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  1. Author: Wish you a merry Christmas in advance Do you have a way to use it without DMT? Or are there any tools that let me directly use mods that need DMT A19 undeadlegacy failed to DMT
  2. "KrunchLand 10k" for Undead Legacy 2.3.34 In the amusement park area next to the birth Island, there is a place with a large number of wheels. After picking them up, they get rich instantly. It's Mod architecture, so I think mod architecture is very unbalanced
  3. thank you Can't use F1 console infinite scarlet letter
  4. I don't know how to operate at all
  5. Hello author How can i put this DMT mod (SphereII Legacy Distant Terrain)used in UndeadLegacy
  6. Hello, the author Can generate a no extra prefabs that Map? Pure version 7 Days To Die + Undead Legacy Generated map It's like "KrunchLand 10k" for Undead Legacy 2.3.34 The same terrain But no extra prefabs Thank you
  7. Hello, the author Undead Legacy Map only updated Stable edition?
  8. Hello, I heard about Undead Legacy testing in September. Is it true? It's the end of the month now
  9. Hello, if you use Google Translate, it will cause a lot of incomprehensibility. Because Google Translate has a lot of wrong words and does not understand what it means, I came here for help.
  10. Is there a Chinese version? Don't understand translation. Can anyone help to make the Chinese version? thank you very much
  11. It takes a studio a year to produce a beta version, let alone a person
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