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  1. To who ever the OP of the petition has it sent it. I'm just raising awareness on a topic of discussion. Besides seems like it filled your guys day lol ranting and raving to me when it's not my petition just looking for more supporters of the same cause. How many of you actually looked at the petition befor you commented? Maybe we weren't promised anything or weren't told we were getting anything on console. But its heavily implied. @%$# drop some dam DLC for us or at very min a patch to fix the bugs. Like constant blood moon. And witch respawning making it an endless wave of zombies. Not that it really 100% bothers me because I'm down for some endless zombies. But other people aren't exactly into it and consider it unfinished. And I can kinda see why. Considering things happen to me aswell. I note this is only on console.
  2. 11,741 as of today! If there are about 22k on pc and 20k on console and I'm sure half of the ppl on console are pc players also That's what almost 1/2 of the people who paid for the game are supporting the petition. Bash all you want I could careless about it. It's your opinion your intitled to it. So voice it! I'm glad to hear what you fine people have to say about it. But at least consider looking over the petition support or oppose. It's worth a look at it's not even my petition. But I do support its Petition page is here (link below) http://chng.it/sVxnrT2N
  3. Well I don't think anybody wants to Sue anyone. Look I got it you die hard PC guys I get it but there are still console fans out there that love this game but hate it's current version. If you don't agree to the petition you can at least look it over http://chng.it/sVxnrT2N
  4. Your correct potential for faster production via petition isnt effective. But raising awareness is effective. So you people are gonna sit here and tell me that they had no idea that the company they're working with was going bankrupt don't you think that that might be something you want to know? As a small business owner myself alpha those are the things you kind of wanna keep track of is your finances and where they're going and coming from you also wanna know that you know any of your suppliers are closing shop soon due to stuff like that it seems like a reasonable accommodation to let your buddy know Hey man we're closing . Because of blank and blank seems like something you might want to know or at least be aware of
  5. And I'm not bashing anyone . I believe in fun Wait so your gonna tell me that a company didn't know about the issue way befor releasing any info? The whole business world is a shrouded web of lies. We all know it. Answers as in updates. Those are the answers console players are looking for. Yes 11k+ people is sad. Makes me fear the position of this company as a whole. Will they ever finish? When is pc gold? How long/ years till completion?. I feel console is basic. Yes pc has its end game moments
  6. I still enjoy this game just not console version.
  7. If the fun pimps where honest at the very start when @%$# hit the fan with Sony and telltale. We could and would gladly have helped cover cost of production. All they had todo was be honest at the start and let people know so the community can rally come together with a fundraiser or somthing to pull them out of the hole. And we would have gladly helped!
  8. On pc this game kicks @%$#ing ass!!!! Love it. We want 5he same experience on console. Do a texture update. Do a dang code update. And bam done. I know it sounds easy in a few words and I know it's not but 4 years? That's alittle rough even with the 2 year debate on who actually owns the game. At this point just hire a company like Activision or the people who made Rust, the forest,stay out. They are basically all the same with different textures. They could easily finish this game out in no time!
  9. I love the game. So much I own 2 copys. PC and console. My fiancee wont even play with me on console anymore because every time we start a game it's the same BS build a base get set up and basically game over. Once you have the ak console is basically done that's end game at level 15 tops. Not to mention the constant blood moon every night and the dam witch zombies that respawning constantly so you can never get a moment's peice. We have waited through all the crap and honestly we have all waited long enough. Its 2021 btw. Last update was 2017 for console well *reasonable* update anyways. I dont let them block points of views that are legitimate. Sensoring the facts isnt good on them either. Time for answers. Over 11k people have signed. And feel the same way. Why did we pay for half a game? Petition link http://chng.it/sVxnrT2N Lol just sign the petition. Over 11k people already have so your like 1%.
  10. Over 11k have signed a petition against fun pimps for producing an un useable game *ergo* 7 days to die. They haven't updated console since 2017. We have been waiting way to long for there mistakes! Sign today! Donate to the cause! We want updates or our money back! We dont care about pc gold. Or finished pc updates. Console needs love and is a terrible experience on the hole. My fiancee and I are fed up with witing for promises from fun pimps that will never deliver! Sign the petition today so we can get the ball rolling on the fun pimps and put a fire under there ass for once instead of snails paced production. They are backed by some of the biggest names in gaming. If they would put there pride aside and work with another company that could get the job done. They would rather fill there pockets with our hard earned cash on tshirts and bull @%$# rather than giving the gamers what they deserve and that's better than this steaming pile of garbage placed on our laps Petition link! Sign today and join the cause. Enough waiting. Time to get answers! http://chng.it/sVxnrT2N
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