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  1. ya looks like i clipped the edge of that plate.. i do that so the boomers dont dig huge pits in my base.. double steel floors at a min.. repairs always a few steel blocks deep. guess i will have to stop using plates.. if they make my turrets go away. but i have lost turrets on steps.. on flat surfaces etc.. the flat one that comes to mind tho they sunk in the ground but didnt exit the game.
  2. in fact corn is fun cus i just use the auger and run down the row be nice if the harvest area was aabove each plant like it is for corn.. so you can just run down teh rows with an auger and not hit dirt or seeds i'll try backing up and moving forward.. but pretty sure i have tried that.. even tried changing angles of attack which seems to work somewhat.. cept for harvesting neighboring seeds .. i ahve to go back and replant when i 'm done.. wonder if it's a desynch prob.. where client and server have us in different places. i can't be the only one having this problem? and one prob
  3. notice how it says "COFFEE PLANT" when i look at the plant.. while that label is UP.. it should harvest if i swing.. why does it show that i have targeted the plant.. but my swing hits a wall behind the plant insgtead of the plant or the dirt.. whatever method they use to put "coffee plant:" up there.. should be used to hit the plant.. cus using pixels under hte mouse is not working. yeah i have no rows adjacent.. goes wall .. plants.. walkway.. plants .. wall corn potatos blueberries yukka.. all work perfectly.. so i wonder what hte difference is.. seems easly sol
  4. the path is only 1 block wide.. i have xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (plants ============ walk way xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx plants the path is only one block between the rows of plants i've tried pushing up against the farm block while i swing.. and backing aganst the farm block behind me ans swinging.. it' is like i have to find the exact leaf to hit from the exact angle.. or it's not duplicateble to harvest i face the plants and move sideways to harvest one a
  5. I had last game 2 turrets sink under my cement steel floor.. after a hacker came in and dug under my base to collapse it i found the turrets about 7 blocks down.. still there.. but those turrets NEVER lost their compass indication saying where they were.. this vid i just posted now.. a second or two after the turret sunk the compass indicator for turret disapeared also.. meaning.. they weren't just under ground they were GONE. see the video below it shows the turret placement and sinking .. notice how the compass indicator for that turret goes away a second or two after the turret sinks.
  6. ok video time.. this is nuts.. cant chop plant 7d2d_edit.mp4 it seems plants are easier to hit when you face east or west.. as the plants are 2x 2 dimensional object looking does this mean only one plane is hittable? it is nuts to have to swing 20 times to harvest a plant.. the hardest plants are goldenrod and chrysanthemums .. but magically for this vid they harvested with only 2 or 3 swings.. but usually goldenrod and the red plant are like this coffee plant i tried to harvest.. i NEVER have problem with potato, blueberry, corn or yuka plants and i almost ALWAYS have problems w
  7. each plant has it's own attack angle please make it so plants can be harvested as easily as hitting a cement block.. or farm dirt.. which is what i usually hit instead of the plant till i get a lucky random strike in and it harvests.. usually harvisting the seeds next to it before i get it to harvest.. why is it so difficult to farm?
  8. i placed a turret on a steel block and it sank into the ground.. not instantly.. but like in quicksand.. after a few second the icon disappeared too.. so it sunk right out of the game.. a purple turret.. please patch this. .this not the first time i lost turrets to game bug.
  9. you realize when you sell you get exp.. 1xp per duke earned i think. I get exp every time i get dukes in trader! and i turn my excess dukes into bullet casings. I don't "sell" dukes unless it's an item i want. dukes too important for ammo.
  10. got 2 turrets sunk in ground.. they are outside my base.. they were on steel plates placed on concrete blocks. i dug down to dirt.. and still no turret where the compass says they are.. they are probably sunk to bottom of world. This is multiplayer not my server.. anyway there seems to be a problem with turrets sinking.. the ones IN my base (elevated) did not sink they are sitting on concrete. maybe it's a steel bug? any ideas on how i can get my turrets to resurface (pun intended)
  11. just checked level 155 day 273
  12. no i spend 20 hours a day playing.. and i know how to level pretty fast.. its legit.. but i dont wanna mention it here cus devs might nerf it. there was 1 upgrade to experimental but the game is less than 2 weeks old. and the problems i'm seeing here are problems that have existed over major patches.. i doubt they were just introduced by that minor patch 5 days ago. each hoard night i never die.. and get around 100-200k experience.. thats the fastest way but i had methods to level to the point i could make my killzone fo hoards. my base has never been overrun since day 1. and i have
  13. Thanks for the replies. I'm very high level at this point 120? not sure so i was really stretching things to find stuff to put points into.. Prob is my very first quest (off the scrolls) was to kill one of each animal.. and day 200 or so.. no bucks.. none.. whole map explored. there were bucks in the beginning of game but once i killed them there was no respawn. so i maxed tracking. sometimes i see animal silhouettes in the compass sometimes not.. and one time i saw one blink in and out before just going out perm. I wish the devs would explain how tracking works instead of having to pl
  14. I crouch (c) and get the green puppy dog feet symbols.. but nothing is in my compass.. notihng is on my map.. i see no tracks on the ground.. sometimes i see a fox/bear/mountain lion.. but so far that's it. When this is working properly will i see footprints on the ground in game? I hvae seen the symbols in the compass.. but never have seen anything on the map. can someone please how this is supposed to work? is it normal to get green puppy dog feet (tracking) and no other indication something is there? What should i do when i see the green puppy dog feet? edit added:
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