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  1. I did that on purpose cos i'm a @%$#
  2. Yep, they're only in that place. I'll look at tweaking the portal spawn list so the worst thing that pops out is the incubus (and make it rare) Because that big @%$# should NOT be in there. Caitlin needs you to have max better barter AND max charismatic nature in order to have a CHANCE to stock them.
  3. Welp. I have legitimately NEVER seen a demonic behemoth in the big bunker. Incubus and Succubus, yes... but never that thing. You got super unlucky. You should have found energy cells and laser multi-tools in the small bunker that you can then use in the workbench in the bunker to make what you need. I'm gonna look at the block damage of coil+ because that's 100% not intended. And I do need to re-do the doors. I don't know why the double doors default to an "open" state when you lock/unlock them, but the single ones don't. I'm gonna have to look in unity and see what the hell was going o
  4. The mod is loading a lot of assets, so yes, that's pretty normal. An NVME SSD helps.
  5. Possibly but 4k generation isn't.... very good. I would not try and use it.
  6. Jesus christ yes. 6k maps take 6GB ram on DF. The usual. Uninstall the game, go to steam/steamapps/common and delete the 7 days to die directory, then clear your steam cache (https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=3134-TIAL-4638) and then redownload the game and reapply the mod. And if THAT doesn't work, then you need to look at either your PC or your internet connection because one of those is the problem and beyond my control.
  7. https://dev.azure.com/KhaineUK/_git/DarknessFallsA19Client Try that link. Seems more stable. Click the 3 dots in the top right and select "Download zip." Most folks on the discord have been saying that + manual install works.
  8. Haven't seen any other folks having issues. What map sizes have you tried and how much RAM does the server have?
  9. Yes, it needs to be on both client and server due to "new" models.
  10. You have to mess with the menu settings and set it from 0 days to disabled (or if it's already disabled, set it to 0). No idea WHY you have to do that, but you do.
  11. Nope, they don't. So just XP/Rewards. I have a plan for him for A20. Coil stuff does. Laser doesn't. ^ pretty much this. I think cars can drop them too.
  12. Sounds like you read the book. Get level 50. Also check and make sure you don't have a concussion.
  13. That's because locked/unlocked is randomized because people wanted to be able to lockpick doors. And then never used it.
  14. You edit the vehicles.xml in the Mods/0-DarknessFallsCore/Config folder, not the one in Data/Config. Cheers mega. I legit have no idea how to do it myself.
  15. I dont know how to do the chunk-reset thingy, not a server guy. You can turn caves off in Mods\2-SphereIICore\Config\blocks.xml under cave configuration.
  16. Hmmmm, no idea then. That's an odd one. I'd check the creative menu and see if there's a wellness book. I think I added one. Should be able to set you back to 100.
  17. Open your character and check your skills to see if they've all been reset to 0. Mods/0-DarknessFallsCore/Worlds Open the console, type DM and then press esc. You should be able to type in some co-ordinates and teleport yourself to safety. However it sounds like that's a bad chunk that you hit. The region may need to be deleted for regeneration on the server to fix the issue.
  18. Is it in the desert? There's an issue with caves in that area. You have to turn caves off, delete the region file and then load the game. Any already generated caves should remain but it removes them from that area. You potato.
  19. You can get a non-master mechanic version from Trader Bob, but it costs more and doesn't take mods. So you're better getting the master perk. That sounds like something happened and your character might be corrupt, so you hit my failsafe to not set your wellness to 0. Check your perks and make sure it's all ok. That's intended. If the quality is higher than you can craft, it will drop BELOW what you can craft, but then won't drop anymore.
  20. Noise. Heavy armor makes more noise so you aren't as stealthy.
  21. I don't use a controller, so no idea. And i'm ALSO using a gaming laptop. 😛 I still use keyboard and mouse.
  22. Will be fixed later. I'm basically calling the 19.4 version done for now. Maps ending in 2 only have vanilla-style POI's (A16 houses, A18 shops, A19 POI's and DF specific POI's). Maps ending in 1 have all the other stuff. So you're on the wrong map. The bug is a TFP problem. The display is CVAR controlled and they don't always set correctly via item mods.
  23. Large, annoyed pidgeon. The succubus is being reworked a bit so she'll fireball people more often.
  24. You could just NOT do that since it's clearly not intended. Though hopefully that will be fixed in A20 since I have some ideas. Yep. I added a T5 fetch to the large bunker as a stop gap since people kept complaining they want a quest to send them there. Will look into it. The Future Is Now can be read multiple times, and each one gives you a level of the perk. You can make Generic Skill books to get skill points. The irrigation pump needs to be next to a block of water (this is explained IN YOUR JOURNAL) and you need to k
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