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  1. Sounds like a man who's always wrong, lol.
  2. Lol. Ad Hominem is always the cornerstone of a strong argument. I thought you left the job of making an ass out of oneself to Roland
  3. Hmm, I got that backwards. All the responses were moved here. Splitting discussions is confusing.
  4. I have quite a few take aways from the stream, but this is bar-none my biggest one. You guys clearly want to have some kind of class system. Why not just stop beating around the @%$#ing bush and implement one and leave the gear out of it. You would have so much more freedom with it and much less stupid "LeT mE pUt On My CoRn PiCkInG hAt." ETA: Also, 10 (I think that's the right number) equipment slots down to 4 is a travesty. What a loss. I used to argue with the guys in the older alphas who said that removing complexity was becoming a problem. I was wrong.
  5. I kinda like how they stuff all the quirky weapons into INT and then decided since they were so chockful of utility, they needed low base damage... and ruined an entire stat's combat effectiveness. Chances are if someone is making an INT only run work with only INT weapons, cheese is involved.
  6. @madmole It seems like this would be a great Video Options toggle..
  7. My edit addresses that. The high tiers of Sexy Trex refund 30 stamina per kill. I regularly endlessly power attack hordes with only coffee.
  8. You're underrating Sledge DPS a lot here. It regularly instant kills multiple targets per swing later on by procing dismemberment on the head on multiple targets at once. It's actually the highest DPS melee weapon in the game (at least SS tier) by a landslide. I'll give you the swing speed and stamina though. One thing to consider though, is the higher tiers of Sexy Trex combined with the extreme deadliness of the sledge erase your stamina issues. I regularly chug a coffee and nearly exclusively power attack hordes with a sledge with almost no stamina issues.
  9. Nearly doubling the animation speed for Stone Shovel will look kinda janky. I think +33% is about the most you can push without it getting into Crack addict territory. This doesn't account for mods. I think Grave Digger + 3 others would be juuuuuuust enough to put Stone Shovel into 2 hit land again. Are these numbers for Quality 6 for each tier? This also doesn't factor in random variance in Iron/Steel.
  10. Not sure if TFP are seeing the shovel issues.. I'm happy to be rewarded for Stone -> Steel progression though, if they are fine with it.
  11. I exclusively power hit harvest with that tool class. It's pretty funny because the animation is a bludgeoning attack for all 3 tools, generates a ton of noise but you salvage in fewer hits... and this *is* a time management game.
  12. Given how easy it is to get a Q6 Stone Shovel to 2 shot dirt, it'll always get clay at least as fast as the Iron Shovel. The Iron Shovel has the opportunity to perform much worse, given the stamina demands. Not to mention the extra food requirement. I'm not sure if it's possible to get a Q6 Iron Shovel up to 1 hitting dirt, but if it does, then the Steel Shovel isn't the best shovel. That would be its own problem.
  13. It doesn't matter how much more it has until you can easily get to the point where you 1 hit dirt/resource blocks (in which case you have the same problem, except with the steel shovel). You can 2 hit dirt and resource blocks for some amount of stamina with a stone shovel You can 2 hit dirt and resource blocks for more stamina with an iron shovel Thusly, the Iron Shovel is inferior to the Stone Shovel. This is a problem unique to the shovel line, because they are used on low HP blocks.
  14. 2 points is meaningless. A quality 6 Stone Shovel can 2 hit dirt/resource blocks. An Iron Shovel is completely moot in this situation. Sounds like you're only seeing the pack in the pack mule.
  15. Your load, regardless of source affects you less because you're used to hauling stuff around. Would you say that a loot system on rails has more replayability than a totally random loot system? IMO, when I know what to expect every time, my interest wanes quickly.
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