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  1. Perhaps an N95 mask to increase fortitude, something to mark this most "special" of years. :-)
  2. I've got to agree with those who say the junk drone's weapon is completely out of place for this setting. Drones have more than enough issues with weight/power ratio and you've strapped a frikkin' tesla arc thrower to it? Regardless of the weight of capacitors required to build up such a charge the drone should drop out of the sky after firing a single shot.
  3. Flying to Canada and having to walk across the border is quite inconvenient though. :-)
  4. They usually release a new alpha around 1am BST if memory serves, you'll have to adjust for your local time zone. Maybe a few hours earlier, maybe a little later. It _should_ land around 01:00 - 30/06/2020 according to the UK calender system.
  5. You've pretty much just described "Hayseed Dixie's" entire act.
  6. "Stubble Entrance – The enemy will stubble after landing before pursuing the player" I'm pretty sure that's meant to say "stumble"
  7. In Glasgow the correlation is a little more direct. "The Ice Cream Wars was a turf war in the East End of Glasgow, in Scotland, in the 1980s between rival criminal organisations selling drugs and stolen goods from ice cream vans. Van operators were involved in frequent violence and intimidation tactics." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glasgow_Ice_Cream_Wars Given that the same idea has been used from Germany to New York the answer is yes, on average, the sound of an ice cream truck leads to an increase of the risk of violence.
  8. Everyone gets antsy when there's only 100 billion kilometres until release 🙂 I'm having to sit this one out (mostly) but I'm glad to see the hype-train post count is climbing by the day 🙂
  9. No, nope, absolutely not.... no way. I've seen footage of what step-brothers get up to. 😕
  10. The term your looking for is "National Anthem". I've got to admit though, I'm going to start referring to the "Star Spangled Banner" as America's theme tune from now on :-)
  11. It was having two blokes sweep the air in front of the bullet with brushes that made the difference :-)
  12. I'm damn certain he already does. Okay, enough ripping on Snowdog, sorry dude. 🙂
  13. Can we make sure the patch list is a long one... printed on wide paper... and doubled spaced... with a really large font? Please? 🙂
  14. This is why a gun is a terrible idea in the zombie apocalypse. A single gunshot would have every zombie in a half-mile radius walking in your general direction.
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