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  1. Exactly ! Its not a steam issue, its the way its set now most hosts used to leave the server updating game via steam to you.. Now its auto, I guess its a choice change by TFP due to query influx or a majority rquest
  2. VIP's mate, actually looks like the links been changed altogether. am sure he'll answer at some point
  3. Its in bold above your question mate UNDERLINDED 7dtd-ServerTools (HB edition)
  4. Aribo

    Server Tools

    If you look in the mods howtosetup, the helps in there also try help tele in console help before any command will give additional details both in the mod and the games commands This works only if set by your host, not sure on your own dedi.
  5. Hmm good to know Sylen I always seem to have the BM issues with particles at 50% so mine are off always maybe its a card thing xD.
  6. This is the one and only main reason for FPS issues "some of these newer settings have never been optimized" Sneefy its generally something they get round to eventua'lol'y ~ There's also the possibility of installing steam under an xVHD for those who know. Install folder for games will still be C:\Program Files (X86) on local. Just an option if you wish to throttle/test a lot more! Dang, these look quite low for your card, for a viewer reference of those with ATI I've mine set like so Card Is R7 370 4GB and FPS is mostly around 50-60 drops to 40 in admin but am happ
  7. If there is no experimental build showing Beta's it is either dev only at present or being adjusted. Hope this helps There's also the possibility that a select group of servers are running an unlisted version. Of which you wont be able to access unless agreed beforehand
  8. If you had this error, did you have bigger backpack installed by any chance? Obviously it updated in 19 and I had players with the same issue. But instead of going through all this you mention, I just changed the toolbelt columns to 10 and it was fine for me. Ultimately A Noob Error on my part for leaving mods active in Experimental, then updating to Stable. Just added here as it may help others, thanks
  9. Lol. Roland. Madmole please will you put advanced back into the drawbridge it made lovely castle doors also some of the old textures look worse now like redwood. thanks for the raft and scope for xbow. asked for in 14. obviously a popular request. just need my screamer with the nurses hat a pinny for Halloween then that is me made-up. thanks Ari - - - Updated - - - Lol. Roland. Madmole please will you put advanced back into the drawbridge it made lovely castle doors also some of the old textures look worse now like redwood. thanks for the raft and scope for xbow. I remeber I asked
  10. Theres always been RWG not spawning something in correct I had an issue too with a water village although it looked cool so now its like a little venice. If it helps... Since testing the crap out of map generations with the ability to set a size. I have noticed they tend to work out best if done in multiplications of the minimum value.
  11. Desired - Text Box in topmost Left Corner and Opaque background to it when announcing not just typing. Obviously fades out as per norm. Like - Having the ferals turning away from player to attack zombies again if hit. Like police puke etc from A14-15 Like - The Screamer with a nurses hat and schoolgirl vocals everything else on her as is vanilla
  12. Who Da Master xD nice work !
  13. Hey stompy any function to turn off cmds if not working or causing issues via console for when situations a like this arise. Am not lazy = )
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