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  1. That sounds like you got unlucky with car spawns. Having said that, i've noticed that with my medium map too so maybe I need to look into that.
  2. Eve has a quest. It's a 1 time deal because I don't want people constantly resetting them. High chance the server has a mod on it that's conflicting.
  3. If a clean install doesn't fix it, you need to increase virtual memory to stop it
  4. I mean, i'm not giving up on it. Its just... more difficult than I thought if that makes sense
  5. I tried doing that with mob heads but I can't find a way to easily enable/disable parts of the model and then put it on a stick. I always see people complaining that food isn't a problem once you get a good farm going, and i've also seen folks say early game food isn't hard since you can just buy cans from the trader and pop vitamins (which aren't hard to find)
  6. Behemoth and Hornet need to be client installed because of new models. Others should be fine. No idea if they work with other stuff because, honestly, I don't add tons of crap to my game when i'm playing "vanilla."
  7. min_count, max_count, min_distance and max_distance are in the rwgmixer, not the POI XML.
  8. Then cook stuff. That's literally the point otherwise you'd be drowing in food.
  9. Biome restriction seems to be pretty much working. Only 1 instance that was iffy, but honestly, there isn't much you can do about that (large wasteland-only POI half in the wasteland and half in the forest, but this can happen in vanilla ANYWAY). Could possibly do with a way to limit certain POI's if possible as one of my quest ones spawned 24 times, which seems a little excessive. But i'll do more tweaking and see if there's any way I can limit that in the xml. I THINK I can assign it a unique tag and that might work.
  10. Sphereii says to add the launcher to steam as a non-steam game. Or you could use keyboard and mouse.
  11. My guess is 3DS Max and Autodesk since the ripped models reference the Autodesk shader.
  12. No because it's a C# patch to make it work.
  13. Run faster than the slowest member of your party.
  14. Because you're in a group. More players = higher gamestage = tougher enemies. That's just how the game works (and for the record, I hate it)
  15. I would need more info to even begin to help. Silenced weapons don't completely remove screamers, especially if you're using auto weapons. The succubus going through walls i'm PRETTY sure I have fixed locally. Need to do more testing but it seems good. Not being killable? Yes that's intended. You NEED laser weapons for the Succubus, Incubus and Demonic Behemoth.
  16. Can confirm this command works fine. KingGen -h | more Might be worth adding to the main post for windows users. I don't think you need a better solution tbh
  17. Awesome! Much appreciated I'll have a play around with it when it drops
  18. Never used it so no idea.
  19. Known issue with that specific map and the caves. Turn the caves off in Mods\2-SphereIICore\Config\blocks.xml. Delete the region file for the area where it's crashing. That's it. Other caves should remain, it just gets rid of the caves in that area and fixes it.
  20. Custom map sizes not supported by the GUI. Also I can set up a BAT file to just generate a ton of worlds if I want as well. EDIT - Worse case I CAN use Linux since I have an Ubuntu dual-boot on here, but figured I'd report it just in-case someone else tries on windows.
  21. Quick test. Command line execution doesn't seem to work on Windows 10. I just get a popup with "Fatal error: Failed to execute script king_gen". GUI works fine.
  22. Allowed biomes would be great. It's literally the only reason I say Nitrogen isn't compatible with DF because I have specific biome requirements
  23. Mmmkay, gonna have a look at this. If POI placement obeys biome restrictions (as per the POI XML file) then I will be VERY happy.
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