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    Serious Admin, Genuine Support. On the level with similar minds. Main Work - Project Management. & 7 Days To Die

    Can General Users. Please note, If at any time I am a direct on 1st communication. Either, Your Just a Forum Troll, Spammer or its for a reason,

    Please show respect with the feeds and the forum in chat or don't bother in any kind of communication.

    Genuine Interest & Responses Will always Be Accommodated here.

    That will do!
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    7DTD Projects, Server Support Services. Installation, Maintenance & Security.

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  1. Please people, please, If you use this forum. Use it for its purpose, to support the game, if you cant do that. dont use it. kind Regards Aribo "Original Fun Gimp" Sho Nuff. Respect. Kudos to the family.
  2. LOL, You his backup then. have a nice life

    1. Aribo


      I wonder if kids know what a xVHD is? I showed you respect no? i am not here for forum bullies or children, take care, kudos for reaching out with thumbs down and @%$#. Welldone! Gold Star and A Smiley face for you

    2. Maharin


      You don't get to scold someone else for disrespecting while completely disrespecting them in the process.  You deserve the down votes I gave you.

  3. Well in My Mind, It would Be a Screamer, with the nurses outfit on, still screaming as she does and yet sounding like the nurse at the same time once her horde has been face FKD with @Ti2xGr Drill. LOL SAME, only steel survives really now TBH, yet this works too when you dont have the resources, even @ level 1 Kudos Players xo 😂
  4. Nice Feedback, stay on topic though please. The advice here was to recommend an alternative option for players with low specs suffering to play at all, thanks
  5. No I didn't forget to mention the price, its not an ad or affiliate link,. I couldn't give a monkey's use it or dont I have ran and paid for my own servers for 4 years. Its just an option that's helped many of my players with low specs. kind regards, Ari

    1. Aribo


      Hi Liesel, things got a bit heated there, I know you have your own input as do I but if you genuinely aint a troll. lets not argue thanks. 


      YOUR WORDS: There is a lot of imagination out there. ((I've already proven MANY people wrong that claimed to definitely see 144fps over 60fps.))

      MINE: am not here to prove people wrong just assist where possible ~

      YOURS: But when testing them, without knowing them what display and framerate it is (in a game) they couldn't tell anything.

      Edited Tuesday at 11:01 PM by Liesel Weppen 

      MINE: and you already suggested GFN earlier in this thread, thanks dude, I know what I know through 9k not play time but testing and supporting the pimps as well as admin of servers. Lifes way too short to be getting frustrated like this. I mean you well. HONESTLY. kind regards Ari

  6. No I didn't forget to mention that. I dont care use it or dont, it is free!!!. Just costs 5 quid if you dont want to wait in a que when periods are busy or have limited play time before you need come out then go back in. its purely a suggestion because I've tested the shiat out of this game since alpha 2 here and ran servers for 4 years, its helped a lot of my players with low specs to be able to enjoy the game, thanks. Not Really, just added screen for fun. Which also shows how to deal with the most unstable block when designing.
  7. Sweet Video's excited - Major Updates. I Love it, like A new game almost each one. Since Alpha 13 pretty much. Though I AM an addict on it since The Wasp's in Alpha 2 ~ The Best Fluke Ever, Shot with a nail gun was just the bonus. Posing Bloody Hornet! Getting that with f12 screen right on cue, special! aha 😃As ALWAYS Over the moon with all the effort that's gone into this game continuously since the start! Thank you so so much @madmole and all the TFP FAMILY.
  8. Use Power CPU, GPU and32GB of RAM Virtually From Geforce NOW https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/download/ THen you can play in ultra regardless of your current predicament
  9. @ElmoTry Using Geforce Now App. It will help in any ways. As you use nvidia server platform, CPU's, RAM & A Tesla P40 virtually via a browser. Which obviously helps if you can not afford to replace ram or upgrade any hardware ATM Isolate whether its System Ram Or on your GFX. CONFLICT OCCURS : If shader cache is ticked. IN STEAM SETTTINGS & ON GPU CARD when a low pagefile amount is set on your system or not at all (ESPECIALLY IN THE CASE OF A 2nd Drive Added Later, Or having a steam library folder assigned as a new space resource. The automatically manage paging files for all drives will more than likely be unticked. Soo... When Caches are accessed from multiple drives at the same time then the error occurs, so can be creating duplicate fragmentation and if it serves to pull through new caches like shader files for VULKAN/OPENGL etc. an say for example background downloads are on to allow updates either 7DTD , Steam Overlay, are temperamental in such instances resulting in the Memory Flood after conflicting to access C/or D/ because no pagefile was set. Check System Properties as in this screen & Ensure you have it on with enough allocated VRAM Especially if using additional drive for steam. As you can see, I have Conveniently no pagefile on my [D] drive, I put this hear because all the above responses are generally the main reliable scenarios in which your error is created. YOU can quickly get to this screen with the above post help from @Beelzybub Many people have 2 steam folders generally because they become a requirement as additional storage space is needed to fit their games on "As is Common" with an older spec PC or massive gaming library so needing the space because steam IS A HOG On your OS [C] Drive. Use Power Virtually From Geforce NOW https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now/download/
  10. Please dont worry if your not tech savvy mathanielh and no one should worry about mentioning exploits or potential's exploits in the forum either, Just report them under game bugs. Thanks Yeah, I raised this a bit ago, an its since dealt with. (Not 100% that its fully fixed as a Mod conflict on certain servers also caused the issue to repeat. Correct. Just Scrap and Sell Scrap. The Duplicated Yellow Sledge would be rejected as bugged out by trader
  11. IRRELEVANT DATA NOW: LOW SPEC USERS: Install GEforceNOW by nvidia,Even High Specs PC's may and will have issues in certain scenarios as your hardware maybe much newer than the games current stage and progress support for compatibility and thus is a hindrance periodically.INSTEAD PLAY YOUR GAME WITH A 32GB TESLA P40 In Full GLory....BY running GFN Platform App which lets you use the 7k card virtually even on PC system as low as a CORE 2 Duo with 4GM Ram. Stick it All On Ultra & Enjoy Your GAME
  12. VIP's mate, actually looks like the links been changed altogether. am sure he'll answer at some point
  13. Its in bold above your question mate UNDERLINDED 7dtd-ServerTools (HB edition)
  14. Aribo

    Server Tools

    If you look in the mods howtosetup, the helps in there also try help tele in console help before any command will give additional details both in the mod and the games commands This works only if set by your host, not sure on your own dedi.
  15. Who Da Master xD nice work !
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