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  1. Any normal player stats? Does player be stronger while hard working instead of "press button to carry 50 TONNs while you can not pass 100 meters without coffee break"? I mean player actions should train basic stats, book can help this be more effective but nothing more. Really, 100 level you can do a lot but still running like flying brick.
  2. Just working beds, sleeping bag and etc for the rest and time shifting. In some times I just do nothing at night. How I can spent this time quickly? I can't. Except dm in console. Would be nice set time for a sleep, or just "sleep until sun rising". Of corse in this time anything bad for player (zombies knocking in a door, house block damage, or just alarm is ringing), should waking up the player. Except zombie rising events (each 7 days, but not when player wait zombies at 7 night, and thay came early or after that day (you intro this world setting in 17a)
  3. AlexBLR

    DMT Modding Tool

    Hello, is there any info about how to get all game classes/objects within description? Does any idea how to hook recipe searching mechanics?
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