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  1. Half-baked solution: Keep rebar. Make it so it can't be crafted but can be purchased/rewarded. Anyone can upgrade rebar if they have concrete mix regardless of perks. Then if you skip the skills you're fine you just need to spend extra cash to buy concrete and frames. If you get the skill you don't need to buy the materials and can upgrade pre-existing structures saving you x per block. But then how do repairs work?...
  2. The meta then just becomes tiny wood pathing exploit platforms or what Roland said until you buy or find the schematic. You're talking about adding like 7(?) skill points by adding a 3 tiered skill. That's not a small change. Concrete is not optional like jumping an extra meter or increased harvesting yield. Also "I can't cook an egg! That's not realistic!" / "Yes! I finally got Master Builder! I'm going to fill my backpack up with so much concrete!" lol
  3. When you hit the regular, non-toggle crouch button it currently doesn't break out of a toggled crouch. I feel like changing that would improve the controls a little bit.
  4. Cards own because every two years when I remember they exist I sell all the ones I've accumulated and it's like bam free garbage hentai game E: I didn't sell my 7 days ones obv
  5. If you make a grid of tunnels leaving 2 x 2 columns between them you can see all of the blocks. If there's ore in a column knock it out and replace it with destroyed stone. You're only taking out 5/9 of the area but you can get all of the ore and nothing will collapse because there's never more than one block gap between supports to bedrock.
  6. This is true. But it also means if you're being efficient (and not looking for something specific like tires or something) you're always going to go to the place the trader randomly picks. I know you don't have to do it that way, but I definitely don't just roll through city blocks for the hell of it as much as I used to. It's always a to b and then back to a again. Not that that is bad. It's just hard to not feel like you're "falling behind" by just exploring since the game is on a timer and balanced around doing those quests.
  7. If you order me a pizza I will watch you on twitch and do the dumb and dumber "most annoying sound in the world" in discord every time you try to leave a quest poi.
  8. There are youtube videos out there explaining how to "invert" power by overloading generators. You can couple that with creative motion sensor use to accomplish what you're going for probably. I have never messed with it personally.
  9. I just want dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you now.
  10. You see spam at the grocery store and have to stop yourself from instinctually grabbing it.
  11. The first time I went through that POI I approached it from the other side. Then I hopped the fence outside to escape the boar... And we all know what's on the other side of the fence so no I did not survive.
  12. That became my go to end game weapon on servers around a17 because nobody ever used it and the sound of it firing is way loud. I never thought to load my tool belt with them until I saw some streamers play a19. There's something extremely funny about just running around a horde screaming and hoping you don't die between reloads while everyone else is trying to be serious with their clip extended, rad remover aks.
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