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FennecMod - Deadly Ferals, Rad Zeds, Specializations, Ore Processing and More


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Deadly Ferals & Rad Zeds, Specializations, Ore Processing, & More

V1.1 for 7 Days to Die - Alpha 16.4


About the Mod

Greetings everybody and welcome to FennecMod!


Starter Specialization System

At the start of the game you will be given 3 class papers that you can craft into specific specializations. What is a specialization? Well, a specialization is sort of like a class that you see in Valmod or Ravenhearst, but instead of giving you a few levels in some things or starting you off with gear or access to recipes, a specialization makes you extremely good with what you chose to specialize in, whilst making you not as good at things you didn't choose. No vanilla recipes are locked behind specializations.


Specializations cover all weapon types making them extremely powerful if you choose to use those. Some classes also make things like construction tools or mining tools do much more entity damage, so if you wanted to roleplay a builder who smacks zeds in the face with a claw hammer, you can do so! With over 5000 possible combinations of 3 classes, you can really shape your character.


You get some new quests after choosing your specializations. Completing the quest chains will make you a master of that class, which will not only buff your strong areas but reinforce your weaker areas as well.


Specializations: Builder, Crafter, Carpenter, Farmer, Miner, Plunderer, Hunter, Ranger, Slash, Bash, Culinary, Pistols, Rifles, Shotguns, Scientist, Athlete, Researcher, Armour, Mechanic, Trader


New Ores & Ore Processing

3 new ores are now in the world!

- Copper is used for starting tools (you can forge it just like iron in a regular forge) and can be used to make low grade bullet casings. Found in warmer biomes.

- Zinc can be alloyed with copper to make brass for mid tier bullet casings and other items. Found in cooler biomes.

- Uranium will be usable for power production and for crafting of better tier armour (not yet implemented). Found in the wasteland biome.


There are also ways to process ores to make your forging more efficient. Two new machines have been added to the game for this - the industrial grinder and the purification plant. The grinder turns fragments into ground dust which is worth twice as much material in a forge. If you can get your hands on a purification plant you can turn these ground dusts into purified dusts, which will give you three times the amount of material in a forge compared to forging the ores directly. The grinder is free to run but will produce a lot of heat. The purification plant mixes the ground dust with purified water to remove any other impurities in the dust.


Gold and silver are more common underground as they are used in some electronic components. Silver is used in electric timer relays as well as being useful in making solar banks. Gold is used to make solar panels and will have other uses.


The forge can no longer smelt iron right away and instead you need to start with copper tools. To make a forge you must first find one in the world or trade for it. You can then make copper tools, which are slightly better than stone tools but cannot be repaired. Once you find an alloying forge and have read the books to create forged iron and iron tools, you will be able to then upgrade to iron tools. To get steel you will need to first make a crucible, which requires steel itself so you'll have to find some.


New Food Recipes, Farming & Steroids

Canned food now has a use and you can cook different recipes by combining some canned food with other foods in the world that you can farm. For example you can combine a can of stock with a can of chicken and some mushrooms to make a chicken mushroom soup. Or if you're really running out of stuff, some dog food and corn will make the lovely 'Doggy Doo'.


If you chose the culinary specialization, you will be able to craft 'tasty' variants of these foods which give you double (sometimes triple) the wellness gain, and some really good buffs, including:

- Recover stamina faster for 2 ingame hours

- Gain 100 to your maximum health and stamina for 2 or 6 ingame hours


If you chose Farmer as one of your specializations, you get access to a new machine that can make fertilizer even faster than in Vanilla once you master it. Farmers also get access to seed packet crafting. Usually one plant will give one seed, but the farmer can craft a plant into a seed packet, which will craft into 3 seeds. So expanding your farm very quickly will be possible now. When you take the specialization you'll get some seed packet recipes, and mastering it will give you all the rest.


Steroids can be found in the world (and crafted once you become a master athlete) which will give a major stamina boost for 2 hours. But, after the 2 hours are up you will have some side effects. They can be really useful in a pinch and in some cases are even better than beer for keeping your stamina high.


