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  1. I play on a map with freeways. So, if I need to blast tunnels, and remove terrain to create off ramps I would consider it. If I don't need the stone for more concrete for more freeway...
  2. My mom told me the stories of when as a teen she would detassle corn and work at the processing plants. which parts of the corn do you think go into the creamed, as opposed to the whole kernel canned corn? But maybe Shamway has better quality standards.
  3. Evem at higher levels, depending on the mix, wandering horde of zombie dogs or multiple vultures or a zombear can quickly ruin your day if you cannot escape.
  4. I find I'm more successful looking straight down on the X of the plant. But, yeah, I end up hitting the ground or ripping up seeds if I'm in a hurry.
  5. In the D&D vernacular dungeon dressing enough loot to repair the armor. There are some issues with "Trash" loot. in fact, I fined the actual trash is one of the best loot sources, while POI leveled loot is some of the worst. I'd like a bit more diversity in leveled loot items, but maybe just things you can scavenge into raw materials. (more metals). But, then on the other hand, there are some materials already in the game hat have little or no crafting purpose. For example, brass and lead seem to only exist in loot to enable crafting bullets. However, if they added the realism of copper, and some rare tin ore, you wouldn't need to continually scavenge to melt down door knobs, trophies, and radiators. In the post apocalypse world you would go back and pick up your brass for reloading. This then leads to the need to award lots and lots of bullets as loot in order to keep the guns in play, IRL, I do bronze casting, and the bulk of our metal comes from recycling copper pipes and buying the tin, rather than finding enough brass door knobs or plumbing fixtures. Tin is everywhere but is almost always going to be an ingredient in an alloy. Purest sources would be spools of solder, but that would also be an alloy with antimony and lead. Our modern world is chock full of aluminum, which has a lower melt point than iron or steel, and would be an actual useful material for making some intermediate things. Silver and gold are only useful to sell in game, but in an actual apocalypse have great value as conductors. Currently in 19.3, above ~GS 50 the quest reward, especially with 4/4 "The Daring Adventurer" perk will far exceed anything I would find in any loot, from "Lucky Looter" or be able to buy from the trader with "Better Barter".
  6. If they made the hidden painting, floor, cupboard block loot helper optionally just be a copy of an adjacent solid block 90% of the time, and then placed more of them it would serve the same purpose. 90% of the time you'd be wrong even if you knew where to look.
  7. Bullets ARE treasure, but... I do think leveled loot tables could use some attention. When I loot houses have so many questions; who carries 2 cans of Miso in their purse? why was that white clutch purse so popular? why does almost every cupboard hold empty cans or jars and /or boiled water? why don't we find more cans of things people don't want to eat, like brussels sprouts, or creamed corn, liver, artichoke hearts? why would you go to the trouble of hiding some of this stuff behind a painting, or in a wall safe then leave more valuable stuff out in the open? why after ( weeks months years ) can any refrigerator or cooler contain fresh meat? why nobody left underwear, bras or socks behind, just this useful stuff. Etcetera
  8. I recall the wanderers were all alert prior to 19.3, but they are changing them in 19.3 to "sleep walkers". Wandering horde zombies are not alert, so stealth attacks work on them I would guess this will be more adjustable with the A20 user scalable zombie sensitivity mechanics. If they are "sleep walkers" so long as you don't alert them they would walk on by.
  9. My Blood moon kill cage behavior changed in 19.3. I replaced my balance beam of pointy side up wedge tips with 1/2 slabs and the zombies regained ability to path to me.
  10. Why would you fail? Maybe because being in frail cloth armor and relying on 100% stealth as your only tool is a losing strategy in SP. In the rock-paper-scissors of game theory, you need to be able to deal with more than rocks. Or, be prepared to fail 2/3rds of the time.
  11. I do my blood moons multiplayer. I do see that if I am crouched and shoot at a zombie aggro'd on someone else I will get stealth bonus damage.
  12. As a life long hunter, I stalk my prey, but their senses are very keen. Even moving upwind on quiet ground and masking scent I am never 100% successful, and not even close. Investing in stealth would give you an advantage on unwary prey, but it sounds like some folks here are looking for certainty. An alerted adversary is impossible to surprise. Game theory in a complex multiplayer game involves scenarios that require skill diversity. In the "simplicated" metaphor, there are multiple ways to clear a room. Good POI design would bring all the play styles some love, but not in every room. If I'm a H2H strength build, I will occasionally face feral irradiated tough opponent. I don't get the x9 times damage bonus verses bikers perk. Maybe the smart move is to let the stealthy player take out the biker. But, in the next room they are alerted, so the intellect build with turrets or tank with a club gets the love while the stealth player participates. Balancing PVE and PVP in a game like this is tough. You don't want to over or under advantage one play style or everyone chooses the exact same build.
  13. This was one reason I moved to Nitrogen. I wanted a big map (10K). Also, I found road gen and some POI placement was wonky. Some roads would go almost vertical. Nitrogen is faster, has less oddities, but does a reasonable job creating urban clusters, with rural POIs randomly distributed and connected to a road that is usually drivable. I have seen some odd roads when a POI gets placed in pretty non-traversable terrain. You would need an algorithm to build switchbacks to keep the inclines under 30 degrees. Nitro also will carve huge gashes in mountains to place freeways, rather than have tunnels through the mountains. I'm looking forward to seeing what TFP are doing to world gen in A20.
  14. My approach has been to focus on survival in early game, investing in strength, health, stamina. I try to get the best scrap (heavy) armor I can find. I tend to favor investing in clubs for early melee before I find guns. About level 30 I start working to my combat specialization(s) ( int, str, agi, or mixed). I might switch to light armor then before investing in any heavy armor perk. Your list is excellent tactics, and especially to plan a fallback position. I try to prepare for the rush every time I open a door. My wife and 2 boys are more the "kick down the door and unload the shotty until nothing is moving" which becomes a problem later when many sprinting, irradiated specials don't die very quickly. I try to keep bandages on me always, then splints, vitamins, & antibiotics in my vehicle storage.
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