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  1. Yes, I want to pirate a 20 dollar game I've owned for over a year. Oof. Anyways, I figured out how to adjust the settings so everything's running a lot better, and I'm also armed with the knowledge that this is a steam only type game. My experiences with Path of Exile have left me down a dark and harrowing mentality of assuming that most games on Steam are also available on another platform as well, thereby deeply offending randos on the internet. I'll be mindful of my behavior in the future. I wasn't aware that would be a thing. I've played Path of Exile for years and they had a separate platform from Steam, I just assumed it would be like that for most Steam games, especially from independent developers. And for some damn reason, Steam runs like, 200k+ ram and is usually the second highest eater of ram next to the game itself. Buuuuuut I did figure out a workaround with setting and all that, and it's running much smoother now. I also close the steam window and run through a mod launcher, now it's working better. Really, I just need to upgrade my damn computer 🤣
  2. The game has cheat mode, why would I try to do anything else when there's mods and cheat mode? Weirdo. And it's not that I can't run the game, it just lags, and I'd like to reduce that. I didn't realize it was steam only.
  3. My computer kinda sucks, but I love her. She has a hard time running the game on higher graphics due to low ram, 8G. I'd like to run the game without Steam, can I transfer my account to a non steam account?
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