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  1. The maxcount didn't change as far as I can tell. I gave you the full change of the lines. Here's what a full block looks like in the current A19 b163 <biome name="pine_forest"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="4" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="7" time="Any" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="10" time="Any" entitygroup="FriendlyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> </biome> And here's the same block in A18.4 <biome name="pine_forest"> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="3" time="Day" entitygroup="ZombiesAll" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="4" time="Night" entitygroup="ZombiesNight" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="14" time="Any" entitygroup="EnemyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> <spawn maxcount="1" respawndelay="21" time="Any" entitygroup="FriendlyAnimalsForest" spawnDeadChance="0" /> </biome>
  2. I don't believe it changed between 18.4 and A19 b157. I've got those handy. Left is A18.4, Right is A19 b163. And yeah, desert appears in the opposite order in the spawning.xml file in A19 for some reason. Pine Forest EnemyAnimalForest respawndelay="14" -> respawndelay="7" FriendlyAnimalForest respawndelay="21" -> respawndelay="10" Desert FriendlyAnimalsDesert respawndelay="21" -> respawndelay="10" EnemyAnimalsDesert respawndelay="10" -> respawndelay="7" Wasteland No Change Burnt Forest EnemyAnimalsBurntForest respawndelay="14" -> respawndelay="7" FriendlyAnimalsBurntForest respawndelay="21" -> respawndelay="10" Snow EnemyAnimalsSnow respawndelay="14" -> respawndelay="7" FriendlyAnimalsSnow respawndelay="21" -> respawndelay="10"
  3. This is why I suggested they scaled animals base on whether it's an SP or MP world. They literally cannot hit a balance without accounting for world population. It's actually impossible.
  4. You can throw everything I said out the window. That's how it worked in A18. They changed it again in A19. They did fix it in Alpha 16 but I'm living in some bizarro world where everyone collectively has amnesia and have all forgotten that it happened. I'll say this, if they change the stats from dismember chance, they'll remove the most broken perk interaction in the game.
  5. The Gun Parts system isn't my hill to die on, but I'd be remiss if I didn't point out that Gun Parts added a more compelling late game than anything the game has had since.
  6. I kind of agree. In previous alphas, I wouldn't know what I'd find and I'd have to figure out how to make due. In A19, random is on its last gasps. I don't feel compelled to play another vanilla play through after I lose interest in the current one. I know what I'm going to find at every stage of the game and it's just not compelling to me anymore. Fortunately there's mods, but unless they rip out everything in loot.xml I'll probably only do one play through of each.
  7. Just to add, it's a nightmare to try to harvest the boars in Old Gambrel 03 without ripping the hatch off the cages in this Alpha. Never had a problem before.
  8. I spent more time thinking about things I would do to make the different trees more compelling. Perception Dead Eye Change the secondary to give each shot a chance to ricochet, hitting a nearby zombie. Make this stack with the additional targets from The Penetrator. Javelin Master Roll the throw distance increase from Javelin Master into spears by default. This perk actually harms your ability to form muscle memory with spears, the throw distance should always be the same. Give Javelin Master a new secondary, chance to throw a zombie backwards and if they come into contact with a wall, hold them there momentarily. Lock Picking Nothing too crazy. Implement the tiered locks system daddy Bethesda uses, you can keep the random chance countdown thing. Make certain chests spawn at a guarenteed minimum with the chance to roll higher. Something like Locked Safes with Basic with a chance for Advanced. Reinforced Chests at Advanced with a chance for Master. Gun Safes also at Advanced with a higher chance for Master. Move the ability to craft lock picks to the cap stone. Animal Tracker Change Animal respawn rates to be different between SP and MP. I am aware this will be difficult, but recent changes to the game make this increasingly necessary. No actual changes to Animal Tracker necessary. The Penetrator Reduce the number of additional targets by 1 at all ranks but make it stack with Dead Eye. Lucky Looter Each rank gives a static +2 Loot Stage along with the percentage. Treasure Hunter Make unperked digging take 12 blocks and this perk reduce it to 10, 7 and 5 respectively. Strength Boomstick Move to Fortitude Tree. It's short range which lends itself to the up close and personal nature of Fortitude and not heavy enough to think it belongs with Strength. Heavy Armor Move to Fortitude Tree New Perk: Moving Day Give the ability to pick up certain unclaimed decoration blocks by long pressing E. Each rank adds more (heavier looking) decoration blocks. Pack Mule Change to increase mobility when it's less