Deadlier Feral and Radiated Zombies, Frozen Zombies, Burnt Zombies

Feral zombies are much stronger and will have a chance to spawn at night. Zombies will also see you from much further away - so unless you're well hidden you can expect to be outnumbered at night as they'll come running from 100 blocks or more if they see a mining light bobbing around in the dark. You can still use the cover of darkness to avoid them and night vision is highly recommended!


Radiated zombies will have a chance to spawn in the wasteland at night. They are much more powerful and the rad wight and spider have a higher explosion resistance, so don't expect a couple of exploding bolts or pipe bombs to finish them off. Do not let these guys hit you otherwise you will get a horrible radiation debuff that will drain you of health.


In the snow biome you'll find frozen zombies! They look like their normal counterparts but have a blue hue to them, some of them look drowned and some look frozen. Don't let these guys hit you unless you want to become Frozen - it's similar to being stunned but lasts much longer and will lower your core temp. If you are under the influence of stew, coffee or snowberry juice, the frozen buff will not affect you.


Coming soon: In the burnt forest biome and sometimes in desert & plains, you'll find burnt zombies. These zeds move faster than their Vanilla counterparts, but don't hit for as much damage. However, beware the Scarred Burns debuff, which will damage you over time and reduce movement speed and wellness a bit. If you're under the effects of red tea or yucca juice, the buff will not apply.


Fadium & Foxium: Two Legendary Alloys

If you're lucky enough to find some forged Fadium and Foxium (based on the YouTubers FadeWillow and myself) you will be able to construct the laser forge. This forge is capable of smelting gold and silver, and combining them with uranium to make Fadium and Foxium. Not too much is known about these legendary materials yet or where you may find them, but one of them appears faded and the other smells like fox.


Useful Traders!

Traders now come stocked with much, much more than in Vanilla. No more thinking 'why would I buy 15 concrete mix?' when he now stocks thousands of it! However his prices are not so generous, so you'll have to find a way to make some coin...


Downloading the Mod

If you would like to download the mod, you can find it on SphereII's mod launcher under MaxFoxGaming > FennecMod.

If you want to download and update manually, check out the GitHub repo.


FennecMod 1.1 Playthrough Series!



Credits & Thanks - all these guys deserve a lifetime supply of cookies

HollowHearted: For all the recipes coding for the food items, most of the localization descriptions and all the support throughout the whole creation of the mod.

FadeWillow: For the food custom icons and the ideas for more food uses in general.

Katlima: For the German translations for the new items and blocks and some custom icons.

SphereII: For helping me get the mod on the launcher and testing.

HaidrGna: For helping throughout with some issues and for the backpack kit ideas.

KhainesGB: For helping throughout with quests and ideas.

The Foxmillions: For sitting in streams watching me make this whole thing and giving ideas, suggestions, and playing through the mod reporting bugs for me.

Valmar, Mortelentus, Xyth, CraterCreator: Though they had no hand in the making of this mod, many ideas for this mod were also inspired by these guys.



You can let me know of any bugs here or feel free to join my discord community and post bug reports there: Join the Foxmillions Community

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New Skills & Perks

There are some new skills added to the game which will cover more areas than Vanilla or give some love to much needed areas.


Axes: Use axes to increase this skill, doing more block damage as you level up.

Woodchucker: Axes do more block damage and use less stamina withe each rank

Barbarian: Axes do increased entity damage and have a high dismemberment chance later.

Farming Tools: Use hoes to level up this skill, tilling ground or collecting stuff with them.

Tools of War: Mining tools do increased entity damage and have a higher dismemberment chance

Torch & Pitchforks: Farming tools do increased damage and use less stamina.

William Tell: Bows do more damage with each rank

Target Practice: Bows have a higher dismemberment chance with each rank (it gets insane!)

Mow 'em Down: Rifles have a higher dismemberment chance with each rank

Engineering: Craft engines, battery banks and solar panels

Hand to Hand Combat: Smack zeds in the face with fists to level this skill up. At level 100 you'll be doing a lot of damage with your bare hands.


