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  1. Nonsense! Drink the petrol and run there! 🙂
  2. Wait... wut? Stone age is back? Honestly dude, I thought you were going to phase that out.
  3. It's still a compromise, just less of one. The maths for a truly accurate representation of photonic behaviour is beyond most computers. :-) The future of gaming graphics has already been written. The real technological innovation comes from the movie industry, they have the time and resources to spend hours rendering a single frame. This means they can experiment with various systems that may later make their way to the gaming industry where the constraints are far tighter.
  4. "I know the secrets of the universe and they're not worth keeping" Aleister Crowley
  5. Since water is a subject of discussion I'll just leave this here... https://www.reddit.com/r/spaceengineers/comments/gdjkg5/volumetric_water_test_2/ You can practically smell your CPU working :-)
  6. To be fair, it had been running constantly for half-a-decade at least. :-) The basic principle stands for all machinery though, whether electrical or mechanical. Any machine run at 80% capacity will last longer than a machine run at 100% capacity which will, in turn, last longer than a machine run at 120% capacity.
  7. I have a raspi with significant carbon scoring that would disagree with you. Fully heatsinked and vented but pushed too hard, not overclocked at all. :-)
  8. I'm failing to see the relevance here. I'd hate to run any hardware above 80% capacity for any length of time. If the operating system says it's running at 100% capacity that's too much regardless of any benchmarking score unless you're running the benchmark test for the same length of time as your average gaming session. Sure, push the hardware to the limit if you want but you can be damn sure you'll be replacing that hardware far more often than you should be.
  9. The old version certainly had a way of indicating trolls easily enough.
  10. Margin for error. Never operate a machine at its maximum capacity. I'd rather not be able to fry an egg on my gfx card.
  11. Nobody's mentioning the grandaddy of them all "Dungeon Master"? Damn I'm old. https://www.myabandonware.com/game/dungeon-master-n0 https://www.myabandonware.com/game/dungeon-master-ii-skullkeep-2rb
  12. Wow... that's psychopathic. Maybe someone should lock you and your neighbour in a small room until you cannibalize each other, you know, for laughs :-/
  13. There's actually a precedence for something similar in the old classic zombie movies...
  14. Fair enough although I thought a couple of pieces of aquatic fauna would have been a nice little addition to the water update. Scuppers my hopes for a kraken though. :-)
  15. The problem with that is both rabbits and chickens can swim. Having them on the surface would make them easier to hit though.
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