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  1. Dunno what that is, and I am working so my question was just in case I didnt see a post in those 160 pages, and yet again it was only a fair question with no animosity, to the contrary just inquisitive. But thanks for your reply I guess, and have a Great Day.
  2. No news about 5.3 ? its been days now weeks we see streamers going on test servers and still not even a post or a peep. I dont mean to be rude but just to have some followup or feedback about whats happening about a Mod that I love
  3. Trader vulnarable ?!? Is this true that in this mod you put traders vulnerable ? it doesnt appear to have any upside as waste more time to devote resources to defend the compound as there is no game mechanics yet to be able to upgrade defences on them , like for example upgrade to Defence Tiers per ratio of money spend (ex : Tier 1 spikes, Tiers 3 log spikes, Tier 5 guards, Tier 10 turrets) It seems, to me, that the all good stuff taken from other mods and players ideas of this great community was lowered down by that game option. Maybe it would be great, to add, like the BBM, an option for traders as Vanilla for some players like myself that does NOT want to spend game time/resources/waste time (going back and forth to all traders to build defences), just to make sure they are fine ! But that only my opinion, a rule of thumb in the marketing world is that if you offer a new flavour, make sure you keep the original, always !
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