Some skills also have altered levels to fit in with the mod

9mm round crafting: Now a 3 level perk that unlocks low, mid and high tier rounds.

7.62mm round crafting: Now a 3 level perk that unlocks low, mid and high tier rounds.

Shotgun shell crafting: Now a 3 level perk that unlocks low, mid and high tier shells.


Specializations: What they do

I had some requests to add details about the specializations and what each one did, so here we go :D These will be tweaked a little bit and penalties may be reduced somewhat for some and increased a bit for others, and buffs may be stronger or weaker in the future depending on balance, if I make changes I will update this.



- Min/Max wellness +50

- Construction tools deal 2.5x entity damage

- Stamina recovers 20% slower

- Thirst degrades 20% faster



- Crafting all items at 2x speed

- All melee and ranged weapons deal 20% less damage

- Exclusive crafting of Tool & Die set



- All axes do 2x damage to zombies.

- All axes harvest 50% more wood from trees and take less stamina to use.

- Thirst degrades 20% faster

- Exclusive crafting of the Carpenter's Bench



- All bladed weapons deal 75% extra damage and use 30% less stamina.

- All blunt weapons deal 20% less damage and use 20% more stamina.



- All blunt weapons deal 50% extra damage and use 30% less stamina.

- All bladed weapons deal 20% less damage and use 20% more stamina.



- All mining tools harvest 50% more and use 30% less stamina.

- All mining tools do 2x damage to zombies.

- Craft items 30% slower.



- Bows & Crossbows do 2x damage

- Bows & Crossbows have a +30% dismemberment chance

- All other guns do 30% less damage



- All shotguns deal 2x damage

- All shotguns have +30% dismemberment chance

- All other guns & bows do 30% less damage.



- All pistols deal 2.3x damage

- All pistols have +20% dismemberment chance

- All other guns & bows do 30% less damage.



- All rifles deal 2x damage

- All rifles have +30% dismemberment chance.

- All other guns & bows do 30% less damage.



- Loot quality +50 for all items

- Loot everything 25% faster

- Craft items 10% slower.

- Stamina degrades 10% faster.



- Armour protection value +50%

- Hunger degrades 20% faster

- Thirst degrades 20% faster



- Blade weapons harvest 2x as much.

- Bows & Crossbows deal +30% entity damage

- Hunger degrades 20% faster

- Thirst degrades 20% faster



- Medical items heal 50% more

- Armour protects 20% less

- Stamina degrades 10% faster

- Exclusive crafting of beakers



- Wrenches harvest 50% more

- All melee tools and weapons deal 20% less damage (apart from construction tools)



- Start with 60 skill points

- Healing items give 20% less health.

- Armour protects 20% less



- Stamina recovers 50% faster

- Healing items heal 15% more

- Hunger degrades 20% faster

- Exclusive crafting of vitamins and steroids



- Gain location of trader at the start of the game

- Bartering is 20% better

- Secret Stash has better stuff

- Running uses 20% less stamina

- Blunt & Blade weapons deal 10% less entity damage



- All farming tools do 3x damage

- All farming tools use 10% less stamina

- Clubs, knives, pistols and bows do 40% less damage

- Exclusive access to seed packet crafting and fertilizer station



- Hunger degrades 25% slower

- Food gives you 20% more wellness

- Stamina recovers 10% slower

- Exclusive access to tastier variants of food recipes.



With some of these combinations you can create some cool character builds that you can roleplay:

- Ninja: Hunter + Ranger + Blades: You'll do extreme damage with bows & blades, and get tons of harves from kills you make. High chance of blowing off heads with a single bow shot from the get go!

- Redneck: Farmer + Shotguns + Rifles: GET OFF MAH PROPERTY YE DARN KIDS!

- Medic: Scientist + Researcher + Athlete: Healing items heal more and you will get points to put into some skills too.

- Close & Personal: Shotguns + Bash + Athlete: Tons of damage up front, your clubs and sledges become deadly tools of war!

