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  1. Just out of curiosity does that come with other balance changes like reduced zombie damage to higher tier blocks or increased hp? The change would result in the higher tier blocks losing a massive amount of durability otherwise.
  2. Do you need any help testing for bugs, mistakes, etc before release?
  3. Just add special flying vultures that can spit and target vehicles and when hit they stall out your vehicle. Make them only spawn on blood moons ;-) Or add Demo vultures that dive bomb vehicles.......
  4. Well I know some mods disable all vehicles aside from bicycle on horde night. Although with A19 and the ability for vehicles to break down more readily it might be much more of a challenge Honestly my thought with crops is there needs to be some sort of way to prevent infinite food generation. Whether its thru animals that attack the crops, zombies, diseased soil etc. It takes a trivial amount of time to set up a farm and then its infinite food
  5. @Madmole - a few questions since there is a thread on steam about it. 1. Farming - since crops are basically immortal and permanent 1 seed = infinite food over time and means survival (food/water) becomes pointless once you get the farm going. You will have a farm that is so large that it is impossible to ever have to worry about food again. 2. Vehicles - Hop on a vehicle and completely negate horde I know these are not priority's, but wondering if there are any official thoughts or plans on these with the future.
  6. Thanks alot, that is perfect. I think i'm going to remove the prefabs without Sleepers and without quests from my rwg file because otherwise its just free loot. That info is great to know. So it looks like roughly 50% of the POI's are able to trigger quests which is awesome.
  7. How does the compo pack work with quests? Can quests spawn in the new POI's?
  8. Yeah, usually the author is just there as creative consultant. They don't have a say in most of it such as who is hired, and so forth.
  9. Look at it thru the facts, TELLTALE sold you the broken game, not TFP who had nothing to do with the development. Telltale licensed the rights to the game and produced the version that you then bought. Then Telltale went out of business and couldn't keep producing updates on the game. It's like blaming a book author if a movie studio buys the rights to their movie and then makes a bad movie based off of it.
  10. Also a bit confused. My class quest stops at 3/5 and can't continue. Quest 4 is commented out
  11. Stupid question but I started with a classpaper in my starter crate. What is that used for as when I try to craft it all the crafting items are greyed out and I don't see how to unlock them
  12. Anyone know policy for content creators that lie about the game? This video - They clearly modded the game or spawned in behemoths, are lying about them being in the game to get views and spreading false information. I posted clearing it up but it gives streamers a bad name and spreads misinformation on the forums. Many people believe they are in the game now and its very confusing.
  13. Brian9824

    True Survival

    So trying it out and really love it, the only question I have is the start seems a bit unbalanced with zombies always on you, but it could very well just be an adjustment on my part. Typically when I spawn in I have zombies chasing me before i've even crafted my class selection. How do other people start off in the mod strategy wise.
  14. I never suggested changing a POI, merely adding some sort of tag to the name or in a file somewhere to make it easier for people to identify POI's that are generally regarded as being over powered in terms of loot or defense.
  15. Magoli I had asked about this a while ago and wanted to see your opinion. The prefab pack is great and IMO an absolute MUST for a server. The issue I find is that many of the prefabs can be very overpowered as in having 8+ store crates, made of steel, etc. I'd love a way to be able to filter out some of the OP prefabs when we want to play on a hard server and right now you have to go thru 1 prefab at a time and explore them to make your own list. I know each persons opinion on what is overpowered is subjective but some sort of system that we could use to rank POI's would be incredible. I know i'd be willing to go thru and help rank em and i'm sure others would as well.
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