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  1. They aren't supposed to do that at all.. so...
  2. Honest answer? Don't know. I am not a server guy. BUT, I do know that the server usually downloads the save to your machine. So if you look in %AppData%\Roaming\7DaysToDie\Saves you'll find a list of world folders. One of those will have your save in it, AND the name. So that should help sort it out. It's ok. You didn't come across that way. I've got a plan for the trader that will require the player to actually do some work to set it up and defend them. BUT, it will also allow you to have more control over the defences. The military tablet is
  3. Don't get used to the trader guards. They're likely getting removed because i'm tired of people complaining about them. Stutter I found is mostly gone (I only get it while looting) with a ton of virtual memory and Dynamic Music OFF. MOST custom zombies have ragdolls and vehicle collision in my local test build, so yes, but not for a while. Sounds like you have a bad chunk. Ah, I misunderstood. You need to make sure your game name is the same as what you used in 19.3, as that decides where the save is stored and what it's called.
  4. That i'm not sure. Never tried fixing a corrupt save. Something is installed wrong. You also don't say if this is single player or trying to connect to a server. But it's missing a major DLL file it needs in /Mods/0-DarknessFallsCore/Harmony. Body bags. There's your clue. 😛 Already known. I'm remaking all the guns to use TFP's method so the attachments are included in the gun and then just turned on/off depending on if you have it installed or not. (except laser sight) So it'll be fixed that way.
  5. It's intended. You're missing something.
  6. I think it's items but I dont remember if I gave them special guns or not. I THINK I did.
  7. 1) I think you can just disable it in the sphereii-core config. 2) No.
  8. You can edit the XML to do it. Otherwise no. ^ I'd do that. Test it in single player first, but likely a bad client download.
  9. Yeah, I thought so. I've seen all sorts of issues with those, like missing satchels, missing ! to activate the quest, missing zombie you can't kill for a clear, etc.
  10. Is it always a compo pack POI? Because I remember that was an issue.
  11. Nope I just forgot to update the text. Will go do that now. The link is correct.
  12. I didnt change anything in the mod, so in THEORY, you should just be able to use your save.
  13. Already done when 19.4 came out. Turn your difficulty down. It increases gamestage. Turn your difficulty up. It increases gamestage. 😛 Hey. If it works... You did them all.
  14. 1) May go tweak this but I'm gonna wait and see since rumour is we're getting vehicle mods in A20. So maybe it'll get fixed in the DLL. 2) That's kinda intended. Coil is supposed to stack higher than normal ammo. 3) Yes. yes it is. 4) Because when I researched steel cased ammo, the general consensus is you CANNOT reload it without professional-grade equipment. That's why it doesn't work on coil rounds. Coilguns do get another mod that returns coilbatteries instead. Make more forges. 5) Will have to check that. 6) Nope. Not something I can fix. 7) 44 magnum isn't mine. The shotgu
  15. Any map ending in 1 is compo pack. Any map ending in 2 is vanilla + A16 houses +a18 stores + DF buildings only. I believe this was stated over in the DF topic on these forums when I released either 19.2 or 19.3 (don't remember which version re-made the maps).
  16. Just vanilla. There is no nitrogen list for DF.
  17. I would get a clean 19.4 and make sure that works. If it does, grab the mod from the Azure link instead of gitlab and see if that sorts it.
  18. For download, i'm pretty sure the one in the mods section on here should work. What's it doing?
  19. Hopefully that'll do it. I had to do that on... I think it was 19.0 to stop unity errors when 18.4 ran fine before. A19 seems to use way more RAM for some reason.
  20. Increase your virtual memory. I have 32GB system RAM and run 10GB min, 30GB max just to stop those errors.
  21. Huh. Definitely not intended. I may have to investigate that later. Glad folks enjoy it. Unfortunately that's the problem going between game builds. TFP always recommend a restart. I just did my best to make sure that whatever I changed did NOT cause loss of progression (quests are really bad for this).
  22. Without your log file, I'm guessing it's this error. The file 'C:/7D2D/Alpha19/Darkness_Falls/Darkness_Falls/7DaysToDie_Data/resources.assets' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again! [Position out of bounds!] I don't touch that file. So it's either bad steam download or a bad mod download. Pretty much, or literally right on the edge of it (a couple of maps spawned her right on the edge of snow so she's half in snow, half in forest)
  23. That's disabled in sphereii-core, so you need to go to Mods\2-SphereIICore\Config, open blocks.xml and find DisableXPNotification and set it to false. I need to edit the tooltip. You dont lose xp. You have an XP gain reduction while it's active. I don't believe it stacks. Steroids side effect is -10% melee damage. That localization is fixed in DF 3.4. Nope. Once the quest is done, it's done. That's intended because I don't want people constantly resetting the bunkers. Titainium has a chance of being under rocks in the wasteland just like other biomes.
  24. Not really. Sometimes the book icon shows properly, sometimes it doesn't. Don't rely on the book icon... we never did in A16 or A17. And no, you can't install graphics overhauls for 7DTD. At all. We can't mod block/terrain textures easily.
  25. A19 is basically done. Everything new i'm currently planning will be for A20, including entity overhauls, re-doing some of the guns so attachments work properly, new laser guns, couple more legendary items are done, some perk rebalancing, etc.
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