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Dead Eye Perk Bug?

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There are so many perks and buffs that can affect your player so if I am simply over looking something let me know. I perked into dead eye to make my sniper better and it started to aim in really fast with the cross hairs narrowing in rapidly. I don't know when it happened but all of a sudden if felt really slow again so I watched back a clip I made from a few days ago and confirmed it is actually slower now and Im curious if this is a bug with the perk not applying correctly or if there is something simple I am over looking. I tried different level of snipers, scope/no scope, everything I could think of and the sniper just is so much worse now as if the perk isnt being applied. I still get the successive kills bonus on the side of my screen so that makes me think the perk is working. Reload speed also seems fine but it is just so slow at aiming in now compared to my footage I checked. Again sorry if I am just a big noob and missing something simple. Thank you.

Below I have links to two clips if it helps in diagnosing the problem to show the differing speeds in the crosshairs
Fast Crosshairs Day 29
Slow Crosshairs Day 34

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No idea, unless you have a mod installed.


You could post your logfile on pastebin so we can check if something is showing up there. More info in the pinned thread in this section that tells you to read it.


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4 hours ago, unholyjoe said:

we now have a slider in the controller menu that will help fix the different computers and how they react to different zoom speeds.


maybe/hopefully. :) also as Meg has hinted "mods".


its called zoom acceleration

aiming crosshair.jpg







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