than 100 by 3% per point. This makes it useful at all stages of the game. Master Chef Move to Intelligence Fortitude Machine Gunner Move to Strength Tree. These are heavy weapons you'd need a lot of strength to wield. Plus it offsets some of the large amount of power being moved out of the Strength Tree. The Huntsman Benefited by the same change as Animal Tracker. Living off the Land Craft all seeds at rank 1. Harvest 2 at rank 2. Healing Factor Change Regen scaling to: 60, 50, 40, 30, 20. This is too strong at higher ranks and a little too weak at lower ranks currently. Even with this, the highest rank is still triple the strength of the lowest rank and it is still the strongest scaling perk in the game. Iron Gut Reduces passive food and drink depletion rather than active. Rule 1: Cardio Move to Agility and make it reduce food consumption from running as well. Agility Archery Gives a chance to inflict bleeds at higher ranks. New Perk: Deft Fingers Take all reload speed boosts from other perks and put them here instead. Light Armor Change bonuses to give a chance to dodge attacks per slot of Unarmored or Light Armor worn. Hidden Strike Add an increasing chance to land sneak attack damage during the night while crouching in combat. From the Shadows Add a decrease to the range from surface horde can detect you and the AI director can detect your heatmap. Intellect Electrocutioner Move its secondary effect to Nerd Tats and the Nerd Tats effect to here. Stun Batons need their 3 tier treatment as well, or a general rebalancing. They are in a very bad place right now. Charismatic Nature Move Rank 2 to Rank 1. Move Rank 3 to Rank 2. Rank 3: For players in range, grants an additional temporary point in Healing Factor and Sexy Trex. Create hidden extra ranks for these perks unatainable without Charismatic Nature. Healing Factor 6: 10 Seconds Sexy Trex 5: Tool and weapon stamina usage reduced by 30%, Power Attacks still 50%. Refunds 35 stamina on kills.
  9. You're not allowed to say the M word in this thread. I recommend Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour.
  10. I mainly play without guns, so that might make me a little biased. There's plenty of tricks out there to make sure you always have space to reload though, whether you're in a POI or in your base defending against a horde.
  11. You can certainly do without it, but I wouldn't call it a noob trap. Going hungry is a real threat in the game and if you get unlucky with your quest options or looting it can make a real difference. I don't personally buy it, I've never needed it. I think it provides a tremendous benefit to most players though. At least the first point does and arguably more.
  12. I think a lot of people misunderstand my point. I think other trees should be more compelling. Strength being a super stat isn't good for the game. You can believe the Sledgehammer falls off, I like it so much I don't really want it to get nerfed anyway.
  13. You'd be surprised at what Better Barter does at higher ranks. You go from kinda scraping by to stockpiling stacks of dukes. You can use those to just buy all the ammo you need... or you can check out the explosively larger Secret Stash tab (that has 2-3 pages) and what all you can pick up there (like way more ammo, mods, guns and solar panels). I'd say it's in the top 5 best perks.
  14. Sexy Trex combos with Skull Crusher and the Strength passive buffs to make the most broken interaction in the game. Sledges don't work without Sexy Trex.
  15. I don't need to know what all the players are doing to see a meta coalescing. Too many game problems are solved in the Strength Tree right now. Sure, people in the first 2 weeks of the alpha are probably trying different builds. What's not up for debate is every player after seeing their problems in game being solved by the Strength Tree and the relative lack of solutions being offered by other trees. The Strength Meta is beginning to form now and you'll see a dramatic shift to STR over the alpha. I touched on this way back when you guys were dev streaming. You nerfed Fortitude. This was deserved, I called out Fort as OP last alpha. Then you moved Heavy Armor into Strength. Then you increased stamina consumption of most tools. Then you increased the amount of food drain. Then you made the Blunderbuss everyone's starter weapon. Strength is benefited by or solves all of those issues. Strength: Reduces Stamina consumed while running in Heavy Armor and by extension, food consumption. (Heavy Armor) Even Rule #1 Cardio doesn't affect food. Reduces Stamina consumed while using Tools and Weapons and by extension, food consumption. (Sexy Trex) Makes your low level Blunderbuss better and thusly incentivizes shotgun builds. (Boomstick) Makes all that canned food you were buying anyway much more effective (Master Chef) Decreases the amount of time you have to spend mining. (Miner 69'er, Motherlode, Sexy Trex) Then there's the Sledgehammer thing, but almost no one has figured out how OP that is, but I'm sure they will soon. That's without discussing Pummel Pete (good if you haven't discovered Sledge yet) or Pack Mule (noob trap). Compare that to the other stats