- Brute: Bash + Athlete + Armour, or Bash + Builder + Athlete: You'll have to keep your character well-fed, but this will give you tons of melee potential and protection with armour or natural bulk with the extra health.

- Nomad: Trader + Athlete / Culinary + Plunderer: Good for people who love looting, trading and exploring. Culinary or athlete depends on how much you'll be wandering around, and how much you want to manage your hunger.

- Gatherer: Miner + Hunter + Mechanic: You'll get much more harvest from most things you do and use less stamina overall.

- Base Builder: Miner + Farmer + Crafter: You'll collect resources faster and craft faster, and get access to farming stuff to make a good source of food. Not as fast as a pure crafter but quicker crafting will help.

- Armsman: Pistols + Rifles + Shotguns: Taking all 3 gun skills aren't as good as taking just one, but at the same time you'll be well rounded when you master your classes, able to use any firearm effectively.

- Master Chef: Culinary + Hunter + Rifles / Ranger: You'll be crafting good food, be good at hunting animals, and get plenty of harvest!



I thought about adding a starter weapon based on your specializations. Maybe some classes could give you some starting gear and others can give you backup gear...


Maybe a one-time use, non repairable tool of a 'rusty' or 'old' tier. They're about 2/3 as good as an iron equivalent at same level but have half durability, so once they're gone, they're gone.

- Builder: Rusty Hammer

- Crafter: Rusty Fireaxe

- Miner: Rusty Pickaxe

- Farmer: Rusty Hoe

- Athlete: Steroids x2

- Culinary: Charred Meat x2

- Scientist: Medkit, Splint

- Slash: Rusty Knife

- Bash: Rusty Iron Club

- Ranger: Old Bow + 30 Arrows

- Pistols: Old Pistol + 30 9mm rounds

- Rifles: Old Rifle + 20 7.62mm rounds

- Shotguns: Old Shotgun + 24 shotgun shells

- Hunter: Treasure Map

- Mechanic: Rusty Wrench

- Researcher: Pen+Paper x3 (allows you to make a schematic if you find an item in the world)

- Armour: Old SWAT Helmet, Rusted Iron Chest Armour

- Trader: 1000 casino coins, 200 old cash

- Plunderer: Beer x2

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Small Update & Fixes

- Culinary quest now craftable (it was not showing in the recipes before)

- The Plunderer quest now requires a leather duster instead of a skull cap for the first quest. This is due to the game looking for a white skull cap but asking for a red one, for some reason. So now it will be clearer to figure out how to complete that quest.


any chance mdf you can make this mod available for direct download as for some reason i cant use the mod launcher


You will be able to get the latest version from my github repo - I have added it to the original post :D

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Update: Stone Knives, Tree Harvesting, Boulders, Arrows, Trader

Greetings :D I've done a couple small updates to the mod which have added the following


Stone Knife

The stone knife is craftable at the beginning of the game with 2 small stones - you get 2 knives, but they can't be repaired once crafted. Essentially think of it as bashing 2 stones together to get 2 stone knives. I added this since people were saying they would always take the Bash class over Slash due to how easy getting a club is - and now getting a knife early on is just as easy.


The stone knife is a little bit better than the stone axe at harvesting animals but not quite as good as the bone shiv. The stone one also does a little bit more entity damage than the shiv as well, so it's possible to use this as a primitive early game weapon. The best part is though that the stone knife will give you a higher wood harvest than the stone axe, but is consequently useless on rocks. You can still use the axe on wood if you want to but the knife gets you higher harvest, plus levels up blade weapons!



Arrow Crafting

Arrows can now be crafted using plastic as well as feathers. You can use scrap plastics you find in the world for fletching now, which will help with the early game troubles of finding feathers (I'm a blind bugger and struggle with this sometimes)


Copper arrowheads will now also be lootable as well, you may get lucky and find some. The amount of arrowheads and feathers you find in junk have been increased substantially now, so usually you'll get a nice haul if you find any in junk.




