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  1. Again statistics are all about over time, sure you can have a bad run, but over time you will profit, more so with investments, and will always profit when you max your skill.
  2. My boxes of food would disagree, had to make another box for finished food because I had too many stacks of raw food. Not even harvesting my crops anymore as i have such a surplus
  3. I thought its pretty clear. The servers aren't meant for more then 8 atm. That doesn't mean it won't work, but its not going to be supported. As the game is optimized and improved upon hopefully it will be able to support more but its never going to be guaranteed even if its a goal they'd like to hit. I'm sure TFP want them to be able to support as much as possible, plus i'm sure with what they know now they'd do a lot of things in a different manner. I'm sure some of their decisions aren't the most optimal performance wise and could have been done better knowing what they do now. That is the nature of programming sadly.
  4. Your math is bad. Red Eagle did it already on the steam forums Perk level 1, On average, Will give you a profit while still being able to replant. So on average with no points you won't profit off farming, but can still turn seeds into food. With 1 point on average over time you profit, and that ratio increases until tier 3 guarantees every harvest is a profit.
  5. Yeah i tested it too, so it looks like same name, same seed = identical ore deposits. So good to know
  6. I heard from someone who wasnt 100% sure that it follows Deco RNG which is derived from save game name, so i think i'll have to make a few maps tonight with the same seed and save name and test it. I can post the seed and save name here with a few coords of nodes if anyone wants to check and confirm on their end
  7. If 5 people generate a map with the same seed will resource deposits be in the same location on all 5 maps?
  8. Yeah sounds like it makes sense, was mainly curious in relation to someone whining about how the POI boost gives them an advantage over those who build base from scratch
  9. For instance if you had a zombie loot bag in the forest biome and you could move it to the wasteland biome or into a T5 POI would the loot from the bag be boosted by your modified loot stage? Posting because of this thread on the steam forums - https://steamcommunity.com/app/251570/discussions/0/3196991938898249732/?tscn=1641134542 Although personally i don't care about min/maxing, I am curious how the loot bags are effected if at all
  10. I was referring to the bonus higher tier POI's add to your loot stage. Individual POI's based on rank provide a bonus to your lootstage. Some people on steam were whining over it, so trying to see where the value is assigned so I can tell them how to remove it.
  11. If someone wanted to edit it so that a Tier 1-5 POI doesn't provide a loot stage bonus, what file would need to be modified?
  12. Just out of curiosity does that come with other balance changes like reduced zombie damage to higher tier blocks or increased hp? The change would result in the higher tier blocks losing a massive amount of durability otherwise.
  13. Do you need any help testing for bugs, mistakes, etc before release?
  14. Yeah, usually the author is just there as creative consultant. They don't have a say in most of it such as who is hired, and so forth.
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