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Found 14 results

  1. So 2020 has pretty much been a @%$# year in terms of The dreaded CV19!!! BUT we are getting the next gen consoles in November from PlayStation and XBox!!! in the post given by the pimps they stated that they would be looking at next gen consoles to re release 7DTD! so now that we have had a date for both next gen consoles will the pimps have started making a move on re releasing the game??? Would be amazing to get a little light on this subject!!
  2. So...... I've Just had my best 7 Days To Die save ever, with over 111 hours spent working on, with an absolute mountain of horded supplies and resources stored in, RESET. I built, in the middle of no where, so no prefab buildings to glitch magically back into existence in place of where my building was. Not even a tree was in the area. It was that empty. I created what was in the process of completing the best 7 Days build I've ever done and over the years I've played this game on Xbox, I've clocked some serious time and experience. My structure was both above and below ground level. I was so proud of how it was going. Only for the game to crash, many crashes along the way to get to this point, but I persevered and kept giving the game the benefit of the doubt and loading in again and again and again to carry on. Then..... last nights crash was the last straw. Upon reloading, I was heartbroken to find that a massive area had reset to its pre-build state. To make matters worse, this section, was almost smack dab in the middle of my compound. This just so happened to be where my work room was. Housing all my fully stocked forges. My storage. My horded items from countless raids of the central city and so much scavenging it's not funny. All my guns, ammo, tools, clothes and armour, along with all my tokens (over 70,000). Everything. Gone. Now, I've had minor issues with 7 Days prior to this. I'm aware that it's "not complete" but for some reason is still charging people full game price. In my opinion, this game is riddled with bugs for the console and years behind P.C in updates and new exiting content. And most important of all, JUST COST ME EVERYTHING I HAD!!!.MY STUFF!!!!!!! As a result, I want an answer from the creators for their actions, or lack there of. I got my computer to Google and find a way to reach out and contact Fun Pimps, this is the only method available I could find. I don't want to hear "we're a p.c developer, not console" - You guys launched in on console and therefore took on the responsibility of creating matching content just as detailed and enjoyable as the p.c. None of this sob story about loosing the rights, you went out of your way to get them back, thus, in my opinion, openly choosing to take on the responsibility, again. Fun Pimps seem to have dropped work on the console version like a hot potato in order to work solely on the p.c version, despite the still thriving community that is STILL WAITING for an update/desperately needed huge bug fix for heading for 4 YEARS. The game is still not "complete" for console. And as I have been very painfully reminded, is still full of glitches and issues that can ruin the experience of the game. Fun Pimps - Either sell the rights for the console to a team/ developer who will actually do it justice and get it up to speck (at least fixing the bugs that ruin game play). Which the console community more than deserve AND HAVE PAID FOR. Or get your act together and do the work required. You appear happy to make money from the console community but it's not even a complete product and full of bugs, doesn't seem fair to me. FUN PIMPS, DO SOMETHING!!!!
  3. Fun pimps can you add capability to add in unofficial dedicated servers so we can enjoy the game to it's current full potential on console. While your working on updates. Just surviving isint really a challange thriving is one. Nothing to big I feel like the maps are big enough for 50 players to enjoy the game
  4. I signed up specifically to show my appreciation for the console versions. I bought the Xbox version a couple of years ago and had a blast. Yes, the memory bug issue got me a few times, but I was able to prevent it wiping my data each time. I recently bought PS4 version when it went on sale and have put a ton of hours into it. Between both consoles, I would say that I have hundreds of hours in this game. It is one of my top 5 games of all time. The concept is relaxing to me after a day's work. Could it be better on the consoles? Sure it could but I fully understand the issues behind the game. I do not believe the issues to be TFP's fault, nor do I really care. I am just grateful that the game is still on consoles. I know that I am in the minority here, but I really appreciate this game. I also bought the PC version last week and have yet to really play it. I don't mind supporting this game as it provides so much fun for me.
  5. ik that the game devs of seven days to die are not updateing console anymore cause of there own reason and im not asking that they start making updates for console but i hope they can atleast for now make bug fixs for what we currently have on console including duplication glitches i would assume it wouldn't be as hard as making a whole new update with more features although im not sure but if you guys see this and are looking at these post give some thought on atleast fixing bugs on the current version in till you guys are able to release more content it seems like reasonable request who agrees here
  6. Gotta love it am I right? I can see that if they upgraded the console version. Since their game has gone gold like they said they wanted. Let’s start working on console. You can make so much money off of an actual smoothly running game on console
  7. After playing this game for a couple of weeks I've come to find out that we will not be getting game updates that all PC players are enjoying. I purchased the game based on watching content creators sharing their experiences. As a company there should be warnings that the game we are purchasing is an old version that has no hope of being the game we should have. If this were the case the game should have been extremely discounted or warnings available to protect the consumer from this deceptive sales tactic. Your game is priced as if it is a complete game which it is not. While the base game is enjoyable it is no where near what the price portrays it to be. While I now read that it is do to money issues and lack of sound business decisions this in no way justifies why this cannot be done. You've taken our money now provide the game at its fullest or refund console players.
  8. it would be cool If TFP would buy the console versions of 7 days to die. I won the game on ps4 and pc but I play on my ps4 more cause of friends and we all like the game.
  9. Is Xbox going to be Worked on After Alpha 19 is Stable ,or is there a team yet to update the Console version or make a New Game? If any Dev can Respond would be Great. (I know about the Blog on Console but I'm talking about as if right now.)
  10. I'm one of us that has been persisting with console 7DTD on and off for a few years now. With some fun couch co-op, despite the crashes, and experimenting with map seeds, I have finally made it to 100+ days on solo without quitting in frustration and starting again. Yay for me. I see on the forums it's mostly about when is an update. I just hope to still be playing if an update/reboot comes. I look with envious eyes at YouTube clips of how the PC version has developed. Not going the PC way, there is something really fun about couch co-op survival. Just putting my 5 cents in and saying hi to all you other crazy's who have persisted with such a dodgy game like 7DTD console.
  11. So as we all know the current Console version of 7DTD is discontinued... due to reasons we all know.... So with only a few small months until the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox makes an appearance on shelves around the world, one question is on our minds!!! Will 7 Days To Die be released on the new consoles??? with a severely updated Alpha??? Possibly bringing us Console Lovers up to speed???
  12. please fun pimps i would really love it if 7 days to die had an update i have been playing the game for a long time i have even gifted it to my friends but itsthe same stuff over and over so please update it i would love it so much
  13. Hi I am playing the game on xbox one and was wondering if I can connect a keyboard and mouse to the xbox and use them to play 7 days to die?
  14. So I can't create a private game or local game? I've tried to uninstall then reinstall. I've also tried to quit the game, then reopen it. Nothing seems to be working. I can make and join multiplayer online games. I can joins private games from invites. I just cannot create my own. Please someone help. I have an xbox one, by the way.
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