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  1. And it's normally display data inside quoted symbol in a column e.g. col1, col2, col3, col4 "text, text, text inside col4", col5? mb, just watch source language and translation, mark translated localizations, find differenties between game builds to push changes from english to other languages e.g. a19 pushed to the public, just get the a18 compare to a18 and bring make everybofdy happy, find untranslated IDs even in XML/source code, mb patch game to make some remote control that would reload game UI and/or reload & reapply file changes without whole game restart. This requires modify client and server.
  2. Hello everybody! I have a couple of free time and some idea to code something... Do you need a good tool to edit/manage localization files? Features? Supported OS'es? Backward compability to localization files from old 7d builds?
  3. Hell yeah, you finally did it! +++++++ Yes, in example russian translation should be fixed in some cases where the words/sentences isn't not clear or too hard explains smth within the happening context.
  4. Just working beds, sleeping bag and etc for the rest and time shifting. In some times I just do nothing at night. How I can spent this time quickly? I can't. Except dm in console. Would be nice set time for a sleep, or just "sleep until sun rising". Of corse in this time anything bad for player (zombies knocking in a door, house block damage, or just alarm is ringing), should waking up the player. Except zombie rising events (each 7 days, but not when player wait zombies at 7 night, and thay came early or after that day (you intro this world setting in 17a)
  5. AlexBLR

    DMT Modding Tool

    Hello, is there any info about how to get all game classes/objects within description? Does any idea how to hook recipe searching mechanics?
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