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Allow variability in zombie stats


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Posted this a few years ago and its time to revive it. We all know that feeling. There is a shambling horde heading towards you in a conga line. Fortunately every zombie moves at the exact same speed so you can just kill them one at a time with no worries.


Well what if that wasn't the case? What if the zombie speed stat was more random? What if instead of say the xml reading


<property name="ApproachSpeed" value="0.2"/> it could read <property name="ApproachSpeed" value="0.2, 0.4"/>


So instead of all normal zombies having a speed of .2, they could have a speed somewhere between .2 and .4 randomly generated when they were created?


This means that you get more surprise with zombie movements, more risk as they can arrive in clumps or surprise you with non standard speed and make things more intresting.


This could also theoretically be done by adding a "freshness" rating or something similar. Zombie spawns with an internal freshness rating of 1-100. 1 is almost decayed, and 100 is recently turned. The fresher the zombie is the more its stats are buffed because its muscles and body hasn't decayed. So in this scenario the xml doesn't need to be modified but the game would need to apply buffs to zombies to create the same effect.


I'm sure there are probably other ways to do this as well.

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Apparently we are getting a (limited) ability to add logic and loops to xml with A17. If it isn't already in it _should_ be reasonably easy to implement this anyway. It should just be a case of adjusting the speed of the walking animation or randomizing which movement animations are used with the zombie.


Don't ask me how you'd do it though, the idea of logic and loops in xml is weirding me out just thinking about it.

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This is actually pretty easy to do, so def should be added if it can't already be done with the a17 setup.


Sphere has his transmorgrifier mod which does exactly this, random speed and walk types etc.


Can even adjust the size of the model scale, and apply various skins and buffs etc


In the Medieval mod I've got a class that accepts a level property on the entity and that adjusts the health and items for the entity (orcs in this case). The level stat can be a range too :)


Oh and I've got the uma guys spawning with random weapons equiped

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I think I asked this but instead of it being random it changes depending on the biome you're currently in, but it got shut down. ;d


Snow = Slower yet higher hp and stronger hitting Zombies


Desert = Normal / Fast yet low HP Zombies..



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