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  1. I meet the recommended specs with 16gb RAM. It took over an hour but whatever it defaults to is what was selected. I'll try 8k next time I generate a map. Thanks for the input!
  2. Hey folks, just a quick question (hopefully). Haven't played in a while and decided to load up a random map game. Was wondering, with default settings, is it normal to take nearly an hour to generate a default random map? I know it the past, it took a bit, but I was usually up and running in about 5 minutes max. Not a big deal once its done but it seems a bit excessive to me. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for all the input. Yeah, I guess I'm going to have to die a lot to get better. Just trying to make a structure to get set up in is a struggle. I wanted to stay away from poi's since they tend to have a lot more z's in and around the area. I guess I'll just try to learn the new curve.
  4. Yeah, I was wondering if that might be the case. Maybe I am really rusty, just seems a lot more difficult now.
  5. Okay, I haven't played since about a13.1. I just started playing again just before a18 hit. I was overrun by z's within about 1 in-game hour. I was still trying to get through the crafting tutorial and died so I gave up. Tried again after a18 hit and same situation. Club isn't doing much damage at all and I haven't found enough feathers to craft enough arrows. So, I wasn't used to this in the past. Sure, if I spawned near the wasteland biome, I understood the risks and promptly moved to a safer area. This is happening in both the frozen north and desert. I thought you were supposed to have a little "easy time" when you first spawn in, giving you a chance to get settled? Unless you went outside of your spawn "chunk", you were able to at least get a shelter built before you got overrun. I'm talking z's, a dog (or wolf) and some flying creature. Has the beginning game difficulty increased that much more? I sure hope the end game isn't as easy as it was before.
  6. I'm enjoying this how, not sure if it has anything to do with liking 7D2D though. - - - Updated - - - Show. Not how.
  7. First season of Z Nation was pretty good. Kind of campy but they had some cool stuff. Half way through the second season is when I stopped.
  8. The Earth is a greater force than man. It will correct itself in the way it sees fit, much to man's chagrin.
  9. This, from the guy who never came up with an original idea of his own except licensing software. Priceless.
  10. I always thought the happiest people were the ignorant ones. I happen to be EXTREMELY happy, btw...
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