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    hello may name is calum I play 7dtd a lot and have a passionate feel for 7dtd as one of the best games I have played for the decade of gaming I have experienced
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    slaying zombies in Navezgane
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    basket ball, dodgeball, tennis, gaming obviously, and adventure

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  1. am i crazy or something but in 19.5 to 19.6 it feels like my pc handles bigger pois much better now has someone snuck some surprise optimizations in? 😂 becuase nothing has been changed or upgraded but now suddenly i get less fps drops when around big pois even the sky scrapers now
  2. it depends on what pois are generated because certain pois take up a lot of your performance whilst you ar ein that area and if you have a massive city with lots of huge buildings id think that would most likely tank your pc and give you like 30 fps or lower
  3. the new city tiles thing looks like it will massively improve rwg which is awesome
  4. for me i try different things when i hit end game etc. exploring my ability to build bases and see how they hold up against hordes or just have some fun like levelling dishong tower and then...regretting that because your fps tanks for understandable reasons but i just have a lot of fun with this game since in a18 i had a world which was on day 106 with 60 minute days its just each to their own people play differently im currently on a a19 save and im on day 60 i did have another one from experimental but that got corrupted eventually
  5. probably end of October or early November or even going into December but the only answer is its done when its done is what i can assure because with all the new features they are adding they need to take extensive tests to make sure everything is functioning as expected and that may take a long time but im not a game dev so my view may be not fully valid.
  6. i know we already have 2 bajillion books in the game but maybe i have an idea? called survivalists library volume 1 learn how to use weapons more efficient clubs have a 15% chance to knock back and stun a zombie for 3 seconds and cooldown is 20 seconds volume 2 knifes: learn how to slice and dice your foes like mince meat and weaken their attacks after landing 5 successful stabs on a zombie gain a bloodlust effect that makes you hunger for more gain a 10% resistance to any damage type when actively stabbing with any knife and a 5% power attack damage bonus volume 3: m60s: the m60 is a powerful yet cumbersome weapon to reload so this book will teach you which parts of it can go and what cannot learn how to craft a more lighter magazine box but at the cost of 25 rounds of the weapons capacity volume 4: food what's better than having a nice meal in the apocalypse? an added bonus! all foods will give you a 30% total filling bonus for example a can of sham will give you 19.5 food instead of 15 but this effect doesn't go onto the higher quality foods that restore more than 25 points of food volume 5: the best defence. learn how to craft wooden and iron fortifications at a reduced amount. reduce the material cost by 20% as well as get a permanent 8% increase to all makeshift traps crafted by you. volume 6: weather is a blessing but also can be a curse. when in any big enough shadow gain a 10% cooled status from heat and for the cold when in any house gain a 10% comfort and sheltered bonus. volume 6 electricity: in the apocalypse sometimes getting a good enough battery can be troublesome well with this volume you can learn how to better that: all lead car battery's can now be upgraded by one higher tech tier by using mechanical parts, scrap polymers, oil and lead. volume 7: running techniques. one of the most things about zombies is running away from them so this volume will teach you how to run properly and at the best efficiency. gain a 7% run speed bonus when above 60 stamina and running now uses 5% less stamina. mastery bonus: master survivalist: when your health hits below 20 you will burst into a rage causing you to deal 40% more melee damage but each swing will take away 1 hit point and health regenerates faster for 30 seconds. i know this might be flawed but well i hope it seems partially interesting
  7. Id say in another 2-4 months don't take my word but that's my assumption
  8. The new makeshift weapons are looking fantastic as well as new zombies subtly placed in the background of some screenshots on twitter nice (: looking really good guys Absolutely the base game is amazing hence I have 2.4k hours in it as of right now😅🤣
  9. I'm 100% sure they will be when the games goes gold
  10. Also from what I've seen about a20 it all looks really good @TFP
  11. I'm curious about the bandits weapon selection when they are added: wil they all use every weapon available or will they have set weapon groups etc. Group a uses tier 1 guns ak, pistol, hunting knife, and all tier 1 weapons and group b for example could use higher tier like tac rifles pump shotguns and sledgehammers You can change that with using dm mode and setting the day pass to like 1 or 2 but I see what your saying maybe it could be added as a quality of life feature so you dont have to do that continuously every time you relog the game
  12. I don't know if this is a known problem or not but recently I wanted to try geforce now as it runs 7dtd better than my computer does but my steam saves don't seem to be on the geforce version geforce now says it supports cloud saves but I've looked everywhere online and no one seem sto have much answers on this I don't know if anyone else uses it here but if anyone could maybe lend a little bit of help it would be greatly appreciated because I'm a newbie with this type of stuff🤣🤣
  13. just curious here but for peer to peer games will we ever get the ability to pause the game if the players are paused in a game for example there are 3 people and if they all press escape it will pause the game and depends on how many people there are to do this of course completely random just i've thought about it for a long time as usual guys keep up the good work.
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