Pre-A20 Hunting rifle. The new weapon models are generally nice, I just really missed to old classic wooden stock rifle. This was my first time working with models in Unity, let me know if you find any issues. - Iron sights are aligned and centered. - Cleaned up the reload animation a bit to fit the new rifle holdtype. It's not perfect but should be decent and should scale properly with reload speed modifiers. - Unfortunately I couldn't get the flashlight or laser sight working using the new attachment system, so it uses the old style attachments for now. Saves file size at least. Scope does use the new system and both the scope and reflex sight properly sit on a rail now instead of randomly stuck on the barrel/receiver. - I reduced the shininess/reflectiveness of the textures slightly, as since the change to linear lighting I felt the barrel had too many weird unusually shiny spots for an old rifle found during an apocalypse. Download and open .zip file, place "HuntingRifle_Old" folder in your 7 Days To Die/Mods folder. https://github.com/DeceptivePastry/HuntingRifle_Old/releases/tag/1.0
  6. I think I have 4 deaths by day 27. 3 of them were from a direwolf that attacked me on day 2. Would've been one death but I kept running back, hoping around on fences, thinking "just a few more hits" until I finally got him. They have SO MUCH HEALTH. But yea, animal spawns used to be too rare, now they've gone a little too far in the other direction. And they're quite dangerous early game. At one point I had to sneak past 3 cougars in 200 meters going out for a supply crate. Also had 3 dog hordes pop up out of nowhere in the first 1-1/2 weeks.
  7. I figured it out after some deep google searching lol. The forum's built in search didn't bring anything up for me. You need a float parameter "ReloadSpeed" set to 1 in the animator, then you set the animation's speed multiplier to that parameter. It gets automatically adjusted in-game. I think I've got about all the difficult stuff figured out. Finally. A little more tweaking then I'll probably post it tomorrow.
  8. I just about have this thing finished and ready to release. I'm just having trouble getting the reload animation speed to scale properly with reload speed modifiers eg. the bandolier. Wondering if anyone has any insight on this, maybe I'm missing some parameter that the game uses to scale animation speeds or something.
  9. Two things bother me about the guns: This, and the fact that guns with individually loaded rounds don't actually load one at a time. So I can't load just one shell into my shotgun then fire it. Most of the new gun models look nice but I don't like how, not only are the sights misaligned, instead of raising the gun higher they've just extended the front sights. Looks goofy.
  10. I ended up messing with this some more and made decent progress. It's in-game and even have the front sight aligned fairly well. The last roadblock is I don't know how to get the animation functioning properly. I have it attached and working on the prefab, the issue is I don't know how the animations are named/sequenced in the animator to be triggered in-game. That doesn't seem to get imported with the .fbx. If there were an OnSelfReload trigger I could trigger the reload anim that way but I don't think there is. EDIT: Got the animation triggers working. Need to tweak the animation a little and get attachments working then it might actually be set.
  11. I wanted to adjust a couple guns that don't line up properly with the crosshair. Does anyone know how I would go about adjusting the positioning and angle of the hands/holdtypes for certain guns? I can make micro adjustments on the weapon models themselves, but certain ones require enough adjustment that they would no longer be sitting in the hands properly.
  12. Oh my god. The fact that the .obj was much larger made me think the scale was way off. I also looked up KhaineGB's video again. It was age restricted, not removed. Yea, that was it...He says you have to up the scale to 100 when you export the .fbx from AssetStudio. So now I have the .fbx repackaged and visible in-game. Now I just have to see if I can figure out how to get the animations working. When I import the .fbx I get an error that HuntingRifle_Mesh has vertices with no weight and bone assigned. It seems like AssetStudio isn't preserving which parts of the mesh are assigned to bones when exporting. I can play the animation in Unity and I see the individual transforms moving properly, eg Bolt_End and the Bullet transforms, but the transforms aren't actually assigned/linked to any parts of the mesh. If I move the Bullet transform around in Unity, the actual bullet part of the mesh doesn't move with it. I was searching around inside Unity and I have no idea how to assign vertices. It almost seems like I'd need to open up the .obj in Blender and fix this there, unless there's something I'm missing. EDIT: Well, it seems that the issue is only with the A19 version of the hunting rifle. I also have an A16 install sitting on my drive. I exported that version of the hunting rifle and what do you know, the bolt and bullet are actually separate objects and are attached to their transforms. The cool thing is, since everything is named the same, I can easily use the cleaned up A19 bolt cycle animation on the A16 rifle.
  13. I got the model in the game but not in an ideal way. I pulled in the .fbx but also the _mesh .obj extracted from the bundle, then replaced the mesh reference with the .obj. It tells me the assigned mesh is missing bone weights and to set it to mesh renderer instead of skinned mesh renderer, so I did that. Also unpacked the materials from the .fbx and reassigned them to the mesh. Weirdly the .obj is much larger than the mesh contained in the .fbx despite the scale being set the same? In-game it works, just needs moved forward a bit. The main problem now is idk how to get the animations working. It seems like all the bone and animation data is packed in the .fbx and doesn't get extracted separately by AssetStudio. And the bone info is packaged with the .fbx. Like I guess with enough trial and error I can just rebuild the prefab with the mesh files and such, maybe even figure out how to redo the bones on the mesh and transfer the animations over. But surely there is an easier way to do this? You can't just export a .fbx and reimport it the way it was bundled in the first place? Does information get lost when you extract a prefab with AssetStudio or something?
  14. This demonstrates another issue though imo, which is that waking up an entire building of zombies is more of a boon than a danger. Such a scenario should mean you have a tough fight on your hands. But with how abundant ammo is even early game, you could just mow them all down and end up with an easier time than actually doing the POI. Idk, the balance is a bit weird. But I have a different idea of how POI clearing should work. In a zombie survival game I'd put more emphasis on stealth, at least early game, whereas I think the devs want a faster paced shooter with more options for playstyles, one of which includes running through a POI with a machine gun but still having jump scares. So trying to balance allowing that, while still implementing stealth properly, can be a challenge.
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