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Solar Bank is noisy? Why and how?


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From personal experience those things work completly silent. No noise what so ever. I have one 5 meters next to my window.


The noise is super annoying. Like really really annoying. Can you pls make it silent as it should be?


I have great hearing and a great 7.1 Surround Headet... and this too annoys me as well.


A lot of electronics DO give off a faint humm, (I have first range of dog hearing in one ear, certified.)


but it is WAY too loud to be remotely close to accurate.


Maybe TFP's did that so when others are playing they can hear it and it would add to the difficulty of the game if others could locate it easier and make it their own...?

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I can live with the battery bank noise. It´s constant. The solar bank has this up and down that makes me crazy.


And yeah, they don´t move. Never seen one in this size moving so far, the one i see from my window also doesn´t move and is exact the same size as in game.


The generator bank is ofc noisy. If i use it i build it far enough away.


Finally found a solar bank after ages and finally actually using it and now it makes me go crazy. meh.

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