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Workbench Combining Items


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I missed it at first, because I thought the same thing - oh trader won't buy anymore guns, he has a working workbench, I might as well combine these nearly broken ones...it...doesn't work...piss, ♥♥♥♥ and corruption.


Forged iron easy enough to obtain and by extension repair kits. No crying - find a working forge or get off your ass and get to level 20 - I'm done listening to anyone who claims it is "such a hardship" in A17. It really isn't. If the trader has a forge I'm making an anvil, cookpot and forged iron by the 2nd morning. A few starts I have been unlucky and the trader doesn't have a working forge and I can't find a good (or even any) forgehouse nearby then I suck it up and deal with it. It provides the variety people claim is missing from early game, when what I'd like to do and what is practical for me to do don't mesh up and I must adapt.


Steel? Yes, it sucks when you find a steel tool in that nearby car you loot before you even did your starter quests and you've broken it and can't find steel (and sometimes steel is easy to find/trade and sometimes not), yes, level 40 is a bit further away than even I'd like. Steel isn't the huge upgrade from iron that iron is from stone. It sucks not being able to repair your only wrench even more, but then there isn't really the urgency to start wrenching until level 40 anyway (and those guns that you can't sell or combine can be scrapped for mechanical parts, so there is half your bicycle done :p) - it's easy to deal with.


Don't get me wrong - if you hate it, go mod it.

All I'm doing is sharing tips on how not to hate it and how first impressions not always right.

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Forged Iron and Steel can be traded or found. The tools you find have at least a little amount of durability, so you can use them to scramble at least a couple things. Just remember that you can dismantle destroyed stations, not only cards, lights, etc. and some of them might give you Forged Iron or Steel (don't remember correctly now).


Even at my "peaceful" save i found already 4 wrenches, some Forged Iron and bought some Steel from the trader. A dropped crate got me an AK47 and a Marksman Rifle, but i found a Pistol and a Hunting Rifle in a POI, as well as 2 Hunting Knives.


Combining items only wastes them at the moment (if ever will be possible). Tools and weapons with 0 durability are unsuable, but even with 1 durability you hit with your full force and get the same amount of resources/damage output as if it had max durability. The only difference is higher tier items have more durability. So if you combine items, their worth is diminished and you don't even get the little resources as if melting it in a forge.

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