The rocks you find on the surface now give very little in terms of iron and other resources but you will get more stone out of them than in vanilla. This is to encourage the use of POIs as an iron source, as well as making a mine a more attractive option in the early game. Remember, copper is needed for your first tier tools - the boulders should provide enough, but you may need to start a mine in the plains or desert to get more.



Tree Harvesting

Chopping down a tree completely will now give you wood logs, depending on the height of the tree. You still get the wood you would usually get using whatever tool you have available. You can build directly with these logs, use them as fuel, or scrap them into wood for other purposes. The choice is yours.




The trader buy and sell markup have been made more extrene. Buying items costs about 2-3x as much and selling will only net you 1/4 as much. This is due to the fact that gold and silver are both more abundant in the world now, so you have an easier option to make money from the trader. It will also mean that whilst the trader has a really nice supply of stuff, you won't be getting too much of that until you're later on down the road. Tools in general cost less for lower qualities but much, much more for higher qualities. The same with armour and guns.



Other changes

- Slash & Bash melee damage upped from 50% extra to 75% extra - so specialising in both will still give you a great boost rather than being 'meh' in both of them.

- Slash gives blade weapons a stamina reduction, but blunt weapons use more stamina. Likewise, Bash gives blunt weapons a reduction but blade weapons use more.

- Builder does 2.5x damage with construction tools as opposed to 2x now, and has less stamina use penalty on all other tools.

- Stack sizes altered - medical stuff like bandages now stack to 25, pills and vitamins to 50, water to 50.

- Wet concrete doesn't sell as well to the trader, but it will still give you a bit at max barter, just shy of 8000 for a full stack of wet blocks. Machete blades only stack to 1 now so also can't be sold in bulk. But you find more silver and gold from mining, so don't forget to use that.

- Bartering is slower to level up.

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any special challenges i can expect mdf? :)


Feral zombies will be tough - they have a chance to spawn at night and they're more buffed up than normal ferals you see in Vanilla (who only have about 100-200 more HP usually)


Rad zombies also spawn in wasteland at night so watch out for those... They'll see you for miles too especially if you bob a mining helmet light around! :p I'd avoid them as the rad wight has 2500HP default and is extremely resistant to decapitations and explosions... You'll want to watch for him.


As for special challenges, not too much yet but there will be bosses. You can also expect later game hordes with ferals and rads to be tougher in general due to their increased health ;)

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Update: Firepit, Scrap Copper, Scrap Knife, Bartering Overhaul

Another update hits! This time we've got some new ways to start with smelting and this will become the standard way to progress for forging in the future.



Scrap copper

Scrap copper can now be found in the world and by taking things apart with a wrench. Your best sources of scrap copper are cars, but if you can find some electrical conduits, fuseboxes and consoles, you may be able to take those apart too. Air conditioners also give a little bit. You will need this to begin smelting copper in the firepit.




The firepit is your primary way of smelting copper down into ingots and arrowheads for use in arrows, bolts and other items. However the smelting requires a few tools and is rather inefficient. You will want to move to a forge as soon as possible and you can skip this step if you were lucky enough to find a working forge already.


To start, construct the firepit and find yourself an ingot of copper, iron or steel in the world. You can usually find iron and steel pretty easily by taking wire poles apart in the back of a pass+gas, or if you find a munitions box you can take that apart as well to get iron and steel. Copper ingots can now also be found in generator banks if you take them apart with a wrench and you can trade for them too, so you have plenty of options.


Your next task is to get yourself an ingot mold, which can be made by combining your ingot with some clay. After you get it, place a set of bellows in the firepit and turn it on. Cook the ingot mold to harden it and make it ready to accept molten metals! Once you have your finished mold, place it as a tool in the firepit and you will then be able to melt down scrap copper for some forged copper. Unfortunately this process is very slow and very expensive on your reserves, so you can use this to make copper tools inefficiently - but you'll want to get a forge asap. The price of copper is currently 100 scrap copper per ingot so is 10x more expensive, though I will be lowering this to about 30 or 40 for a future update and arrowheads will get lowered from 20 to about 5 or 6.


