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  1. Because who doesn't like having their ears raped, repeatedly.
  2. There isn't. Deadzone IIRC is the minimum distance between them, so by default someone not on your team can't place a bag within 15 blocks of yours. The LCB has both settings accessible but the bag doesn't.
  3. I guess that is true. I mean before this thread I suspected this was a thing but I generally accepted it was my own fault I got made. Since this thread, now I blame auto-aggro whether I was stealthy or not. In fact I now blame auto-aggro for everything bad that happens to me!
  4. Well yeah, settings make a lot of difference, so does gamestage. Not to mention your gear. Although by the time you are pulling t5 missions you should have good gear. I don't think I have crafted a single round my current game and I use 9mm like it's going out of style. I've got a full box of brass but I'm too lazy to mine as well.
  5. A lot of torches used to do it, or even candles during certain builds. But it is because of heat not light. Most anything about light and spawns is based off of misconceptions born out of the similarities to Minecraft. Light may make it easier for zeds to spot you but it otherwise doesn't attract them. Chemistry station is great for raising the heat, although enough forges/fires/cement mixers going will spawn lots of screamers too. Yes, construction noise too...sneak if you are not looking to draw attention. Same for chopping trees and mining. The workstation produces some noise b
  6. Hours? What are you smoking? Stealth is pretty quick - 1 shot kills and keep moving. Looting is the time consuming activity. And I know it's all the rage on that other discussion but nobody "has" to run away and re-stealth. I certainly never do, auto aggro rooms I just pullout the SMG for large crowds, otherwise the DV is fine.
  7. More like the horse has come back as a zombie. That's what happens around here.
  8. That's interesting but I don't believe my FPS is dipping. Will try to pay more attention to it next horde but I think I'd noticed the stuttering if it was going below 20 (and I think the counter would go from green to red, which would get my attention). FPS never goes below 70s. Still the 2nd fence continues to vanish, after little to no use. The first again held out through the night.
  9. Yeah I call bull@%$#. Agree with the request though. Some more advanced filtering options and waypoint management would be nice.
  10. I think bags block screamer spawns; otherwise the screamer would spawn right in your base.
  11. Try spreading the bags out so they cover more area. You can see the area the sleeping bag will cover when you go to place it. It is much smaller than the LCB area. To OP nobody mentioned: In MP they also make it more work for other people to raid your base.
  12. The sleeping bag prevents spawns. It has a smaller range than the LCB though. The LCB may or may not block sleeper spawns (I just stopped basing in POIs past first few days since they added quests), but it does not block regular spawns for sure.
  13. It's those armored heads. That's why I keep a silencer on my DV FTW! Pistol - Silencer, 2x, Flashlight, Mag ext - General purpose assassinations 44 - Rad, Cripple, Reflex, Laser - Tougher stuff and 5% trading DV - Silencer, 2x, Cripple, Mag ext - Assassinating tougher stuff Xbow - 4x, Rad, Cripple, Poly - Sniping SMG - Drum mag, Reflex, Fore grip, Muzzle break - @%$# has hit the fan, spec'd for hipshooting. Machete - Fortifying grip, weighted head, rad remover, burning shaft - For when you feel like getting up close and personal
  14. Day 57 BM. For some reason I had an easier time this horde. Sat back mostly popping them in the head with the 9, switching to DV for radiated big boys. The first fence actually held out, was at 12 health at dawn but still working. Only lost about 8 iron spikes. The second fence got a very little bit of action from spiders who jump the line (they really are annoying cunts). So here is the kicker, the outer second fence post vanished at the end of horde. Just gone. It simply is not possible it took enough damage from use. It was also a fresh pole because it had gone MIA last BM too
  15. It used to be this way (more or less). The temperatures also swung all over the place frequently. It was a nightmare. Realistic? Sure. Fun? No. Yeah I hate using shotguns because of that. Otherwise they would be my hordenight weapon of choice.
  16. Ahh yes the good old days. It was like a pack of Endermen and Creepers stomping through your world. Now between mostly sleepers and 1/4 zed block damage setting my world is mostly intact for me to wreck!
  17. Why should there be any clear indicator that a trap is a trap? The zombies in that room are alert for whatever reason. Some of the suggestions put forth are some of the dumbest @%$# I can imagine and would detract from the game more than it already does. If there was some kind of tripwire or other que that I still can't do anything about that would piss me off more than the current implementation. For a game that is about fighting zombies I have never seen so many complaints about being forced to fight zombies. Hell, I dislike the BM horde mechanic, but having played with the option of turning
  18. Nice base. Oh, yeah, I didn't think of mentioning it. I have 2 engines in generator, which is plenty for my setup. I just turn the gen on for horde night and then power it back down so no external switches. Total of 2 cameras, 2 darts, 4 fences. Probably need a better base for next horde, but wanted to see how far I could take this one. Surprised it has held out this long. I ran out of darts and personal ammo, the iron spikes were all destroyed, but the fence held until dawn.
  19. Situational. Yes, better to not get hit, but I don't think fully perked out and fully modded armor the penalty is most likely a non-issue. Considering that most of the time I get caught is the auto-aggro rooms I'd rather have the extra protection. BM night I switch to heavy armor anyway (when I can remember to).
  20. Now you just sound like a broken record. Game isn't balanced around nightmare/insane. Get over it. It doesn't seem like anyone else gives a @%$#.
  21. And give up the nerdy glasses XP bonus??? Never! If you use a boost to get skills, they stop working the minute the boost is gone It's probably an oversight. Although if the bonus/penalty on all armor pieces combines it would help offset some noisier armor pieces mixed in. Chances are if you are wearing all padded armor you probably don't have a full set of adv muffled connectors to slap in there anyway. Oh, also are you looking in the right place? You need to use the modify tab and look at the left side to see the real deal with the mods, I know, it's du
  22. Honestly the layouts really shouldn't make a difference. Wire goes to post, wire goes to next post. Wires powered. Zeds fry. Todays (day 49) horde and so far it looks like both fences are working properly. Fence 1 just failed around 1:45. Fence 2 is actually working for a change and should get me through the rest of the horde.
  23. Ok so now that I am aware that auto-aggro volumes are a thing, they are pretty @%$#ing annoying. Am I going to abandon my stealth-build? No. Am I going to piss and moan about it incessantly? No. Speaking of, I'm at 8 agi with maxed skills. Lvl 54, so the bulk of my points are there. Do I go for 10 or put the points into other skills? We're talking another 11 points to finish it (6 for agi and 5 for skills). I am leaning towards maxing it, but 3 points per ability is painful.
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