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  1. do slot machines not run on 19.4? i tried with and with no mods and it isnt working for me. 

  2. i search config files and found it in Loot.xml I do not have oaks pets. Do i need it? I tried mod with no other mods in folder and still got same error
  3. When i try this mod, I get error message about this missing <item name="GuardTurretStuner" count="1" prob=".021"/> game still works. what is it? is it important? should i delete line? is it mispelled? when there are no other mods, still same error
  4. Oxide I could not get /home to work. I read somewhere that oxide was problem. I removed oxide and that fix issue, but now i cannot use autobroadcast. Is there a way to fix it so oxide works? Or maybe a way to make a /rules list via chat command?
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