For a future update soon the firepit will also be able to combine wood logs you get from trees with dirt to make charcoal. You can use the charcoal as a much more efficient fuel source, though it takes a while to make it so you may want to construct multiple firepits to enable you to do this faster or have a separate copper production line.


Note that forge chance from working stiff boxes will also be getting lowered drastically in a future version, and I will most likely allow the firepit to make cobblestone rocks from clay and stone (albeit for a much more expensive cost to you, so you can't just rush a forge right away!)



Copper Crossbow Bolts!

Yup - if you found a crossbow, you can now make copper crossbow bolts in the firepit. They're not as good as iron but a good starting point until you get some.



Scrap Iron Knife

This is the last knife you will be able to craft before you get a hunting knife schematic. You will be able to crush a tin can into sharpened scrap metal and craft it together with a bone for the handle, using plant fibres and duct tape to fasten it to the metal to craft a makeshift blade. The blade is useful for harvesting and is only slightly worse than the hunting knife, though it wears out a little faster.



Bartering Overhaul

Bartering will now take longer to level up than previously. It will require you to trade a lot more than in Vanilla. But, by doing more bartering you will also raise your secret stash a little each time as well, which will mean the more you trade the better items you will find in the secret stash. The secret stash perk gives less stash increase overall but with the new stash changes being applied to the Barter skill, it will even out in the end. Trader class gets a starting boost to secret stash and barter prices.


Trader prices are now about 2-3x as much as Vanilla and you sell for about 1/4 as much as in Vanilla, so you'll have to get your barter higher and invest before you get a shot at making lots of profit from trading or getting access to the best items.



Armour Upgrading

This one was actually already in but not documented - you can take a set of armour and upgrade it! Upgrading the armour is slightly cheaper on resources than crafting from scratch.

Armour paths:

- Cloth -> Scrap Iron

- Animal Hide -> Leather -> Iron

- Animal Hide -> Leather -> Scrap Iron


You will also be able to attach lights to a scrap, iron, military and swat helmet to have a light source, if you haven't found a mining helmet yet.

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awesome mod so far mdf 1 thing i wanna say tho is trader might be a tad overpowered as i may have a full concrete base before day 10 which will be a new record for me other than that its awesome :)


The trader has been made a bit more expensive now - I may start moving concrete mix etc to his secret stash area instead so it will become unlocked at higher level bartering, that way you have 2 levels of progression you can take, the good old hard survival route or economic route to get your later game materials :) I am glad you're enjoying it though :D

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would this update require a new world or no? and th screamers seem a little lack luster as it took me running 6 forges and a campfire for 3 days straight to finally get one spawning


Forge heat has been reduced since there are a lot of new workstations and things that you can make which generate their own heat, but in the future, screamer hordes are going to be deadlier - a lot deadlier :)


The current one shouldn't require a world restart though the next patch splits out mining tools into axes, mining tools & farming tools and adds a new class. So if you want to get the carpenter class you'll need to start over but it's not a big deal really :)


Just wanted to say "GL on your mod" looks pretty neat so far. :)


Thanks so much dude :D It's slowly but surely coming together, just working on getting the balance right and everything :)

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Update: Carpenter Class & Bench, New Skills, Charcoal, Rebalance



Carpenter Class

A new class has been added: Carpenter! You can now use this class to increase your entity damage and harvest count with axes whilst decreasing their stamina use. However you will get thirsty a little faster.


Carpenter has exclusive crafting of a carpenter's bench, which will allow you to create frames and spikes for a much cheaper cost, and get more out of the wood logs you get from chopping trees - 15 wood per log instead of 3 from scrapping. You can also make planks to craft some stuff for much cheaper - 1 wood becomes 12 planks, and it costs 12 planks to make a frame and 60 to make a set of wood spikes, so frames are 1/2 cost and spikes are 1/4 cost. You also craft wood items on this bench a lot faster making it good for building projects.



Charcoal & Gunpowder

Charcoal recipe added to the firepit. Charcoal is a great fuel source and is easy to make on the firepit, you just need to get some wood logs and cover in dirt to limit the oxygen supply. Once done your charcoal will burn for just over 15 minutes and you get quite a bit of it too.


