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Found 2 results

  1. ABOUT Overhauled User Interface Improved Journal User Interface with thematic topic header images Vehicles have custom UI, showing speedometer, encumbrance and more Map window now supports 40 custom POI icons to choose from Advanced Sorting and Searching feature in inventory and storage Optional Undead Legacy UI parameters in Options -> Video -> User Interface -> Undead Legacy Overhauled Encumbrance system where all items and blocks have certain weight, inventory limited by carry weight, slot limit 300 Overhauled attributes and perks Perks no longer unlock new schematics, nor they level up crafting tiers Introduction of Action Skills, that level based on what you do Introduction of Research System New lockpicking minigame Overhauled crafting system and crafting progression Overhauled material progression Hundreds of new items, blocks, recipes, vehicles etc Fully scrapping vehicles will make them respawn based on new block respawn timer setting (More blocks will be added to use this feature later) Player crafted electrical lights support for full RGB customization More immersive world interaction, water sources require jars to interact, fuel barrels and pumps require fuel cans Pick up all wild plants and player crafted ones with action key A lot of slightly damaged vehicles found in the world can now be fully repaired More info about the mod can be found on my website (including screenshots): http://ul.subquake.com/ A20 Features (Experimental): Brand new User Interface with even more stunning graphics New Item Upgrade & Repair mechanic featuring a Mechanic Station with 3 tiers Lockpicking v2.0 Deeper crafting recipe rebalance TERMS OF USE https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/4085-subquakes-undead-legacy/?do=findComment&comment=54613 LINKS DOWNLOAD DISCORD DONATIONS AND SUPPORT
  2. 7 days to die, server using LinuxGSM script in Docker Information This container works with mods, if you have any problems, open a GitHub ticket. Also, this container has: Automatic backups and auto-restart if crash. The first time you start the container, it will be auto-installed stable version. If you want to change any server settings, edit sdtdserver.xml in /path/to/ServerFiles/sdtdserver.xml If you want to receive alerts, check ALERTS. Read everything to avoid any errors. Usage Docker docker-compose Parameters START MODES START_MODE Information 0 Install server 1 Start server 2 Update server 3 Update server and start 4 Backup server and STOP the container WARNING IF YOU UPDATE FROM STABLE TO EXPERIMENTAL OR VICE VERSA, REMEMBER TO BACKUP FIRST YOUR SERVER TO AVOID ANY ERRORS, and if you do not care about files at least backup your /path/to/ServerFiles/sdtdserver.xml yo save your server settings. Backups The backup command allows the creation of .tar.gz archives of a game server, alter these three settings by editing LinuxGSM Config maxbackups maxbackupdays stoponbackup Backups settings can be changed in /path/to/LGSM-Config/common.cfg If you want to force a backup, run this command: docker-compose exec 7dtdserver ./sdtdserver backup Alerts LinuxGSM allows alerts to be received using various methods, multiple alerts can be enabled at same time: Discord Email IFTTT Mailgun Pushbullet Pushover Telegram Slack Alerts settings can be changed in /path/to/LGSM-Config/common.cfg You receive alerts only if the server crashes or updates itself. Changelog Changelog
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