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  1. It worked in 18.4 which is when I learned about it. Can’t say for A19 though. If it is broken, hopefully it will start working again very soon.
  2. Maybe obvious, but something I learned a couple months back is you can use bandages and first aid kits on other players using RMB. The animation makes it look like you are applying it to yourself, but the other player benefits from it.
  3. I never really thought about this, but come to think of it, I have yet to get any criticals other than a broken leg because I like to jump from buildings and push my luck. In fact, I only bled for the first time in A19 the other night. I am playing on multi player with 2 other people. I don't think my wife has had any criticals (again other than a broken leg because she fell).
  4. I had this issue as well until I put -USEALLAVAILABLECORES into the steam launch options (putting it into the 7dtd game launcher may also work). I was then able to turn it all the way to Ultra without taking any frame drops. However, to me when it’s on ultra, it looks to grainy. To put it in photography terms, it looks like the ISO is turned way up to 3200, so I set it medium to get rid of some of the graininess.
  5. Curious if those with issues have gsync/free sync on? I had some issues with it on with b163 and b157 until I turned it off and now things seem smooth for me. Not sure if it’s related at all, but figure I would throw it out there in case it does help someone.
  6. Thanks. I really like the look of him, the artist did a great job. I too am enjoying the hunting. I maxed out on the tracking perk, first time I have ever done so and really enjoy tracking down animals. It’s nice to have the sprite on screen when a bunny runs into the tall grass, I can still track him down. The only issue I seem to be having with it though is if there is an animal inside a POI, I can detect an animals tracks, but the sprite doesn’t appear on screen or on my compass. I don’t know if this is an intended feature or if animals aren’t supposed to be spawning inside POI’s at all, it just started with b169. I also can’t say for sure if they are spawning inside the POI’s or are just wandering inside either.
  7. The janitor zombie was a nice surprise and looks really good. Did he replace an existing zombie or is he completely new?
  8. The pickup plants and the backpack buttons both work fine on b169 for me.
  9. I have had some major issues with having it on as well. It wouldn’t tear per se, but would flicker a lot in certain areas especially if it was cloudy or in the burnt biome or wasteland. I would even get major flickering in the loading screen. I just turn it off and it goes away.
  10. You can make glue from it, which seems like its primary purpose now.
  11. It’s a bug and has been reported. If you start digging when the icon on the compass blinks, it should appear after you break 10 blocks if you hadn’t already found it.
  12. Thanks, I am fairly certain I didn’t have a mod for gamestage, not unless it got snuck in with something completely unrelated, but I don’t think that’s the case. Mostly wanted to make sure it was running as intended and not a bug since it was so different than how A18 used to run. However, maybe it wasn’t running as intended in A18 though, I’m unsure at this point.
  13. We had our first horde night in A19 and it ended in less than an hour and a half. In past alphas this was how it was when you killed enough zombies but in A18 they would come all night long. Are there supposed to be a finite amount of zombies or is it a bug or was A18 a bug?
  14. There are some new POI's that have some blinking or strobing lights that although give a nice environment, have a negative impact on my wife with epilepsy. I am looking for a way to disable the strobe effect on these lights. I know there is one in one of the new Shamway foods entrances for reference. Does anyone know where this effect can be adjusted? I tried poking around in the XML files, but I didn't see anything obvious that I could change to disable this. Thanks for the help.
  15. My wife and I really enjoy playing this game and have quite a few hours logged. We are now playing on A19 and we have been having fun with the new changes. There is one small concern though with some of the POI's where it will have some strobing lights. This normally wouldn't be an issue, however she suffers from epilepsy and the flashing lights aggravate the condition. Is there a setting or modification to the XML's that I could make that would disable the strobbing? I am sure there are plenty of others that would also be affected.
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