Charcoal and nitrate can also be crushed in the industrial grinder to make charcoal dust and nitrate dust, used in the making of refined gunpowder on a chemistry station. You can also put gunpowder in the grinder now to get refined gunpowder though it is less efficient doing it this way. However you will need refined gunpowder to make the highest tier ammunition for your guns.



Other Changes

Mining tools have been split into 3 separate skills: Axes (covers axes, of course), Farming Tools (covers hoes) and Mining Tools (covers shovels and pickaxes).

Miner 69er split into 3 skills: Woodchucker (Axes), Miner 69er (Mining Tools) and Torch & Pitchforks (Farming Tools)

Barbarian perk added which increases entity damage and dismemberment chance with all axes.

Tools of War perk added which increases entity damage and dismemberment chance with all mining tools.

Torch & Pitchforks decreases stamina use for farming tools so you can now reliably use them as weapons.



Coming soon:

Forge recipe will be changed to require components from the Firepit, and removed from loot in working stiff boxes.

Bellows recipe will require animal hides again - you'll need to hunt for getting those bellows now.

Builder will be receiving something nice for mastering the skills.

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First congratulate them on the incredible mod. A very good job, keep it up. On the other hand, I do not know if it's an error of mine or an error of the mod, but I can not open the firepit. If someone knows how it works please a little help would be appreciated.


And finally to thank you again for this impressive work. THANK YOU

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Will there be a Bigger Backpack in the future, thats kinda too limited for POIS raid ? Whats with the cobblestone issue at the start, I mean you need cobblestone to get the forge but you only craft it in the forge ... I tried to do it with the firepit but no luck, I ended up using the creative mod to get me enough cobblestone to get my first forge and then carry on.

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First congratulate them on the incredible mod. A very good job, keep it up. On the other hand, I do not know if it's an error of mine or an error of the mod, but I can not open the firepit. If someone knows how it works please a little help would be appreciated.


And finally to thank you again for this impressive work. THANK YOU


You may have got the version with the firepit just in, there was an issue at first with it but I can open it just fine now :) Grab latest and it should work just fine. Glad you're enjoying the mod :D

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Cobblestone O_O


Hello There I wanted to ask what was that about the cobblestone at the start ? you cant do it by hand nor in the pit, still you need cobblestone to do the forge, turn out after using the creative mod since I started to get irritated that you do cobblestone in the forge in that mod O_O.


Then again, some of my friends asked if you were planing to release a bigger backpack since after only one house, the inventory is full for the one that got the plunderer specs ???

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Update: Builder Class Perks, Firepit Finalised (I think), Schematics, Quests, & More!

A character restart is strongly recommended for this update. Things may go awry due to some quests and skills being changed over so your character profile may have access violations on a continued game. Starting a new game removes this after closing and reopening 7 days.


So it has been a very busy weekend and thanks to EuroBudgetGamer, Crackpot Texas, FadeWillow, Roc7 and Qb1Junkie for streaming the mod and giving me some great feedback on things as well :D



Schematics & Perks Overhauled

Some of the perks and schematics have been tied together so that you don't get bashed by RNG completely. For example, if you have very bad luck and don't find the iron forging book, you won't be able to progress to iron tools. However this and many others are buyable as perks as well once you reach certain levels, such that if you need it and simply can't find your schematic you can purchase it.


Perks & Schematics affected:

- Iron smithing: Was a book only, now is a book & perk

- Steel smithing: Was a perk only, now is a book & perk

- Iron tool crafting: Was a book only, now is a book & perk

- Workbench, Chem Station, Cement Mixing: Now both books & perks

- Industrial Grinder: Was a book, now both a book and perk

- Purification 101: Was a book, now both a book and perk


Important note: You will need to meet all the skill requirements of the perk before you read the book that teaches it. If you get a book of a skill you don't have and can't read it, this is not a bug. You just need to get the skills required first before you can read said book.


