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  1. So does the lucky looter skill not effect acid drop rate at all then?
  2. Lol.. that's kind of a catch 22 there. If only the RNG would provide me with the book to provide better RNG... In any case I'm not saying I don't find any acid. It just feels less likely the higher my lucky looter skill is. Or maybe the higher my game stage is?
  3. Maybe this is just the random roll of the dice, but for me at least, it seems like the higher my lucky looter skill (and or if I am using items that increase that skill) the less likely I am to find acid. Which seems counter intuitive? This has been across 3 long running games, where I find the most acid in the first few days of the game, then, slowly it becomes super rare. To the point that I am wondering if acid is misplaced on the loot tables or something? Like, does the game consider a level 5 axe better then acid, and thus the higher my lucky looting is the more likely it will give me the axe rather then the acid? Asking to see if anyone else has had similar experiences, or if the RNG just hates me X D
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