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  1. I've got to agree with Captain Obvious on this one. You're going to be making a buttload of heads to get any sense of variation. You could add the code for simple bone/vertex manipulation but then aren't you reinventing the wheel? Would it not be better to modify UMA to your own needs instead of trying replicate large parts of the functionality from scratch?
  2. The issue is common and a bit of a trade-off on either side. You can calculate perfect FOV with a little bit of trigonometry, as was mentioned earlier, sitting closer to the monitor will indeed adjust this calculation. Doing so generally leaves you with a very limited peripheral vision, more than most people are comfortable with. You can increase your peripheral vision but the more you do, the more distorted the edges become.
  3. Damn, and all I wanted was an accurate avatar. ๐Ÿ˜•
  4. I remember those days. I used to pack enough resources to build a mini-fort and lay safe-ish waypoints throughout the city as I probed further in. I do miss that mechanic, a brutal slog through zombie-infested streets. That said, I think I hit peak mechanic preference with the variable zombie speed setting. You can pretty much set it to "traditional Romero" without much hassle or fuss.
  5. Everyone went into lockdown when the virus hit... Joking aside, that's a very good point, the zombies would likely leave the buildings when they hear a noise outside. Unfortunately, I think the answer is that the last time we had zombies in the street it was too hard on system resources. Too many zombies, not enough computer.
  6. Hopefully the new hair system will start with "bald" as a base and build from there. Not everyone is unfortunate enough to have a full head of hair as they get older.
  7. ๐Ÿ™‚ "George, you can type this @%$#, but you sure has hell can't say it." Harrison Ford on the set of Star Wars
  8. magnum noun magยทnum | \ หˆmag-nษ™m \ Definition of magnum : firearm capable of shooting moustaches. Popular in the 1970's
  9. ( face + palm ) + ( head + desk ) The second half was the joke. Minecraft doesn't have those kind of water effects at all. It's likely a cleverly hidden blender render.
  10. Watch it again, with your eyes open this time. ๐Ÿ™‚
  11. Good luck with that, no sarcasm intended. It's one of the hardest things to simulate well.
  12. Utterly fantastic! We've been waiting for a decent overhaul since the water physics were crippled to prevent base flooding exploits, speaking of which... Are you aiming for volumetric water, in the sense that I can carve a canal from a lake at the top of a hill and drain some of the water into a moat around my base?
  13. Troll or not, an interesting mechanic if you can come up with some sort of zombie-repellent. I'm sure eventually the bandits will be able to run away from such obvious forms of danger. #fataal #SomeBehaviourTreesCanBeSetFromXmlIfYouTryHardEnough #hashtag
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