Perception: Gives you armor penetration. Frankly, this is great and makes the Perception tree worth considering for this alone. Increases your Loot Stage. This was nerfed into the ground, by the time it's actually showing results it no longer matters. Makes your spears marginally less terrible. Makes Rifles better. However, nothing makes up for a low fire rate, small mag size weapon platform. Makes Explosives better. Explosives are amazing without perks. SP is better spent elsewhere. Makes your lock picking better. I've not met a single person that thinks this is worth investing into. Helps you avoid traps. Getting gud costs less SP. Helps you hunt animals. Either you play offline where it's a damn Disney movie, or you play online where no one has seen an animal in weeks. Makes you find treasure faster. It can be helpful, but perkless gets the job done well enough. Makes you harvest Mechanical Stuff more effectively. This was great until you removed its ability to let you get Solar Panels from wrenching in world panels. Fortitude: Gives you Meme Powers. Makes the best weapon class even bester. Lets you Harvest more from animals. Kind of a waste either way, due to the feast/famine thing I mentioned earlier. Makes you less susceptible to weather. (noob trap) Makes your farms better. You can get the only perk that matters with 0 points into Fortitude. The rest can be easily gotten spamming buried treasure 1s. Makes you take less damage. Pretty decent, but it's inversely useful compared to player skill. Makes you heal over time. Still MVPerk in the game. Makes you use less food while doing any activity. Clearly one of the better perks for the food challenged. (I think this should affect passive food drain instead but w/e). Literally stole a perk from the AGI tree, not that hardly anyone cares about stamina while running for long. Agility: Makes bows better. The Sneak attack buff makes this moot. Makes Pistols better. Jury is still out on this pending review of the new Desert Vulture. SMG certainly didn't need it. Makes you better at making zeds bleed on you while they beat on you. Yippee. Makes you better at reloading on the run. This would be a great perk if not for base building rendering it moot. Makes you swing certain weapons faster and recover stamina on killing blows. It's probably pretty good, I haven't used it myself though. Gives you pointless buffs to light armor. Turns a you into a Mario Brother. Here we go! Makes you better at going without detection. Too bad just about every POI has at least one room that's scripted to activate every sleeper in the room the moment you step into the doorway. Makes your Sneak Attacks hit like woah. Made moot by the bow sneak attack buffs, the most commonly used weapon to sneak attack. Intellect: Makes your lol, a little less lmao. Lol. Makes your Junk ahem Robotic Turret shoot faster and eventually gives you 2. Pretty great! What? No, there isn't any other robotic weapons. You must have had a fever dream. Makes Traders give you all their money and later all their items. A+ Gives you more quest rewards. Good if you care about that sort of thing. Party PERK!!!!! Yeah I didn't think so. Gives you access to some items you should have looted schematics for in the first place. Oh and Chem Stations, which are mostly covered by the camp fire for the important stuff until you loot a schematic from one of the 2123435125 destroyed chem stations in the world. Gives you exp from Electrical Trap Kills and access to Forge/Work bench if you're really unlucky. Nice stop gap perk, but the most useful point is available at Intellect 1. Gets you a bicycle and other vehicles if you really care about them. Particularly good if you find a nerdy glasses early, otherwise the extra point isn't the end of the world. Obviously, Strength is Key All Star MVP #1 tree. Fortitude is still a strong number #2 and Intellect is great in multiplayer for one focused player, or as a splash tree. Perception has 1 good perk line and Agility is best left uninvested. You don't want my ideas on this, but I'm giving them anyway. Move Master Chef to Intellect. Madmole, you like to say you have to be a good cook to be strong. Well I say you can't be a good cook if you aren't smart. One of us is implying strong people don't need brains and I don't think it's me. Game wise, Strength is too good and Intellect is the recipes tree. Make things right. Move Heavy Armor back to Fortitude. In a vacuum, this change might have made sense, but you did all those other things that also buffed Strength. Put it back. The Natural Healing nerf is good enough. Move Rule #1 Cardio to Agility. No one outside of TFP thinks this makes any god damned sense. And while you're at it, make it consume less food too. That poor AGI tree needs a damn bone. More importantly, bring back the little black dress. You people even went and gave it a sexy pun. Natural progression beats a forced fake arcade system. I say all of this as a STR/FORT player. It was the strongest tree pairing in every alpha since you've introduced this fake @%$*#! Arcade System and you've only buffed it since.
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