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  1. Well yeah, you could shiv someone with a real candycane too, them things are dangerous.
  2. I thought A16 was still the height of LBD but I'll defer to Roland's memory being better than mine so anything I said that contradicts he is most likely correct. Even though I've been playing since possibly A7 or earlier, a lot of things just blend together after so many years.
  3. The hostiles are very common now and they just lend themselves to becoming food since it's you or them. It's a tough call to nerf them or not. The amount we get per animal is already pretty small, especially when it isn't like it's free. Bears especially a @%$#ton of ammo and dangerous. Should there be less of them? Maybe. Boar and deer not so much. I rarely see them. Very little of my meat comes from either in A20. It has been a long time since I played A19 but I hunted both a lot and I think I got most of my meat from them. Chickens and rabbit seem common enough I suppose but I seldom can be bothered with them unless they all but run across my path, but only because the bear/cougar/wolf deliver themselves to me.
  4. So what is actually causing that? Old spawners that need to be updated?
  5. Uhhhh....where to start. Plug? I'm guessing you mean those thin walls on the zed hiding spots? Yeah, I guess plug is as good a term as any. There's some debate about sleeper volumes and auto-aggro and what state of update the POIs are in and it's too much for me to go into, there are some multi-page threads about stealth issues, probably still on page 2 of this forum section. I was more well versed on the subject in A19 but I have only had a passing interest since A20. Just ask @Viktoriusiii and he'll be happy to chew your ear off about it. The heat map solely determines screamer spawns. While light does affect stealth, it doesn't make a difference if you are shooting them across room boundaries (which you probably typically are). When I play stealth I usually go through with a silenced 9mm with a weapons flashlight on it and that sucker is always on. Now the situation you describe (losing them again) it is most certainly helpful that you are turning your light out.
  6. That mod finished yet? 😛 So I'm not a big fan of thematic items either, but the stats on them are pretty good. They're also not unrealistic at all. More realistic? Like what, the pipe machinegun? Santa hats are real things. Pipe machineguns? Yeah, kids don't try this one at home. Plastic candycane, sharpened into a shiv, completely doable. Then there is the fact that very little in this game is realistic, so yeah, I'm going to go with the best stats, because survival is about brining your A game.
  7. It also gave you XP XP. It had levels and skills. Like Asheron's Call if you remember that ancient MMO. So your pistol skill went up and you also leveled and could use it on some completely unrelated skill. Conversely, spam some safe crafting or the like and then level up your combat skills. Granted some people could care less and some are really bothered by that. So even with the fans of LBD it's still hard to please everyone. Personally I think you need a more complicated system for that too because not all skills are equal. A lot of things are binary; you either know how to do a thing or you don't but you aren't going to get a much different result from the next guy. Then there is diminishing returns because there is a world of difference between never having done "thing" to having done "thing" but then the differences between level of skill in someone who has done it 10x or 100x doesn't amount to much. But then like @Viktoriusiii I am just another old man rambling.
  8. So the 1d is interesting if I understand you. You looted a different bird nest/trash pile/pair of sedans/garbage and got the same loot as 1a?
  9. No, this was exactly what we had in A16. Granted they could have polished it and made it better but they just ditched it. As for your second point, It's hard to say. Multi-player they send mixed messages. There's been a lot of complaining lately about it not being geared for MP and they even admit it isn't their priority. The netcode sucks. OTOH the current perk trees are clearly biased towards MP. It was much easier to be a 1 man band back with the old skill system. Good to know
  10. Errr....Ahhh...Uhmmm... Yeah, ok, infiltrator does suck pretty bad. Even the 3rd level is not worth the points, doubly so when the book to take no damage isn't that hard to get, and while I haven't tested it extensively, 50% damage from a mine is still probably lethal. ok...I honestly don't think MOST of the perks are bad...
  11. Learn By Doing. A16 you got better at skills by performing them. Oh, we had actual skills instead of the perks we have now. Its detractors refer to it as Learn By Spamming, because you could spam crafting stone axes or other cheap @%$#, running and jumping everywhere, etc (IIRC we had an athletics skill back then). Besides getting better at that skill you also still got generic XP for generic levels (like we have now) so that added extra cheesiness. I honestly don't really think any of the perks are bad, just some are not as good as others. If you made level...I want to say 273 you can buy all the skills but who the hell wants to grind that much?
  12. Honestly while I hate the whole levels and skills thing in general, to me this seems better than what we have now. I didn't like the old LBD because it was more like LBSpamming, but this at least while very gamey seems to fit the current direction of the game (because this has become a very gamey game and less a sandbox). Sure it will still likely turn into LBS. It does highlight what was really wrong with that system though (which could have been fixed too); because it still had xp and levels. So you could spam out stone axes and use that XP to learn other things. Of course we are just here.
  13. Pretty much all the sights in this game bother most of us (or all of us who concern ourselves with these things).
  14. Oh, yeah, I rarely craft armor anyway so I forget. Padded until military & mods. Depending on my horde base design I might wear heavy armor for horde night. Generally skip leather and iron too for that matter. The middle tiers of a lot of things are really just skippable. Giving up QL6 T0/1 for mid-QL T1/2 (I have to stop and think about what tier what is, as opposed to the fact that I know which is actually better or worse without thinking about it) instead of just making do until T2/3 always seemed like a downgrade, especially before I modded 4 mod slots for everything.
  15. Lately - Bat, TAR, auto-shotgun, machete, ratchet, axe, pickaxe, shovel, stone axe (I always find it useful, especially if I don't want to waste durability on my steel tools. If we had a bare hands slot then I'd probably ditch it) Bandages in the remaining slot. If we had more slots I would probably carry more weapons. Will ditch TAR or shotty for sniper when I can decide which I prefer right now. It's a tough choice, although I am a little disappointed with the shotty lately. I should probably get rid of the stone axe too, but then I would just carry a silenced pistol too. I could go auger and chainsaw too. A19 I was pure agility and I think I carried every weapon for every situation. Crossbow was my sniper. Silenced pistol for POI clearing. Silenced DE for high health mob POI clearing. SMG for oh-@%$#s! .44 for trading bonus. Machete because machete. Probably still a bat out of habit.
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