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2 trader Jen's


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Anyone else had a randomly generated world with 2 of the same trader in it?  My first trader was Jen.  Then the second trader she sent me to was another Jen (and now the first one is not offering me level 3 quests, just more level 2 ones).  Thoughts on how I get past that and get level 3 quests without starting again at another trader, which might well have the same problem)

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The world I'm currently playing on has 4 Jens, 3 Rekts, 1 Joel, and 1 Bob. Sadly no Hughs. Depending on the size of your world, there's bound to be duplicates because there's a trader in every town/city, but there are only so many different trader characters.


As others have stated, the reputation you build with one trader will carry over to all duplicates of that trader. It's best to think of all duplicates as the same exact character, but they just have multiple locations. Regardless of what trader you go to and whether or not there are duplicates, quests only refresh overnight, so if you complete a tier, you won't actually see any quests for the next tier until the following day. It's highly likely you visited your Jens on different days which would explain why they had different tiers.

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