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  1. I would love an option to have it turned off, so the trader only has what they have and once that's depleted it forces you to go to the next trader.
  2. I would say the best way would be to PM one of the team but like @Roland has stated they may not respond due to overwhelming requests.
  3. Would love if this zombie set things on fire, not only players, but wood frames, farm plots, basically anything made from wood, would make for interesting horde nights if things start catching fire around you, also more of a challenge if it could set vehicles on fire and they exploded.
  4. Was thinking what everyone's thoughts would be on if Zombies weren't the only enemy in the game? @madmole
  5. After I get a gun, I find feathers completely useless, this is just me of cause but having the above suggestion would make them useful again.
  6. Thanks for the reply @CrazyAluminum and @lammetje.
  7. Hi @lammetje thanks so much for these mods. I recently came back to see if there where any updates or new mods and decided to download Experience Mod Gold Digger Looter Extraordinary Run Speed Mod Speedy Harvet mod Zombie harvest mod Unfortunately when I use these I get the error (shown in image) I'm running 19.2 (B3) Secondly it took me a little bit to figure out which mod folder represented the mod on the first page. Anyway in future you could name the Folders the same as the Forum Post? Again thank you for all your mods.
  8. Hey @lammetje just wondering if you could make a skill that increases forging times? similar to your Exp perk mod but speeds up the forge smelting times?
  9. @lammetje Thanks so much.
  10. God I hate NEXUS mods, trying to sign up and wont allow me too. Any chance you could upload directly to the forums?
  11. Are these Alpha 19 compatible?
  12. This is awesome and I'll say it again I don't know why @madmole and the team at TFP don't integrate this into Vanilla. Thanks again @kronons the work is greatly appreciated.
  13. Guess these could be removed. Also wondering if this list is actively updated by TFP?
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