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  1. 1) Guards are already planned to be removed. 2) That's intended since the parts are made from steel. 3) Actually already done it for the next major version. 4) All vehicles do. That's the way the game works. Not a lot I can do about it. 5) Look up lockable storage.
  2. Sorry, let me rephrase... At least 1 of all 4. So even on a 6k map, all 4 spawn, and all once each. On larger maps, you get all 4, and usually more than 1.
  3. So far... 40 maps generated (10 of each of the following - 6k, 8k, 10k, 12k). ALL maps have at least 1 DF POI, and all in the correct biomes from what I can see. So I think it should work fine.
  4. Woke up late. Will be testing DF compatibility tonight.
  5. Never used the world editor, but you're better off making it in the prefab editor and then adding it to RWG or adding it to the map you want to edit.
  6. In my case it was bad windows drivers and severe latency. So I reinstalled a ton of drivers and messed around with power profiles until it stopped happening.
  7. You need to upload ALL the folders contained in the zip file. So yes, that means you need 7DaysToDieServer_Data/Managed I did, but that was a general system issue rather than DF specific.
  8. Basically folks were putting a block of water down and then just using that to keep constantly refilling their farms instead of using the rain catcher. I believe it was also being used to make huge bases full of water for anti-demon stuff. You can sort-of still do that with the working sink, just takes more effort.
  9. I would absolutely abuse you with the twitch integration.
  10. Bucket only works on naturally spawning water and the sink. So it wont work on rain catcher water or water you already placed to stop the infinite water bug folks were abusing the crap out of.
  11. You owe me a new laptop cos it's covered in coffee now...
  12. They're random Biome deco, but need a lot of space. They only spawn in the wasteland.
  13. I know Krunch was trying to get hold of him to buy the source code too, but no luck.
  14. It does not. The ones that spawn out in the wilderness do though (and spawn tougher enemies!) He's done something similiar in the War of the Walkers thread too. Haven't checked RH, but I can't see Jax standing for that tbh.
  15. My assumption was always Alien Virus that humans mutated by trying to nuke the aliens (hence the radiation and wasteland biomes). AKA - We made it worse cos monke brain. But for DF, I went with Demonic Possession/Control. Hence why they are dead, can still move and can also bleed.
  16. The same way people sit and watch the TV for hours with other folks playing sports ball
  17. No, that was just screenshots of prelimiary testing so people don't think i'm being lazy. If it were released, there would be patch notes posted.
  18. That's because the 19.5 version of DF is not out yet. I NEVER release for experimental branches.
  19. Mod boots on A19.5... And my Youtube save APPEARS to be intact!
  20. Once the game is done, I would 100% be interested in this. Especially if the roadmap and how it changed is part of it.
  21. Apparently my last thread was deleted, probably in the forum transition because it was quite old, but I'm going to blame Roland anyways (love you really, Roland!). About Me. For those who don't know me, I'm Khaine, in my 40's, living in england and I make mods for 7 Days to Die, specifically Darkness Falls, Romero Mod and several modlets. I have 2 jobs that are work-from-home and decided it would be interesting to try and make some youtube videos since I just don't have the time to hold down a regular streaming schedule. About The Channel. There'
  22. ALWAYS check if the mod works in single player before you connect to a server. If it does, it's a server problem. Talk to your server provider, especially with that error as it's saying it can't load the custom DLL with all the custom code, and server providers usually block custom DLL's.
  23. The no radiation thing is actually a TFP bug. If PvP is off, the radiation doesn't work. Nav has all the DF required POI's because I manually added them.
  24. Make sure it works in single player first. Try increasing virtual memory.
  25. Have I played the mod at all? Oh... I don't know... MAYBE I'M DOING A YOUTUBE SERIES ON IT??? Look User. All you do is come here and complain. All you do in other mod creator threads is go there and complain. Go away. Your complaints are not valid. You're an idiot. At NO POINT IN THE MOD'S LIFE have you ever NEEDED to hunt demons. Ever. They're an end game threat. That's it. You can go to caitlin or the big lab, get your workbench and forge, and you're done. You've NEVER NEEDED to hunt demons. EVER.
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