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  1. Removed questions as I determined the causes and solution. Thanks.
  2. Does this also allow you to change the color of the blade trap?
  3. Thanks for checking Lammetje, if I right click and choose open new tab they down load fine it was when I left clicked the on the link I had the issue. Updated: It looks that happens if I am not yet logged into the forum, it wont let you download directly when your not logged in. Once I logged in they work just fine. Thanks again for your work.
  4. Might want to check how you have your download setup put me into a loop couldn't get back to your page after trying to download Nightvision item
  5. Another item for the config file, if it is possible to add the min height of where the mnt zone starts so that we can make sure that deep prefabs start there so the are not cut off underground. With the Manual Landscape sliders can it be made to lock one so that as we move others it takes or adds to ones we want instead of the current unknown choice adjustment.
  6. Hey Damocles, Love your gen tool!!!! Just noticed that changing the config.txt, TER_MIN_HIGHT = -30 does't appear to hold the given setting, default back to either 3 or 4 no matter what I use here.
  7. Thanks much bdubyah! Appreciate your work.
  8. xXC.H.U.DXx I made them not float but changing the ModelOffset in the blocks.xml to a value of 0,0,0 for each <property name="ModelOffset" value="0,0,0"/>
  9. OMG sorry: <block name="Nuka Crate"> <block name="NukaCrate"> <block name="Nuka Safe"> Each items root item is placed then broken open, the error happens when i then try to loot each of those items. This is in 18.1.b8
  10. Hey bdubyah, I am trying to use the Nuka stuff and even on a new map when I place and open the following items each one gives an error. "KeyNotFoundException. The given key was not present in the dictionary." I have looked through the files but I can't seem to determine where the error is coming from. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  11. Ozzland

    Highope's Modlets

    HH, love your stuff!. With the cloak outfit I assume i should be using your no backpack mod as well so I dont just have a floating backpack running around. items: 1. when I add a piece of the Cloaked suit i see the following errors in console. (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Animation/Director/AnimatorControllerPlayable.cpp Line: 1374) AvatarBuilder 'New Game Object': Transform 'LeftToeBase' for human bone 'LeftToes' not found (Filename: C:\buildslave\unity\build\Modules/Animation/ScriptBindings/AvatarBuilder.bindings.cpp Line: 74) Get that for each item i put on but only once and doesn't stop game. 2. Also, is the RNG loot box supposed to have a specific icon? I am seeing a orange,pink, yellow box as icon and the placed item. 3. Not seeing descriptions on any items. Using: CUSTOM MATERIALS, Dye Workstation, vehicles Extra Seats, RNG Event
  12. Thanks again bdubyah, will add them in tonight.
  13. Hey bdubyah, Any word on the Nuka Cola update? Love your mods.
  14. Thanks for forcing met o look again Guppycur, in my haste I missed the fact that there were multiple <property name="LootListAlive" value="81"/> items to change. Working as expected in A18.
  15. You are right as always Gupp, that was my bad. I will roll everything forward to stable tonight and try agian, and if I am still having errors I will post the logs. Thanks
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