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  1. The classic small shelter under a small yard has been overhauled. Some old features and general layout are still similar to the original. Like the barracks with the safe, entrance into kitchen through vent duct and such. I did not recognize it on the surface at first though.
  2. Iirc you can see block ID# with F3 as well. Can't check right now as my pc is out of reach The copy block with paintbrush is a great way too, didn't even think of that one.
  3. You have info what you can search for with the search bar in the creative menu at least;]
  4. The major difference to back in the day is that since alpha 16 the number of core materials for blocks has been reduced and instead the different shapes get painted on. So you won't for example find a clay roof block but instead have a wooden ramp painted with the roof texture. So if you need a specific shape go by materials (wood, brick, flagstone, cobblestone, concrete, Rconcrete, iron, steel) and then use a paintbrush on the block. Also you can use debugmenu+ f3 to find out names of blocks by pointing at one you see in a house.
  5. Not a bloodmoon base. Topside garden is from "legit" gameplay (I started with the little hut and expanded the farm over time). Most of the house and additions are CM, because there are some fantastic new shapes and assets to work with. :] Tried to create a dungeon style experience – Something weird is under my house... Lights are from PhD Better Lights mod. No fancy editing or music but I hope you enjoy the trip! :]
  6. Do we actually have a polling on that? I constantly seem to see people who say they miss the "bees". But i must say this looks the closest to a baby zombie we could get without the game being banned in certain countries 😄
  7. I didn't mock anyone and simply described my point of view and expressed that I appreciated Jost's humorous post. I also acknowledged already that some people have reasons that are beyond their ability to change, which is something I'd never make fun of with the intention of belittling them. So keep your outrage on behalf of others elsewhere.
  8. Yeah, I understand that there are actual conditions that restrict spelling ability, which I covered with the "disability"-part of my post. Which hopefully was in no way taken as a derogatory statement. I can't imagine that the vast majority of people making spelling mistakes have such a condition – Then again I have no numbers related to that in front of me. I still think it's mostly laziness (which I can relate to, for sure) and/or an unwillingness to improve (which I can't relate to). Don't really have a problem with misspelling of others, it just triggers some old reflexes acquired during
  9. Something something "splat map". I don't understand it, but that's how it's currently supposed to be like and not considered a glitch. And every builder going beyond just building a base effing hates it, including myself. I really hope there will be a better solution in the future that allows me to create a lush green oasis in the middle of the wasteland again :] On OP: I don't think it's ready for stable at least not in multiplayer as since a few updates of exp. we get full on server freezes for hours, especially during blood moons.
  10. If you learned from it you won't again. Or if you do the thing in that link – Seems a bit drastic though. That's the baffling part about the previously described phenomenon. Some people just don't seem to ever (want to) learn.
  11. The biggest mystery for me will be how people keep spelling words wrong that they can clearly see written correctly hundreds of times in previous posts or replies and when in doubt have many means to look up. Is it laziness? Most likely. Some form of disability? Possible. Or pseudo edginess trying to trigger grammar nazis? Hey, it's the internet after all. Thanks for dealing with this phenomenon in a slightly (but not too) snarky and creative way. P.S. The noun "synonym" instead of the adjective "synonymous" is in order, since you preface it with an indefinite article. 😛
  12. 2 Questions for the devs: Pretty much everybody knows by now that traders and their secret stashes aren't in line with the new progression concept. Will that be rectified until stable A19? Also regarding "better barter": Solar cells are still exclusively obtainable through "better barter". Seems out of line with how every other piece of equipment or item works - obtainable by more than one means. Why can't they be part of the general loot table? (At high game stages of course) Or even craftable? Would be a perfect item to find in the new electro
  13. Steam name: kam https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198257295329/ Hours played: 7,365 Started on Alpha: 14.7 Discord name: Kam#7118 Native language: German, English fluent Operating system : Win10 Light modding (privately so far) Prefabbing (several prefabs used in major mods). Active as admin/moderator on MP servers (on and off, currently mod on a PvE).
  14. I have no proper idea about how the modlets thing works, but I'd assume the prefabs.xml could be a modlet, while the prefab files still need to be added manually? Afaik they could remain in the folder no matter if the modlet is loaded or a different one or none at all?
  15. Nice, never seen this before, but then again I've been out of the loop with media design stuff for a while now. Looks good, might even hook up the old tablet for this. True, it appears they can't maintain exact RGB values on both import and export.. Never noticed that before with GIMP.
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