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  1. The fact that there is a filter to look for servers that have mods or don't have mods that does absolutely nothing. Filter the server list for no mods on a server but you still get servers that have external mods on them that end up crashing the game when you try to join them. (maybe if i waited long enough the game would just stop spamming the null errors and go back to the starting screen, but generally it seems faster to just kill the game and start over)
  2. Suppose I was making an argument against cp, but the twitch integration isn't even consistent on what the abbreviation should be. Chat uses #cp, the stream display shows sp, when you type #cp in chat it's referred to as pp. Sure you can find a bunch of different acronym's for a lot of stuff. For example, fbi i'm sure you can find other stuff that would fit. Now try fbi and cp together.
  3. Tonight was the first time that I tried out the twitch integration, I made a comment about the #cp command in chat and the streamer said "yea that was my first thought as well" If streamers are questioning the appropriateness of that on their own streams, is that really a good thing for the twitch integration on a platform that is probably going to have a younger viewer base?
  4. So in the u.s. cp is a common abbreviation for child porn. Hope that is enough of an explanation about why it's bad.
  5. #cp, why would anyone decide that #cp was a good command to use. sp is what shows up on the streamers channel, when you type #cp in a streamers chat it comes up as pimp points. Even a command where a streamer can #addpp, which a viewer can check by doing #cp in the chat. I'm probably a bit biased about the whole twitch integration thing since less than 1% of the player base is likely to use it, but then nobody at tfp realizes that cp is bad?
  6. The chat types #cp, on the twitch screen it says sp, when you type #cp in the twitch chat it's called pimp points. But why would anyone decide that having users type #cp in chat would be a good idea? Nobody thought the abbreviation of cp might be a bad thing?
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