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  1. Then why is survival not very hard, or rewarding? Why then is there no real penalty for dying? This game is a looter shooter without the challenges that make finding loot great.
  2. Why was endgame content never developed? You run around collecting better gear, not because you need it, but because it's the only thing to do. You get geared up, then there's nothing to do except stuff you've already done without all that gear. It's not quite good enough.
  3. The information you want (what a skill actually does) is the last bit of information you get. That is the reverse of how it should be. Each stat has about 10 related skills and they're divided up by "combat perks" "general strength perks" and "construction perks", in the same font with yet another icon. Pointless visual clutter that adds nothing but confusion. Quests don't even show WHO THE QUEST SHARER IS. Engines haven't had quality since what? 2019? Mods never had quality on any release version. jank hitboxes and animations are much bigger problem than muscle memory.
  4. I've been playing with a few new players recently, trying to guide them through this game and it is not easy. Firstly the menu system is hideous, just a confusing mess of grey squares and minimalist grey icons. Every skill has a silly name that doesn't really tell you what it does and for some reason, every level of that skill has a silly name too. There are extra sub categories inside each stat just in case there weren't enough words on the screen for you. The skill system is nowhere near deep or meaningful enough to warrant being this cumbersome. Sharing quests is a huge hassle. Then there's the item system, not even any colour coding of icons to help quickly categorize. Why can't I set up a box to accept only certain items, and have those items be highlighted in your inventory when you access the container? So bored of the debates over where do bones or glass jars go. Why can't a person, when within the landclaim zone, press a button to send unlocked inventory to it's appropriate box? Sorting loot is the most tedious and unfriendly part of the game Why can't stacks be bigger in fixed containers? Would it really be gamebreaking to be able to fit all our ammo or food into one box? Why can't engines stack? Or mods?
  5. 4k mapgen was quick but 8K has been going for 30mins now. Anything I can do to help it? Is there a way to get the high detail maps from NitroGen?
  6. Normal shotgun ammo is buckshot
  7. Sounds absolutely horrible. Like Borderlands 2.
  8. Is it possible to add back the Boreal Forest and Plains biomes? Those were my favorites and I'm really missing the variety of habitable biomes.
  9. GameEdged is excellent, very frequent updates of 7D2D as well as a bunch of similar games. Pretty talented player who seems to understand the game well. I Like Neebs but that are frustratingly terrible at this game.
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