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  1. If you're running the 32-bit version of the game, then you will need to reinstall that too. And I ALWAYS recommend a manual install over the launcher. Always.
  2. Bad install, reinstall it. And DF is built against the 64-bit version of the game, as that is the default, so you're gonna need it.
  3. *shrug* Considering you need Science Crafting 5 to make them, I literally don't care. You HAVE to be player level 80 for that. I have 5 pieces of hazmat in my youtube series and i'm not 80 yet. I feel this is completely fair.
  4. The radioactive biome is still there. It's the wasteland. If you have PvP OFF, it doesn't work. This is not something I changed. This is something TFP changed. And the mods are there as people complained it was too difficult to get a full set of hazmat armor. The mods need hazmat fiber, which you get from scrapping hazmat suit pieces. They are designed to be used in addition to hazmat in-case someone is missing 1 or 2 pieces.
  5. Yep. 1.4 is for 19.4 though so it doesn't need it right now.
  6. Works on my hackintosh. If you have an M1 mac, you can't run it. Simple as that.
  7. Never tried, so no idea. Yep. Try the same as what I posted to the person above you regarding the caves. You dont need to finish those jobs to unlock extra tiers. And you can use a console command if you want. Opening trade routes DOES NOT send you to the cloest trader. They are designed to send you to 1 of every type of trader.
  8. If you're on vsmall1, turn caves off (Mods\2-SphereIICore\Config\blocks.xml) and rebuild that specific chunk.
  9. That means you dont have the icons on your client side.
  10. I would need a log file or a screenshot to even begin to help. But make sure you both have it installed and both can play single player fine. That's what it's supposed to do. Does that in vanilla too.
  11. Also... I forgot to link my playthrough... which was stupid.
  12. Here's a few that might help.
  13. It is supposed to add 10 water and show on the UI, but it looks like the UI is bugged so I shall have to fix that. Good catch!
  14. Yeah, it's basically the same. One of the folders has a different name, but that's it.
  15. The warnings can be ignored. The steelseries error is usually from going from an older A19 version (either 19.1 or 19.2, I dont remember which) to a newer version where they added the steelseries stuff (19.3 onwards) You need the patch. It just goes into the mods folder on the server (assuming all players have the base vehicle addon installed)
  16. One thing I have noticed with 7DTD (this was on nav), if you keep going to the main menu and then back in, it memory leaks REALLY bad. Like Nav was using 24GB before it crashed because I was going in and out a lot while I fixed some XML stuff.
  17. My guess is you're probably still running out of texture RAM. They're fine on my machine (2070 Super). And yes, those layers are likely fine for disassembly. I mean, you're running a 16k map. They eat a LOT of RAM. So yes, that's normal. Use a smaller map. 1) Only the first land claim blocks spawns. The others just allow you to pick up your stuff. 2) Oh yeah, i've seen that one in both DF, other mods AND vanilla. Not sure why it's a thing.
  18. My guess is either settings too high or not enough RAM. Logic are pretty good. They gave me a server so I can test things.
  19. Nope. And that was changed for a reason. I was sick of people filling the 3 slot forges, letting stuff smelt and then breaking their bases. That's odd. I'll have to have a word with them. I actually haven't played any of those. I need to do that. Glad you enjoyed the video. Always happy to work with other folks, time permitting. They're being removed from the traders in the next major version (so A20 if 19.5 happens like the rumour says).
  20. I got the textures off the unity store and then used TormentedEmu's texture atlas mod to load it into the game after it was packed appropriately.
  21. Discord link is on the first page here. And I'd need the server log. ALWAYS test in single player first to make sure the mod works before even trying to connect to a server.
  22. I only added the muscle cars. So if you're having texture issues on vanilla vehicles, you might wanna look at your video settings.
  23. Go get a Win 10 ISO with the telemetry removed. There's quite a few safe ones out there for the overly paranoid. In fact, here's a ton of releases by trusted users at notebook forums: http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/windows-10-ltsc-pro-debloated-with-several-enhancements.835513/ Any Ubuntu distro will run most windows games through proton. Only ones with an anti-cheat solution and no native linux version will be a problem. And for the record, i'm pretty sure WIndows 7 is behind on the Spectre and Meltdown patches, just as an example.
  24. Win7 virtual machine is an option to build with. Also for the folks who apparently don't want to upgrade... Sorry. Get over it. Win 7 is end of life and not getting more updates. Your system is now a security risk. You really need to go to Win10 or Linux.
  25. You do if you're a bloody mechanic... I've been doing this tbh. Current plan is for the first 2 difficulties (I think that's scavenger and adventurer) to give the player a small amount of damage reduction to help them ease into the mod. Nomad+ will still have increased gamestage, food and water usage. Warrior+ will have the player do less damage to zombies UNLESS you get a headshot. Gamestages will also ramp up slower for A20. We've been testing these changes out on 19.4 and they feel quite good.
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