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  1. Server tools version 12.* + is only for a17, v12.* will not work on a16
  2. with the game being windows native we suggest switching over to windows. server tools is only tested and built for windows. you can revert to an older version if you like but when a17 comes out the older versions will no longer work
  3. make sure it has read and execute permissions
  4. can you try replacing the dill in "\7DaysToDieServer_Data\Mono\x86_64" with this one and let me know if it works http://thewickedclowns.net/uploads/SQLite.Interop.zip
  5. I have not gone anywhere. Just have not had time to work on this recently. Once work slows down again I will add more features
  6. that is what i assumed and why I asked for you to post it.
  7. Post a copy of your infoticker xml
  8. no problems on my server with it
  9. gimme does not support zombies atm
  10. updated to v4.1 v4.1 Fixed a NullReferenceException with NewSpawnTele
  11. can you try this one and report back please [ATTACH]22386[/ATTACH] Mods.zip
  12. any errors in your logfile?
  13. because you have been on the server before delete the servertools.bin and try
  14. Not yet but can be doable
  15. with the new player spawn if you enable then go in game and type /setspawn when a new player joins they will auto tele to that point. the new player must be level 1 and have no crafed items and the tele position must not be 0,0,0 i have no problems with the config not auto updating.
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