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A Clockwork Project

Clockwork Orange

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Thanx ! In short term the presents helped alot.


Lol yeah, the start is pretty rough mostly due to the vultures I find, but once a guy gets a bow and arrows going which isn't hard, it is manageable it just takes a bit and those birds are on your ass right away, the times I managed to survive or feel like I could manage to survive were the times I found a pistol and some ammo to take care of the early birds. :)

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I've been following it for a long time. Why not update it? It's really great.


I will at some point, unfortunately I have not been into playing 7 days lately, but as soon as I get that spark again I will, its a lot of work going through every file top to bottom and its taking its tole the more times I have to do it with each new alpha, but it can be fun also, I just need that motivation I guess. :faint:

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