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  1. I just want dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you now.
  2. You see spam at the grocery store and have to stop yourself from instinctually grabbing it.
  3. The first time I went through that POI I approached it from the other side. Then I hopped the fence outside to escape the boar... And we all know what's on the other side of the fence so no I did not survive.
  4. That became my go to end game weapon on servers around a17 because nobody ever used it and the sound of it firing is way loud. I never thought to load my tool belt with them until I saw some streamers play a19. There's something extremely funny about just running around a horde screaming and hoping you don't die between reloads while everyone else is trying to be serious with their clip extended, rad remover aks.
  5. I didn't really think about it previously but it is kind of lame that getting hit once by a silently activating flying enemy requires you to have a sewing kit, antibiotics, and a splint in your inventory. It's fun trying to deal with all of the debuffs but I also don't like carrying an entire Walgreens in my backpack everywhere.
  6. I wonder if I have more hours playing 7dtd or more hours reading posts about LBD... It's really a toss up at this point.
  7. I really detest organizing crates/inventory so I hear you. I've significantly curbed my Bethesda game pack rat tendencies just out of pure laziness. Once you get established it's fine but there's always that point on like day 6 where you have to turn your 8 secure storage chests that you have been using as a giant junk drawer into something usable and it's brutal. ("Why do I have 10 engines? What can I even do with this now? Ugh.") I haven't played this week yet but I'm looking forward to the new inventory tweaks more than anything.
  8. Do you play sp or do you have other people backing you? That might explain our difference in playstyle. Either way with this update I'm just going to lean into explosives and see how it goes.
  9. I have had this game for years and I think I've fired less than 10 rockets ever. They've always just been dukes that take up another inventory slot to me because they are not really practical to use in POIs and by the time I can make them in bulk my base is covered in turrets and I don't need them. That's a crazy playstyle and I need to try it.
  10. Imagine trying to write audio occlusion code for this game and not just giving yourself an aneurysm and winding up in a mental hospital.
  11. That's a sick drawing. I have always found the best way to deal with very bitter people is to just be extremely nice to them because they can't handle it rather than clubbing them to death but ymmv
  12. I can't stop looting nests like I'm a 6 year old on Easter looking for eggs. It takes me forever to get anywhere because "BUT WHAT IF THIS ONE HAS AN EGG IN IT?!" moreso than I am distracted by trash. I always have more feathers than the collective hair of all white people in the 80s.
  13. There is something funny about the fact that I have multiple battery banks and a bunch of trigger plates and stuff but I haven't even found a brown pistol yet. I am safe though because I have an entire storage crate that is entirely just blunderbusses (blunderbi?) so I can fire 8 times before I need to hide and reload for 3 minutes. I am having fun either way. The pace itself is good. Maybe a little too reliant on traders now but I think it will just take getting used to. I finally (day 10) got a bike and a helmet light going so now I can recklessly run around at night
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