Bad Mechanic has been overhauled to give you 2.5x harvest after getting to level 5 rather than 2x. The first level will give you 20% extra rather than 10% extra as well.



Firepit Rebalance (pass 2)

The firepit has been rebalanced now so that you need a little less copper in there to smelt into forged copper. Scrap copper is a little more common and if it is still too little let me know and I can add some more. Remember you can also smelt copper arrowheads into ingots so maybe try saving them until you can build the forge and stick with stone arrows.


The chisel is now craftable with some forged iron. You can use it on bricks and cobblestones to get your cobble rocks for your first forge.



Ingots can be harvested from more things, and a new Welding Torch!

As well as munitions boxes, you can now harvest ingots from the following:

- Munitions boxes, and more with the welding torch.

- Gun, wall & desk safes (after unlocking), and get more with the welding torch

- Commercial & Vault Doors (last stage only) and get more with the welding torch

- Iron bars (welding torch only)

- Some electrical appliances you find in power plants (welding torch only)

- Steel & Stainless Steel blocks (welding torch only)



Charcoal filters & waterskins!

You can now use charcoal for filtering water! By combining with sand and plant fibers, you can then craft this with a jar of murky water to filter it into drinkable water.

You can also use charcoal filters in a waterskin. The waterskin can hold 10 servings of water, and is useful to take with you on long journeys. Just craft an empty water skin and fill it up like a jar at a water source. You can also fill it up when partially full (but you need to left click instead due to right click being taken by drinking).



Builder Reward: Quick-Dry Concrete Mix:

The builder now gets access to quick-dry concrete after completing their quest chain. This can be crafted into any of the concrete shapes you desire on the cement mixer. You can also add rebar in and it will make a reinforced variant of said block. Place it down in the world and it will be instantly dry, no curing required.


To make quick dry concrete mix you will need to add some calcium nitrate solution to the concrete mix to speed up the curing process. To do this, you first grind up bones and potassium nitrate powder in an industrial grinder, then mix them with purified water on a chemistry station to get calcium nitrate solution. Craft this together with concrete mix in the cement mixer, and you get yourself the quick-dry variant!




New quests have been added:

- Smelting (8 quests): Will take you through the firepit process from starting out to getting an ingot mold and building your first forge. Gives 5 skill points after completing the quest chain.

- Survivalist (4 quests): Will introduce you to the waterskin and filtered water. Gives 5 skill points after completing the quest chain.

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Hello There I wanted to ask what was that about the cobblestone at the start ? you cant do it by hand nor in the pit, still you need cobblestone to do the forge, turn out after using the creative mod since I started to get irritated that you do cobblestone in the forge in that mod O_O.


Then again, some of my friends asked if you were planing to release a bigger backpack since after only one house, the inventory is full for the one that got the plunderer specs ???


Cobblestone needs to be gathered from pre-existing brick and cobblestone blocks now. To do this, you need to first craft yourself a chisel which takes some forged iron to make. You can find forged iron now from many more sources and if you're lucky enough to get a welding torch you will get more (see update for what you can get forged metal from for your chisel)


Once you have the chisel, go to any brick block like at a factory POI or house (broken forges can also be harvested with the chisel too!) and use the chisel on the block. It will slowly break down the block and you'll get cobblestone rocks. Once you got the forge up you can craft your own cobblestone rocks using the forge. Essentially the early game is designed to be a lot slower and limit how quickly you can get to your forging, since the early game feeling will be maintained longer whilst copper is hard and you're only relying on primitive tools to do your harvesting and damage.


I could make it so that cobblestone is crafted in the firepit but costs a lot more to make (maybe 10 stone + 10 clay = 1 cobble after 3 minutes, meaning you have to make more firepits and bellows to increase production speed), though I kinda like the fact that you are made to explore a little bit to get your first resources. It's a big world out there :D


Bigger backpack version will likely become available once the modding is done as well as a dedicated version for singleplayer allowing you to unlock quests. But this will be an optional extra, and I recommend playing without it to be forced to make choices. This mod thrives most on making you decide what's important but rewards you well later on :)

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