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  1. Normal shotgun ammo is buckshot
  2. I started using Nitrogen for A19 and am blown away by how much better it is. I just wish we could get the plains and boreal forest biomes back. Wasteland can sod right off, completely useless trash biome that you never ever need to visit.
  3. It's incredibly simple. Every single action role playing game has got this right. Beginner areas are populated by weak monsters and have basic loot, advanced POIs have dangerous monsters and contain good loot. The mistake is in thinking this is a SURVIVAL game. It isn't. Survival is not rewarded in 7D2D, killing bulk zeds and acquiring shiny loot is and that's an ARPG, the only difference is that 7D2D makes you fill a couple of green and blue meters periodically. Good loot should exist from the start in difficult to assault areas, let the player balance the
  4. Early on i concentrate on mining, getting stone and iron, I'll do some buried supplies quests if they're close, but mostly building a starter base and earning XP mining and cobblestoning. There's no reason to loot POI's early on, you're practically punished for trying. All there is to do is grind up XP until you're high enough for guns and ammo to spawn.
  5. Sounds absolutely horrible. Like Borderlands 2.
  6. I see you put a lot of thought into this but the way the game is structured it makes no sense. The reward for doing anything at low level are incredibly small and it isn't worth lingering. I'd like there to be some soft gating to make low level play fun but the way it is just motivates you to grind efficiently, take no big risks and advance level quickly.
  7. Is it possible to add back the Boreal Forest and Plains biomes? Those were my favorites and I'm really missing the variety of habitable biomes.
  8. There's a team of people making POI's, there's more than enough houses and factories in the game as it is. Get a tiered mission from Rekt or Joel and travel to the location, hit the "!" and the dungeon is formed, Dungeons are immutable like the trader's POI so bring nothing but ammo and healing supplies and actually fight your way to the goal and navigate the hazards. Finish and be returned to the surface as the dungeon disappears.
  9. What is the endgame challenge? The game gets easier every day until you quit from boredom. Joel always seems more interested in confounding our acquisition of toys than giving us a real need for them. Can we get plains and boreal forest biomes back? Woodland is basically the only habitable biome now, makes every map and playthrough seem even more the same.
  10. Not a character art question. —Roland
  11. I like this idea, there's no reason for looting to be a painful affair. Some things you never ever want and manually removing them from the container is an annoyance.
  12. Low cost explosives (fuel + nitrate) that can destroy large volumes of dirt and stone but is less effective versus concrete/steel.
  13. GameEdged is excellent, very frequent updates of 7D2D as well as a bunch of similar games. Pretty talented player who seems to understand the game well. I Like Neebs but that are frustratingly terrible at this game.
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