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  1. I'm really confused. I was looking for a good wasteland biome map and used the ZombieSnuggles one that was listed on this thread. Do the directions of the biomes sometimes get flipped around?? I went due east from the forest to get to the wasteland biome and...I hit the tundra...which was supposed to be in the north.
  2. yeah but that’s the problem. Nothing was changed to the gun lol. No add ons added or removed, just went to the modify menu
  3. Yeah and that’s kind of what makes me want to keep playing. I can understand if I slapped a mod on the gun but just looking at it should not unload the damn thing.
  4. Ugh I know and that’s my problem lol. I don’t want to make an excuse to allow myself to keep playing, but in this case it’s for such a stupid reason that it’s making me so on the fence lol
  5. Playing dead is dead on day 25. Working on my “trailer trash” base when I go to deal with a zombie respawn in one of the trailers. It’s a runner moe and he hits me once, nbd, hit him some with my bat then go to switch to my pistol before he can do too much damage because my stamina is low. Empty. Even though I reloaded it during the night. I didn’t realize that just even going into the modify menu will empty the gun. I thought it only happens when you actually remove or put on a modifier. I get hit rapidly and die because of it. I play dead is dead straight up except when it’s caused by glitches, performance issues, or anything of the like. Now I’m faced with a shitty decision because while I did die, I don’t think that a gun should unload because I wanted to see what mods are on it. Ugh. I hate stuff like this.
  6. Yeah I agree. It made me use up a bunch of resources I didn’t want to expend. Especially because the horde was killed off yet the game wanted to generate another one lol
  7. Ah gotcha, that makes sense, thanks for the info! I didn’t want to log off but had to due to having to go to an appointment so next time I’ll make sure to not have anything going on during horde night lol.
  8. I recently began playing 7 days again after finally building a new PC. Started a new game and I am currently on day 8. On horde night, I cleared all of the waves which ended around 12-12:30. Went down on the ground and repaired some stuff, put blocks down, etc. I had to log off with the time being around 1:30. What confused me was when I logged back on, I immediately had another wave or two swarm my base. Is that normal to have such a gap in waves? Or is it because I logged off it reset the horde?
  9. Thanks for all the feedback! When you guys say "play with the same seed" and what not, what do you mean?
  10. Hey guys, I've played quite a bit of 7d2d but I took quite a long break but am getting back into it. I've started playing on a random gen map but I was curious about Navezgane as well. Which do you guys find more fun/challenging to play on?
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