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  1. Can someone explain to me the logic behind the steel arrow recipes in the game? There are three recipes for arrows / bolts: - steel booms / bolts - incendiary arrows / bolts - explosive arrows / bolts Why can't a character who has found a recipe for incendiary or explosive arrows / bolts know how to make regular steel arrows / bolts? Logically, you first need to make a steel arrow / bolt and only then make a reinforced version of this (incendiary / explosive). Incendiary and Explosive Arrow / Bolt recipe has a steel tip. Maybe it makes sense to add a steel arrow / bolt instead of a steel tip and plastic in the recipe for incendiary and explosive bolts? Or maybe you should make it so that when learning recipes for Incendiary or Explosive Arrows / Bolts, the recipe for Normal Steel Arrows / Bolts is automatically learned? But in this case, incendiary and explosive variants should be made very rare. Or, You can make a separate recipe for the steel head, and the player should be able to make steel arrows / bolts without a recipe, in this case it will solve the problem of logic. Or is there some hidden logic that I couldn't find? 😁
  2. Newbies? ))) I just don't like wasting a lot of ammo)
  3. MM, add this block shape please. This shape is sorely lacking when you make walls from plates. Thanks. Guys, leave a like if you support the request 👍
  4. I think you're right about longevity. I will change that in the next update shortly. The error is not mod related as far as I know.
  5. Люди просят добавить ссылку для скачивания на другом ресурсе (googel / yandex) так как не у всех есть тут аккаунт, а для скачивания с форума, нужно авторизироваться на форуме. И... может не стоит кардинально менять названия предметов? Из-за этого потом сложно переходить с одного варианта перевода на другой, это касается поиска предметов.
  6. This mod will add loot to static zombie corpses and dead zombies. In the loot there will come across the same thing as in heaps of garbage, as well as clothes and sometimes pistols. Update v1.3 Added unique loot lists for each zombie! (nevertheless, you still cannot swim in loot) Removed yellow bags falling from zombies. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 180 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 100. Update v1.2 Reduced the chance to find a pistol. Added the ability to search normal zombies after being killed. Zombie corpse lifespan increased to 240 seconds. Zombie corpse durability reduced to 300. Update v1.1 Added lootable all bodyBag. Если хочешь сказать СПАСИБО 😃 DOWNLOAD https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/12KKmnqzZeS2tJQmAF1E4-85TmA1Ox5dZ
  7. Hi everyone! I am update my first MODLET to A19 $) Your's "Big Thanks" please send me here: Description I am very confused that the details of weapons and tools are now used only to create these things. It also bothers me that a simple repair kit is used to repair complex things, such as machine guns, a drill and a chainsaw. The uselessness of parts of weapons and tools is especially visible at the end of the game, when we already have top-end items. I decided to change this a bit. Now, to repair weapons and complex tools, you need not a simple repair kit, but parts of these items. WARNING! This can greatly change your approach to survival. You will think about whether to sell this rifle or better to break it. Is it worth it to use a drill / chainsaw now, or is it better to use an ax / pickaxe, since there are no parts for repair. It may happen that your favorite weapon becomes unusable, and even the dealer simply does not have repair parts. In this case, you will have to buy expensive weapons or tools from the merchant in order to break them in order to receive parts for repair. To compensate for the complexity of the repair, the degradation of the changed items is reduced by 5 times. It still requires balancing, so write your opinion in this thread, we will test together 😃 Update to A19 Changed reqiured to repair new weapon and tools Language file changed (ENG/RU). Now the description contains information about what can be used to repair the item. DOWNLOAD LINK (A19): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/11VCJbAlsBUTNcWN2sHmCukwwkXFycA4p UPDATE Rework_repair_weapons_A19_v1.2 OLD VERSION FOR A18
  8. Hello. This modlet allows you to show in the list of effects which glasses worn by the character, and whether wearing super sneakers, accelerating a jacket or a cigar. This modlet I made only for myself, but decided to share with you, and therefore do not need to write to me that this mod is useless . Or you use this modlet or not in use. During the game, I often change my glasses and other items of clothing, which give certain bonuses: - if I scoured the boxes, I wear Aviator Goggles - if I create things, I wear Nerd Glasses - if I develop a character in the perception, I wear Shades when I fight with zombies, and so on. I often forget to change glasses, but in order to determine which glasses I'm wearing, I need to open a window each time a character - it's uncomfortable. Do not open the window every time a character to learn what subjects are wearing, I made this mod. DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/16ii0HP8jqwu1XySM_ILgkwbpI4DMmPEe For assistance with bugs thank you very much @n2n1
  9. Hi to all! Help me please, if your can. Tell me how can I add a new custom icon for the new buff in my modlet. What type of image needed, where it place and how to specify the path to it in modlet "buffs. xml" Thank. More info:
  10. Maybe because the Russian localization is now sometimes very, very crooked? This is especially true description of perks. It is not necessary here and so immediately devalue human labor. Может потому, что русская локализация сейчас местами очень и очень кривая? Особенно это касается описание перков. Не стоит вот так вот сходу обесценивать труд человека.
  11. New treasures search system, with all of these dotted circles, sounds and other clues is the most horrible idea, that just might be in the game ((( IMHO Will we be able to disable it in the settings of difficulty? I'm not a grandmother! I need a challenge!!! Will the absence of wolves and dogs in the daytime offset by other animals?
  12. @faatal, will it also increased food and water consumption rate when character are using a drill and a chainsaw? It would also be logical.
  13. In this case, the merchant base simply destroyed and the merchant will live in the ruins 😃
  14. The bottom line is not about how to dig, but about that there was no reason to use the merchant to create a refuge =)
  15. Now there is a variant of refuge, which is based on the invulnerability of the territory of the merchant. To do this, you need to make a moat around the territory of the merchant, depth to the base of the world and a width of 3-5 blocks, and then build a base on the walls of the protected blocks of the territory of the merchant. In this case, the zombies will fall into the moat and can not inflict any damage to the base and character. In order to solve this problem, it would be possible to make an additional area around the protected territory of the trader, which could be destroyed, but to ban construction on this territory. Something like a partial merchant claim block. MM, what do you think about it? Or is it impossible?
  16. I will not have anything against it if the concrete mixer is also a multiblock with an attached entity 😃 Could there be problems with optimization?
  17. The flag on the location of the trader is a block, but has animation.
  18. @madmole, will this thing spin when it works?
  19. Take a picture of me, as I rejoice in the sun after Horde Night =) (author screenshot unholyjoe )
  20. Make it so that they can be taken home and so that I can put them in armor and give them arms! I would like to put on this dummy the armor that I use in the horde! )
  21. @faatal A small question: will zombies in 7 Days To Die also react to the appearance of the character, as in this video? Thanks. [video=youtube_share;4C4z96bYvss]
  22. MM, I’m very interested in what you think about the Project Zomboid. It is strange that it is not on your list. Maybe you have not heard about this game? An experimental branch is now available, in which a lot of things were added and changed (animations, models, features etc.). This is one of the few games that I always want to return to, of course, after 7 Days To Die =)
  23. This is the coolest news in recent times !!! =) Now the zombies will cease to be just dolls or robots again, they will again become half-dead enemies who are watching you and are eager to eat your brain !!! =) People need very little to be happy! )
  24. MM, you are wrong! If games were easy to do, there would be no millionaires, it would just be 100,500 times more games =)
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