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    hello may name is calum I play 7dtd a lot and have a passionate feel for 7dtd as one of the best games I have played for the decade of gaming I have experienced
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    slaying zombies in Navezgane
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    basket ball, dodgeball, tennis, gaming obviously, and adventure

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  1. Hey I have a bug to report: since the bug report thread appears to be down I'll say it hear and so when you quit out of the game on your vehicles it sometimes teleportes them to the location you Last got on them or sometimes it will glitch you on them like you are walking but at the same time your on your vehicle and the only way to fix it is to quit out which for some reason makes you lose your toolbelt
  2. So then..... I sell a lot of stuff always do lots of quests I save lots of dukes for no reason and I'm currently on day 85 and I realise that my character is literally a millionaire lol I have like 1.1 million dukes holy sh**
  3. must have a pretty good pc then mines pretty high end costed like £550 which is like $770 i think? don't know my exact conversion rates
  4. i crank mine down to high and set it to 64 zombies that's the good stuff i like how they come in overwhelming amounts i'm glad you guys made the ability to set em to that thanks pimps!!
  5. i envy you oh bullet master i think the concept behind it is that you are a strong person and strong people usually know how to eat well so they can cook good foods? i think that's the way it is
  6. ah that's unlucky i have been able to build a gyrocopter, 4x4 and motorcycle with all schematics but o...h my the wait...was real🤣
  7. what??? 7.62 and shotgun shells aren't cheap but you must be hardcore with bullets then lol
  8. is there anyone else here like me who just gets s**t tons of resources to craft lot's of bullets? just a random thing 🤣 currently on day 80 and crafted like 8k bullets
  9. oh i've found like 10 roughly mostly tier 3-5 but i found one tier 6 they seem more rare in loot than in a18
  10. yes infact i have every set completed apart from the 7th in shotgun messiah been looking since day 60 didn't really think of that
  11. thanks! this is just a sidenote but since legendary items have been brought up will there ever be super rare readable books?
  12. didn't spider zombies used to walk like other normal zombies? but yes when they get stuck inside walls it can kinda be hard to get headshots at certain times
  13. @MM i'm currently on day 79 and i've noticed that i got a 5 bear horde after me hmmmm.. i haven't ever gotten that is that new or something? because it was a nice but unpleasant encounter 😅
  14. just a sidenote but i've noticed you get a 5% better barter bonus from the magnum enforcer but which is nice since it would be annoying to keep 2 weapons on you
  15. I'm currently on day 65 and I'm just doing an all round character which has like 5, 6 or 7 points into each attribute which I haven't ever actually tried before and well it feels great with all the different weapons and approaches I can take sidenote: the stun baton does feel better now it has the repulsor mod but i feel like it should have its damage increased by a small fraction just to put the cherry on top because all the other weapons seem to out perform the baton by quite a bit bug report for the stun baton: when zombies die to the schocking damage from the 3 zombies i
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