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  1. There's a team of people making POI's, there's more than enough houses and factories in the game as it is. Get a tiered mission from Rekt or Joel and travel to the location, hit the "!" and the dungeon is formed, Dungeons are immutable like the trader's POI so bring nothing but ammo and healing supplies and actually fight your way to the goal and navigate the hazards. Finish and be returned to the surface as the dungeon disappears.
  2. What is the endgame challenge? The game gets easier every day until you quit from boredom. Joel always seems more interested in confounding our acquisition of toys than giving us a real need for them. Can we get plains and boreal forest biomes back? Woodland is basically the only habitable biome now, makes every map and playthrough seem even more the same.
  3. Not a character art question. —Roland
  4. I like this idea, there's no reason for looting to be a painful affair. Some things you never ever want and manually removing them from the container is an annoyance.
  5. Low cost explosives (fuel + nitrate) that can destroy large volumes of dirt and stone but is less effective versus concrete/steel.
  6. Double tap forward to sprint.
  7. I really want the boreal forest and plains biomes back. But yes, I'd like more biomes where I wouldn't dare step without a well fed AK
  8. Ok good, because they're complimentary ideas. Brown blocks are ugly, confusing and anti immersion. Stack limits in base are pointless frustration, time spent with your head in a menu is not quality gameplay. I'd rather watch the show than look for the remote, you know? (this is an analogy I am using to illustrate that I believe being active in the game world is more fun than looking at a grid dragging icons around).
  9. That is true, but at the moment the challenge is in getting access to the recipes to use steel in. Players are concerned at the moment about recipes being 'gated' behind too many requirements already (having materials, having the workbench, finding the recipe, putting points into the right stats/perks). I'm not strongly bothered either way, maybe nitrate could be required for fertilizer again so that coal/nitrate balance remains.
  10. bigger stack sizes, what the thread is about. I don't think the future of bases is packing 20 or 30 mystery boxes into your living space
  11. I think it will change anyway, the current system of brown cubes is obviously temporary. We'll have a food freezer, ammo bin, tool chest, gun rack, ore silos etc eventually. There's be a fairly constant rate of streamlining and removing pointless crap, we no longer need to pick up the crap we mine, or turn logs into sticks, or hunt down a pistol receiver or craft specific block shapes.
  12. https://i.imgur.com/Efllx3R.jpg https://i.imgur.com/TGKud0D.jpg Starter base, not to expensive, can be done first week.
  13. The point is to have a base filled with dozens of boxes because of an arbitrary stack limit, no that's pointless and frustrating. adds nothing to challenge, detracts from aesthetic and wastes time. Limited player inventory is an important mechanic, at home it shouldn't matter.
  14. Player's inventory should stay limited but stack sizes should be much larger in storage, perhaps unlimited. The game has a huge problem with inventory management and this one way to help without making anything too easy
  15. It's an obvious feature the game needs, has been asked for a bunch of times, exists within a mod, never heard the devs comment.
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