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  1. Do you need any help testing for bugs, mistakes, etc before release?
  2. Oh great, new more complicated injury treatment confirmed for next iteration of the mod......
  3. There are no sets. A bookshelf has equal odds of dropping any book regardless of what POI that bookshelf is in so no need to change POI's.
  4. TFP didn't make the console version, telltale did. It's also not being sold on amazon or other stores (can only buy digital copies). The basic fact is they don't have much experience in doing console ports, hence why they sold the rights to do the port to telltale who screwed it up.
  5. Yes changing the trader's stock would be a change to the game. Then the next person who plays a fortitude only build wants the AK to be more common, then the perception guy wants armor to be more common, etc. Different traders sell different types of items. Sounds like your at the trader who specializes in weapons. Your free to modify the xml file and make the pickaxe more common in the traders loot, but there is 0 reason to limit yourselves to 1 tree. - - - Updated - - - I can't imagine not taking at least a few points into fortitude for healing factor too. Saves you so mu
  6. I never get why people purposely limit themselves to 1 branch of skills, and then ask the dev's to change the game around their choice. If you want to make it harder that's fine. The skill tree is designed so that nothing is locked behind the tree, but every playthru is going to be a bit different based on RNG and what you find. Some things you might find really early and not need to spend points on, others you might want asap and use the points.
  7. Now we just need to talk Madmole and TFP into sending Jax a pair of these signed for when he gets out
  8. They set up a discord channel just for status updates that I added to first link if anyone wishes to keep up to date there as updates are posted.
  9. Updated status. I'll keep first post updates with most recent news.
  10. For those who don't know JaxTeller is currently in the hospital for surgery related to a heart attack and infection to the foot. He has been a prominent member of our community and him and others have worked tireless to help our modding community and provide assistance to other modders. He has brought us the Ravenhearst mod for those familiar with his work and has always assisted others. I wanted to make a thread with TFP blessing for all of us to wish him and his family our best wishes for a speedy recovery. He has his surgery scheduled for today and I will update the OP when there is
  11. They sold the rights to the game for consoles. How that game was marketed and used was on Telltale. Contracts are tricky, TFP can't comment on many things or interfere as it could create conflicts.
  12. It was being sold digitally before TFP ever bought the license back so nope. Also again, back when it was first sold the idea TFP had was for it to be sold as an as is version cleaned up. Telltale decided to do it differently
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